Day 57

10:31am – Jamie’s milk consumption is the topic of discussion this morning. Chrissie telle Regina his drinking of the milk should stop. They have 2 litres of powdered milk today after Chrissie asked Big Brother for an advance from next week’s staples. In the kitchen Chrissie tells Jamie that there is to be no milk drinks. He is silent.

In the kitchen Regina and Kim work on their jeans. They hope Jamie doesn’t drink all the milk. Saxon, who is sitting near them learns about Jamie’s milk drinking habits and can’t believe it. Their first milo tin lasted for six weeks and now they have gone through another one in just under a week. Regina says he just eats it out of the tin. Kim says “fucking disgusting. He makes me sick, and that fake laugh”. Saxon agrees.

2:03pm – Jamie has been left alone in the kitchen. While no one is looking, he eats the meatballs from a pasta dish directly out of the pot. Kim however noticed him doing this eariler, and tells Regina about it. Jamie has now made a large milk milo, and sits outside. Kim says “are you getting into the milo drinks again?”. Jamie replies “again? This is my only one for the day”. Regina lets him know about how they are suddenly going through milo really fast and that they probably won’t buy another tin. Regina and Daniel discuss it as if Jamie isn’t sitting right next to them. Soon Jamie briskly walks away in silence. Regina says it’s all going because of some one being silly and selfish but Daniel doesn’t think so.

5:39pm – Saxon is in the spa. He jokes with Patrick about how long dinner will take and how the two who leave won’t be able to eat. Saxon is set on him leaving, and bets Patrick will say. Once Patrick leaves, Saxon looks up to the sky and wishes up on a star:

Saxon: Star light, star bright. The first start I see tonight. I wish I may I wish I might. Be still here tomorrow night.

8:16pm – It’s time to go… Kim. She jumps up shocked and then screams in excitement. She hugs Jamie first and the moves onto the other housemates, saying “I knew it would only be a little while”. Things get teary when she moves onto Regina, who starts crying. They share a few more hugs before Kim finally leaves out the exit door. Regina cries in Saxon’s arms, who says “You’re stupid Australia!”. A little later Jamie says they always get rid of the loud ones with energy. Regina has a theory that two girls will go tonight because they always vote out the girls first. Saxon says “who wants to see four men and a gay guy in a house together”.

8:45pm – It’s time to go… Saxon. Regina says “fair dinkum!”. Vincent looks shocked for the first time ever. He says goodbye and Regina yells out “have fun, have fun with Kim!”. Saxon and Vincent hug for a very long time and looks shocked again after the exit doors leave. Vincent hugs Chrissie. No one can believe Saxon has gone. Vincent eventually goes into the square lounge room and wraps a blanket around himself. Outside Patrick tells Regina he’s glad she’s still there. Vincent is alone.

9:12pm – Jamie is setting up the fireplace in the kitchen. Meanwhile Chrissie and Regina discuss how they can’t believe Saxon is gone. Vincent says he thought he would leave before Saxon. The girls didn’t think Kim would go either. “She’s so warm, she’s so entertaining”. Vincent says he probably had a better chance this week because he had that “positive” exposure for his massage task on Kim. Regina proposes that the events of the week before with Jo had a lot to do with it.

11:10pm – The boys are around the kitchen table. They all explain how they thought each other were going. In the bedroom Regina and Chrissie discuss how they know who will be nominated from now on, and who will win. Chrissie says she reckons she’ll be nominated. She says “Vincent, quiet achiever, I think he knows what he’s doing”. Regina agrees. Chrissie didn’t realise it until today but Regina says she knew all along. Vincent’s talk of being portrayed in a positive light sparked Chrissie’s suspicions – the theory is keep a low profile and get through to the end.

11:26pm – Boys are still in the kitchen. Jamie draws attention to a leather band Vincent wears around his wrist. Vincent says it’s to cover up a scar but tries to dismiss any further talk. Jamie says Vincent always gets really touchy about discussing that part of his body.

Winner talk continues between Regina and Chrissie. They agree that only Vincent is playing to win. He has come out a lot lately but maybe thats part of his plan – still, Chrissie reminds them, there are still days where he will just say nothing. Chrissie’s idea for the last three would be Regina, Saxon and Daniel. Now she thinks Vincent might sneak into the final three if he lays low enough. Regina predicts if the boys want to start playing now they will get rid of the girls. However, Chrissie noted that Daniel has said “girls never win”, so it would be easier to win if they were up against the girls. Regina gets frustrated at not being able to come up with any solid theory.

Chrissie: Well I don’t think there’s any strategists in the house… well I think there’s one.

Regina: There might be two.

Big Brother: This is Big Brother. Chrissie and Regina to the diary room

Regina: We must be in trouble. Bugger.

As the girls enter the diary room the boys watch from the kitchen and give them “naughty naughty” finger actions. In the diary room Big Brother warns them their discussion was bordering too close to breaking the rules of discussing nominations. BB will review the tapes tomorrow and get back to them, so he suggests they stop talking about nominations. Chrissie says “but we weren’t talking about nominations”. On the soundtrack there is an angry sigh from Big Brother that probably wasn’t meant to go to broadcast. BB says they were talking about the last three people in the house and tactics. Both girls disagree and say they weren’t talking about tactics at all. BB says it’s fine and BB will get back to them tomorrow. On their way out Chrissie says “that wasn’t at all what I thought we were talking about”. In the bedroom they disagree with what Big Brother just said.

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