Day 59

10:01am – Chrissie is reading out to the other housemates the new task Big Brother has planned for them. She tells them that the housemates will be split into two groups of three. One group will have and one will have not. They housemates must participate in a tennis task to decide who will be the haves and who will be the have nots. A tennis ball launcher has been set up in the backyard and the housemate must return to ball into the proper area (on the other side of the pool).

A little later the housemates get into the task. Patrick is first. The ball machine spits out a ball to him and he whacks it with all his might. The ball leaves the compound, meaning he failed (the ball was out). Next is Chrissie, who takes a swipe at the ball and misses. Jamie becomes the first ‘have’ by hitting the ball into the correct area. Vincent hits it and the ball going into the pool. Daniel hits the ball in becoming the second ‘have’. Regina gives the ball a talented whack and it goes into the correct area. She’s the third ‘have’ and she can’t believe it. Regina jumps up and down and screams out of joy. Chrissie is not looking happy.

11:29am – The housemates are discussing what ‘haves’ and ‘have nots’ means specifically. Daniel starts pushing Patrick to do a musical as part of his personal task. Later Patrick is playing the guitar with Daniel singing. Daniel tells Pat it’s ‘good chords’ even though he previously complained that Patrick is only limited to a few chords.

The housemates are confined to the kitchen while work is done inside the house. Chrissie reads out the rules of the haves/havenots to the other housemates. The haves will live in luxury – they will have access to the indoor showers with unlimited hot water. They choose the sleeping arrangements, they have access to the pool and spa, choose the shopping and have $300 to spend ($100 each). The have nots are back to basics: they do all the cooking, cleaning, must shower outside in the cold and must go to bed when told.

4:03pm – Regina, Jaime and Daniel are called inside to take a first look at the new house. Still in the kitchen, to the other housemates, Patrick calls the haves “stupid rich bastards”. The sqaure side of the house has been blocked off now by a wall, making the living area much smaller. They haves go into the bedroom and find it has been painted and perfumed. There are chocolates awaiting them on tables in the bedroom and there are mysterious backpacks on the beds.

The have nots are finally called in to have a look at the house. Chrissie can’t believe the changes – she comments that it smells really nice. Daniel is wearing a new jacket found in the backpacks left for the ‘haves’. They realise that there are only 3 beds in the bedroom now. Big Brother announces that the store room is open, so the housemates rush to see what is inside. They find three stretcher beds and worker uniforms for the havenots. Jamie won’t stop laughing at the havenots (it didn’t sound like he was joking either).

Later the haves are doing their shopping in a new gold shopping list. The list is full of luxury items. The havenots are confined back to the kitchen to work out what they will be cooking for themselves tonight. Patrick says he hopes the haves don’t order steak. Cut to Reggie pointing out steak in the shopping list. Regina finds takeaway menus and starts screaming in joy. They say they might order Thai food and pizza for dinner tonight. Regina and Jamie keep on screaming at the luxury list.

5:06pm – The housemates are trying to find out what the specific rules for the task are. With the havenots looking very unhappy Regina abandons the conversation to go unpack. Jamie looks very uncomfortable and doesn’t want to face the music so he goes to unpack as well. Chrissie complains that she really doesn’t want Jamie sleeping in her bed. “It really annoys me” she says.

Regina and Jaime are discovering the new clothes given to them in the backpacks. Later in the kitchen Chrissie is telling Daniel about her annoyance over Jamie sleeping in her bed.

In the bedroom Jamie is bragging about “the biggest task ever” when Daniel confronts him about sleeping in Chrissie’s bed. Jamie says that he never wanted to upset Chrissie and it’s the first he’s heard of her complaint. Daniel says Chrissie asked him several times before to not sleep in her bed. Daniel explains that it’s been Chrissie’s spot ever since the begining of the series and she would like to keep it that way.

Later in the show the havenots are called to bed by Big Brother. Vincent looks very pissed off. He pokes his head out of the store room while the haves joke at him to get to bed. He eventually does. The haves laugh while Regina wonders what to do. Jaime says they should just relax and the novelty of the task will wear off tomorrow.

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