Day 55 Uplate

Another Friday night, another party. They’ve been at it for a few hours before we join at about quarter past 12, lets hope they all don’t want to go to bed just yet. We’ll be looking out for Mike’s mention of Harry Potter tonight, because if you remember last night he mentioned it 3 times, therefore we decided to issue our own challenge to him tonight, to mention it 5 times! We’ll keep you informed of his progress throughout the telecast.

Now, apparently the cast, I mean housemates, have been singing away as a group, which isn’t a great sign, because we might not get any vision of them tonight if that keeps up! Alright Sports Tonight has wrapped for the night, the MA warnings for Up Late have rolled, and the opening credits are running. Where will be headed, BB decides! The Spa it is, Kim and Saxon in there. Singing is elsewhere. Kim is asking why he went into the diary room earlier. Mike comes on, with his nice shirt, telling us that it was a animal costume party, as well as talking to Ben Williams for the second time on Up Late. Back to the spa, Kim is fully clothed. She obviously has been enjoying her wine tonight.

Sax says if she ever slaps him that hard again, there will be trouble tomorrow. Sax says he is missing Jo like crazy. Kim has turned into an interviewer, asking him whether he had a sexual relationship with Jo. He says no. Vincent and Pat come over to ask them if they want KFC or Pizza Hut. They say they want anything, but then Sax shows Vincent a glass of wine, apparently one he stole of Vincent. Sax crys out to Chrissie for some bread. He then calls out to Dan, but doesn’t ask anything. Kim reveals that when Dan does a particular dance, she gets turned on. Sax says to Chrissie, who has come over with the bread, that he is missing her like crazy, referring to Jo. He says it twice. Kim asks him if he is in love with Jo. He says he can only hold onto at the moment is the feeling that he has never met anyone like her, regardless of whether if he’s right for her, and she’s right for him. Chrissie doesn’t believe that BB will give them takeaway. Singalong happening away a bit, but Sax says it’s the first time he’s felt so strongly about someone. He says it’s her personality, and even if she was ugly, he wouldn’t change his opinion. Kim says Bullshit (edited version!), and says Chrissie is the most amazing person if your going to say that. Sax asks that anyone has had the feeling they’ll never meet anyone like the people they’ve met in here again. It’s hard to understand I know, but thats what he said. He says “It’s just gay.” Singing has died down for the minute.

Kim goes on about some story about her employer, teaching her a ‘life’ lession or something. Vincent comes back out, after he had stole the wine back, and offers it back to Saxon. He says no, just saying that he hasn’t had a drop of wine tonight. They seem convinced they are getting some take-away. Kim continues telling them about the salon she works in. Sax says it’s huge! They keep interrupting, and Kim says “Can I finish!?” Chrissie says “you know we love you…Look at me Kim…”. Sax blurts out “Why isn’t she here?” Chrissie says “Stop that, she is someone elses boyfriend.” Kim says “Your an idiot for not doing something.” Both Sax and Chrissie say he would have looked like a dickhead if he said anything. Saxon has his head down in the water, Chrissie calls his name out twice. Chrissie says to forget about it. He says Kim bought it up. Chrissie says to Kim and Sax both “Later.” Chrissie says wouldn’t it be funny if she and Reggie got evicted on Sunday. Chrissie asks Sax if he needs to get out and have a hug. She says he hasn’t really talked about with her. WHAT!!! Pat comes out and says BB will get back to them about the take-away. Now they are getting excited.

Kim continues to talk to Sax, saying “you are someone.” Trying to lift his confidence. Hard to hear because everyone else is singing right next to them. Sax says he’s 19, she’s 24. Sax thinks that she saw something before she came in. Sax was saying earlier something about living with regrets at age 60. He is really upset, not crying, but just down with himself. He says to Kim, that hypothetically, she might have had feelings for him inside the house. By the time he gets out, she won’t have those feelings. Chrissie yells out “Thanks BB for bringing us Kimmy and Jamie.” She really has fitted in well the last week, it’ll be a shame to see her go come Sunday. Sax again drowns his head in the spa. Meanwhile, a few a singing, a few are dreaming aloud of KFC. What KFC would still be open at this time though?! Pizza Hut seems the better option. Sax sit up, closes his eyes, and shakes his head. He says to Chrissie, ‘he hates this place.’ He fists the water, accidentally wetting Chrissie. He apologises.

Cut to Kim inside at her bed, getting out of her wet clothes. She has just her underwear on, and has a towel in her hand, as she comes back out quickly. Singing continues outside, so we remain inside. Mike comes back on, says poor Saxon, before moving onto some eviction phone numbers, to make up some time because of the singing. No Harry Potter (HP) mentions yet :( Back to the action, Kim is back in there, in just her underwear (bra and g-string), and says there is a gameplan for everyone, after Sax says they wouldn’t put someone in here just for him. Comm break. Awesome half hour of action there.

At 12:48am on a Saturday morning, Mike comes on and shows us game one of the brain teaser. He then moves onto Ben Williams, winner of BB1, who sounds a bit sleepy. He doesn’t know if he feels sorry for Sax, or if it’s just comical. We cut to the spa, and they are having a playfight (Sax and Kim). Ben says Kim has been really good, but her and Vincent will be evicted come Sunday. Ben has changed Manager’s, so he will be doing some more guest speaking role in the Rugby Union area. Mike says because everyone is up, they must move on, so we cut back to the house. Into the spa again, Sax is telling Kim that Vincent can kickreally high. He gives a little demonstration. Kim and Sax go back to their wrestling fight. Sax gets her in a headlock, but Sax stops because he thinks she’ll hurt her head. He keeps putting his foot into her face, which would be lovely. Kim says “I don’t want to fight, no more!” We cut away to the kitchen, where Reggie, Jamie and Pat are talking about what they have left food wise. Dan has his head in the fridge yelling out what they have left. They start singing, so surely, we’ll be leaving that, and as I type, we rejoin the fight in the spa! Kim has Sax in a headlock this time. He hurt Kim’s finger, as they go to a comm break.

Mike goes through the brain teaser again, and gives a clue. He goes to the OS Eviction Poll, saying that Kim has 46%, Vincent has 26%, then Sax, and Jamie fourth. ,At 1:04am, we head back to the house. Dan and Reggie are singing away, so we again head back to the Spa, where Vincent has come over, and has asked for something. They continue fighting though, and Vincent can’t talk to them “Whats the point of trying to talk to you” They keep fighting, and Vincent gets wet, saying they just be serious for a second. Sax and Kim get out of the spa for some reason, Vincent wants to do something with them. They continue fighting on their way in however. Sax puts the cover on the spa. Sax shows Pat and Vincent the nailmarks he has on his arm. Pat says to Vincent “Kids…” Vincent asks Pat to “try to stop them eating, somehow..” Into the bedroom, they are fighting again. Vincent comes in and says “Why are you locking me out…” I have no idea what he is on about, Sax says he isn’t, then shows the scar to him again. Sax runs back to the bathroom, and Kim and Sax show each other their scars. Sax keeps saying “They are so good. that is cool” Still fighting! Chrissie who is now in her PJ’s, has a look at his scar, then fetches his towel for him. Sax says ‘you know I didn’t start this. I have nowhere to go from here.”, referring to the earlier mentioning of Jo. Chrissie says she understands and knows. Comm break.

Mike forgets Holly’s name, who wins the $1000. She only rang once. So why do I never get to leave my name, ringing twice a night. It’s rigged!!! Holly wants Chrissie to win. Back to the house, they have takeaway! Hamburgers of some description. Saxon and Vincent are trying to be the boss! They all say thankyou to BB. Pat says to Kim and Sax that BB gave them a gentle reminderfor there to be no violence in the house. What a joke, it was the best footage I’ve seen for weeks! It’s not KFC or anything like that, because they are plain wrappers, and nothing would be open. Reggie says “I would hate cooking these!” Saxon says the shop would be famous right now (the shop that cooked them). A lot of “Oh my gods”, apparently enjoying the food these people are! Pat and Vincent recall their diary room visits to get the hamburgers. Geez, Kim says thankyou to all the housemates, and Vincent gives her a kiss. Geez, this guy is out of control tonight LOL. Comm break.

Mike’s back, saying he’s given away almost $60,000. He goes through the second game, and reveals the clue. Back to the feast, Reggie is still eating her burger. Geez, she is slow!!! Sax and Kim are showing everyone their bruises. Pat says “Sit down and be quiet” or something to that effect. Why doesn’t Australia wake up and vote the moron out. Reggie again says she wouldn’t have cooked them, she says she would have been so pissed off. Someone suggests it might be a 24 hour store. A 24 hour hamburger store? Sometimes these people are silly! Reggie has eaten some food, and it’s gone down the wrong way. She is choking, Vincent is again helping her out. A Saint that guy, a shame he has only woken up tonight! Dan cleans up the mess around the living room. Chrissie says she appreciates Pat, Vincent’s and BB work in aquiring the Hamburgers. Reggie asks how Kim and Sax got their bruises. Chrissie says “I am without speech.”, then says “Thankyou so much.” Comm break. Still no HP remarks from Mike!

At 1:40am, Mike is back! He goes through the teaser again, giving the clue again. Same old routine. He shows us the BB website again, like they did last night. Jo’s Bikini is up to $3,900. Nowhere near my predicted $10,000 LOL. Back to the house, Vincent comes out of the DR, and tells them that BB is pleased they all enjoyed the food. Chrissie STILL can’t believe that BB did that for them. Only Chrissie, Kim and Pat are sitting down on the couch still. Something is staring at them from the other room, probably a housemate’s clay thing. Reggie goes outside via the square house. Chrissie again says she can’t believe it. She says they haven’t eaten anything like that in the whole 9 weeks. Vincent says it might not happen again, so enjoy it. Chrissie says she was putting oil on Saxon, she was called to the living room, and there was hamburgers. Someone says “Don’t say it, you might wake up!” Vincent says “It made me happy, seeing you happy.” Kim asks for Chrissie’s oil to rub on her soars. Kim says “You think that little shit is going to piss me off!”, referring to Sax. Dan and Pat say that they don’t want fighting being attributed to Alcohol, but Kim doesn’t care. Chrissie again says thankyou. Dan says he is happy, as comm break comes on.

Mike is back for the last time tonight, we assume. He says he will be giving away the 60th $1000. Someone from Geelong has rung through, and wins the money. Kim and Vincent to go, Dan to win, she predicts. Mike says goodnight for the final night of the week. Night Mike! No HP mentions though :(( Back again to the house, Dan says he was going to have to go to bed on an empty stomach, but now he won’t have too. They are talking about the evictions, Vincent says it could be anyone, any combination. Dan says it won’t be him, and you get a grin from Vincent. This guy is great tonight! Chrissie says they will always remember the burger and chips! Vincent says he and Patty sold BB on the idea of the food, as a way to wind down. I’m sure the Up Late show was a good reason for it as well :) They are saying an army looking chopper came over the house this morning. They are talking about a loud noise they heard this morning, something about a radio announcement. Hmm, interesting! Saxon has chipped a tooth, and says will it come out of his pocket to get it fixed. Pat gives the most boring comeback line “You don’t have pockets on, just pants”. Oh dear! Saxon asks then why his eyes are dysfunctional. Vincent says it might be from the alcohol. Comm break.

Back again! Chrisise is looking at Saxon’s scars, Dan is reassuring Sax saying they will go. Kimmy pulls up her top as she enters the house, but covers her nipples! LOL. Chrissie just says Kimmy, trying to get her to pull it down. Everyone else is laughing their heads off. She was showing them a rash. Sax says “My god, I have to sleep next to that!” Sax yells out “Reggie’s drunk”. Sax says he is tipsy. Sax says “Oh Ho-Anna” twice. Still thinking about her, geez! Sax says he’ll be going cause Australia will see him bashing the heck out of Kim. Vincent mentions the movie “Go”, and how when he is on speed, he thinks the cat is talking. Someone is vomiting outside apparently. Chrissie and Vincent don’t believe it. Sax does have a big rash on his arm actually. Pat puts the elephant costume on his head, and it’s giving Chrissie the creeps! She says it’s ‘scary’. I reckon it looks cool myself. Sax and Chrissie call out for Reggie. Vincent says it started off slowly, but it turned into a great table. Kim says she has not flashed her breasts while in the house. She says she has flashed the outer of them, but not the nipple area. Oooh, Dreamworld says goodnight at 2:17am.

Wow, awesome show which really see Vincent come out of his shell, Kim interacting really well with the rest of the house, especially Saxon, and everyone being so happy over a hamburger. Best show for a damn long time.

Keep Looking for Warren,

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