Day 54 Uplate

Evening again to all. Looks like, from the OS Diary point of view, this might be a quiet night. We’ll wait and see. Into the house we go, to the kitchen, where Dan, Chrissie, Saxon and Jamie are sitting around the table. Dan is standing giving Chrissie a massage. Mike comes on and says hi and moves on to say that Vincent has completed his ‘facial’ mini task. He gives the phone number for the teasers, before we head back to the conversation. Dan is saying that BB didn’t want his ‘nerd’ costume coming into the house with him. Chrissie says imagine a person in character 24/7. Dan says he could do it. Jamie says he laughed when Reggie asked them where the heart is in the body. Dan is giving Chrissie the old ‘punching massage’ on the neck. She seems to be enjoying it however. Dan switches clients, and moves on Saxon. Meanwhile Chrissie is replaying an ad she can remember that is advertising perfume or something.

Chrissie says when she was 17, she was getting into pubs just saying she was 25. Saxon says he had a girl who was 35 when he was young, saying she was 25. Dan brings up the old show “21 Jump Street”. They start singing “Cool Water” over and over. Sax moves onto talking about Vincent’s hands, apparently they are special! Sax recalls when Vincent growled to Jo in the spa the first night they met, Sax says that he thought she was having an orgasm in the spa there and then. They start moving back toward the house.

Sax says that after Sunday everyone should move into one bedroom, Chrissie agrees, but says they should be quiet now. Silence as they enter the bedrooms. Chrissie, Dan and Sax start having a quiet laugh in the bathroom. How great is Dan, geez I wish he would win this. They all move onto cleaning their teeth, but still they laugh. Dan rubs some kind of cream into his face. At 10 past midnight, comm break.

The first brain teaser comes up next, he goes through that, then says that there have been funny jokes a plently during the evening. He gives the OS and it’s competitions a plug, but then it’s time to head back to the house, where we see Jamie go to the toilet (new camera angle, hadn’t seen that one before, until we move into the square house where Vincent & Saxon are reading, and Kim has just got up and gone somewhere. Meanwhile, we zoom over to the other room, where Chrissie has jumped into bed. Dan comes over and makes Chrissie crack up again, but she covers her face so that no noise is made. Dan takes his mike off, takes his jeans off, and also jumps into bed. Jamie has not returned to the room just yet. Chrissie has begun reading as well.

Mike comes in and talks about Dan’s nightly routine where he stretches, then asks them to wake up! He calls it a book club tonight, but Harry Potter’s book isn’t out till Saturday! Jamie finally makes his way back into his bedroom as Mike finishes his little talk, while Jamie makes his way over to Chrissie and starts whispering. I can hear him mention Kim, but no idea what he is talking about. He finally gets up and moves out to the living area, but next shot we see is of Vincent up returning from the kitchen. He says he was doing his eyes on the way back in with Jamie. They head back to their respective beds. Actually, Jamie moves into the bathroom where he cleans his face first, then moves onto his teeth. God this is fun! Comm break.

Back with Mike again, who gives the clue for the teaser first. Oh dear, he has called his brother Jay, who has just been with his wife at the hospital, and they have had a baby, so Mike is an uncle. Good work Mike! Jay says that he is already trying to solve the brainteaser (the baby). Mike is obsessed with Harry Potter, second mention of the night. Kim has moved to Ben’s old bed by the way. Jay thinks Vincent and Patrick should be gone on Sunday. Anyone in Brisbane, Mary Street Nightclub Saturday Night, Jo will be there. By the way, Jay sounds a lot like Mike. Jay sounds out, and we go back through the brainteaser, before we go back and watch people sleeping, namely Chrissie who has given up on the book. Jamie continues reading, as comm break comes on. Anyone noticed they put the ‘Live: House” banner in the top left hand corner about 3 seconds before they go to a break. I notice the weird things I’m sure!

Someone comes onto win the $1000, but she says she is enjoying the show, even though they are asleep. She wins the money, the answer “Novel”. Jamie turns off his light at this time. Shakira (thats the girls name) likes Chrissie the most. Mike says that Big Big Brother cried once because he couldn’t get a ticket on a plane first class. Mike moves onto the second game. Mike says people should come to the eviction shows, because the crowd warm up guy is the best! Back to the house we go, and we go to the square bedroom, where V and S are still reading. Saxon starts making a bit of noise trying to find something in his toilet bag I think. Comm break.

TRIVIA DUDE IS BACK! Yes, it’s just me trying to excite my audience. GRETEL is the word, hehe. Funny stuff! Mike says he has been eating M&M’s, and he looks a lot better tonight than last night, where he was half asleep. Centrebet has rung through again, where the manager has rung through from the Alice Springs Casino. He says $30,000 has been put on the BB Eviction this weekend. Kim is favourite. He says Dan, Pat and Reggie will be the last three. WHAT ABOUT CHRISSIE!! Mike says he hopes he enjoys the rest of the night, and the conversation ends. Off to Saxon reading a book now, which is damn exciting vision. Vincent too is still reading. 6 minutes pass, before another comm break.

Back with trivia again, Mikey G goes through it again, and the clue he gives for “Gretel” is, “The star of BB apart from the HM’s”. Oh dear, give it away next time Mike. He coughs and the beeper lady beeps him. Action in the house apparently! They cross back, and Mike lied!!! Still Sax and Vincent reading. The only action is Sax putting the book down to gett up to the toilet. Ewwww….You can hear it LOL. Mike comes back on laughing, knowing that we could hear it. Anyway, he moves onto the eviction phone numbers. He again says that people should vote the uninteresting people out. It’s like a plea now from everyone connected to BB. Trust us to make up our own minds please!

Wow, they bring up the OS onto the screen, and Mike clicks a few things, but it’s quite boring. Harry Potter mention Number 3! He finally understands that the popularity polls reset every day. Good work Mike! He goes to the auction section of the site now. Before long, he reads out the phone number, but Ch10 cut him off in the middle of it! Oooh, they don’t like you Mike! Comm break of course.

Back again, time for the second $1000 brain teaser, where Angela has rung up through. He says he got cut off last break. Yes you did! She answered the brain teaser correctly, and wins the cash. I really want to win this one night. 2 calls a night, and still no luck :( She says she will spend it on her car. She collects Ford items! Oh god, you know it’s a boring show when Mike starts asking rambling questions. Her fave is Reggie. She thinks Kim and Vincent will be off come Sunday. She doesn’t want a date with any of them! Weird girl…Finally ends the call, which is great, because she was a shocking caller. Mike says goodnight, meaning we’ll get 20 minutes of nothing…sigh! Night Mike, good work :)

Rejoin the house, Saxon with his light off, and Vincent still reading, the last person still awake, or at least with their light on. Since nothing is happening, perhaps we should challenge Mike to mention the Harry Potter book 5 times tomorrow night? I’ll be waiting and watching. Comm break.

Back for the final time tonight, and we go to the round bedroom first. Silence. Back to Vincent reading, silence still. 2 times a note runs down along the bottom saying “do not make anymore calls to the brain teaser line.” Dreamworld says goodnight.

Keep Looking for Warren,

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Day 52 Uplate

We join the house in the square bedroom tonight, which looks very empty, only Kim lying down on the bed. Mike joins us, and tells us that Kim has been ‘stirring the pot’ a bit, and says that everyone is asleep. He retracts his statement a minute later, when we cross to Vincent and Saxon outside doing then new task – the fishing task, in the pool.

Silence when we join the two boys. Vincent soon breaks that silence, and says he might make some french toast tomorrow. Saxon almost interrupts, exclaiming “You know what sucks. Jo wrote the most amazing message in my book, and my note to her sucked.” Vincent says that he will have plently of time to make it up on the outside. Back to the french toast, Saxon says he hates it, saying it’s too soft. Saxon says that he misses cereal in the morning, his Uni lentil burgers, and dinner made by his mother at her discretion, not BB’s discretion!

“Whatever you do, one hand on the rod”, Vincent says to Sax, who replies with “Yep, got it.” Sax asks how often he sees his parents, and he says he tries to see them once a week, and says it’s not often enough, but it’s all the time he gets. He tries to go by every weekend. When he was small, it would be a Sunday evening tradition to have dinner at his grandparents, a huge family gathering. Every Sunday night his grandmother would tell Vincent off! Vincent’s grandmother is only about 60, and Saxon says that his mother must be young, and must have been young when his grandmother had his mother. They are lying down, look ready to fall asleep, which is allowed, as long as their sinkers don’t touch the side of the pool, and as long as one hand is on the rod the whole time.

Sax asks if he will get a motorbike again. Vincent says yeh, and Sax asks which model. Vincent says he knows which one he wants. Sax asks if he will have the dosh, and Vincent says yeh, but it wouldn’t be a wise move. They start talking about the bike, very boring stuff if you ask me. Sax says he is looking forward to building his house, but says he will only use his mates and their family plumbers, electricians etc, because he has trust issues. They go on and discuss their homes, and they realise that their house models are very similar. Vincent says he started in his working field small, just doing houses and small projects, but now does whatever he does for high rise apartments, and even gymnasiums.

They are talking about the Australian F1 Grand Prix now, presumely from this year. Sax says that McClaren had two of the places. Sax says that Ralph (Schu) is a great up and comer. They both agree that the best driver ever was Senna. They start talking about an Indycar movie which they think rocks. Quickly move onto other movies, including Showgirls, and Face/Off. Vincent says he would like to buy an old bluestone church, and convert it into a home. Sax says it would be too cold, but Vincent says ‘not if you do it right.’ We get a few of the classic Sax line ‘dude, dude’ after that, for no reason I can think of.

Back to Mike now, who rubbish’s the conversation! He welcomes Perth viewers, which is a bit strange. He says that Reggie is the timekeeper, and sleeping in the kitchen so they can yell out. However, Sax and Vincent have suggested they might be able to do the task all night. Anyway, back to the pool. Sax is discussing an old girl he used to like in high school, where they just held hands and stuff like that. He used to talk to her twice a week, and when she came and moved into the area, he broke up with his current girlfriend to be with her. It didn’t last long, but Sax says it was good he broke up with his other girl, because he cared about this other girl so much. Comm break.

First brain teaser of the night. Mike runs through it for us. He introduces Jessica from BB2, whose first question is “Do I win $1000 too!” They start talking about the similar task they did last year, and they past that one. Jess says it was her favourite task. Jamie has walked outside to join the guys, but they don’t give the audio because they are talking to Jess. Jess thinks that Vincent & Kim wil be evicted this week. Jess says that Marty is good! She says she is going too the farm this weekend. Mike says that it looks like Vincent has his hand of his rod (yes, sounds funny, I know!), but we have no vision of course….Jess says she is doing a bit of radio with Nova 100 in Melbourne. Convo ends at about this time.

Back to the house, where Reggie and Jamie are having a conversation in the kitchen. Jamie is wide awake, so she is going to head back to the bedrooms, and Jamie is going to take over in the kitchen! Back to Sax and his girls, this one at Uni. He says he tends to go straight into one relationship to the next. He keeps talking about ‘Pickatu’, I dunno if thats her name, or codename, but it is his ‘current’ girlfriend. Comm break.

More trivia, as Mike gives the clue this time round. He goes onto reading out a few forum messages. Back to the boys at the pool, where Saxon says “I wanna sort out what I want to do with myself too.” Vincent asks if he is going to continue doing photography. Sax says it’s too much work. He says something about an economics degree, than says he would love to be a Cinematographor, or work in Radio or Television. Vincent says he would love to do that do, but perhaps it’s a bit beyond him. Sax says he would love to be a pro sportsmen, but again, he’s probably too old already. Pat comes out because he thinks he is next. Sax says they are doing an all nighter, thats why they sent Reggie to bed. They decide that Pat should sleep in the kitchen ‘just in case’, but they suggest that changeover will be around sunrise. Vincent asks Pat to get a pillow from the square house couch. Jamie is out there as well, as Vincent and Sax say they are determined to make it to sunrise. Jamie says that if Pat is coming out, then he will go back to bed. Comm break.

Back to the trivia, where Karen from Queensland wins the cash. Mike says that Daniel is 37% on the popularity polls tonight, but he fails to realise that they are reset at midnight each night.

Into the kitchen, where Jamie and Kim are talking. Pat is also settling down, ready to get some sleep in the kitchen. Kim says that some nights she gets really bad arthritis, tonight being one of those occassions. She says to Jamie that she doesn’t take anything for it though. Pat says it’s 1am, which is almost spot on. Jamie says that the guys time is well and truly up out doing the task. Pat has a coffee, Kim says he shouldn’t because he’ll never get to sleep. Pat says he doesn’t want to sleep. Pat says that when they guys finish, he’ll go and grab Reggie, and they’ll do the next leg. Jamie says that if Pat doesn’t get to sleep until the guys finish at 6am or so though, he should grab Reggie and Jamie to do the leg. Kim volunteers, but has already done it with Reggie, so they can’t do it again. On that note, Jamie decides to go back to the house to read a book until he gets sleepy. Comm break.

Back with Mikey, who gives a clue for the second brain teaser, then runs through the eviction phone numbers, before we again cross back to the action. Just as we come back, Kim is walking back to the house, and Vincent yells “Goodnight” to her. They seem to be going through the alphabet, trying to think of Celebrities beginning with each letter.

Back inside, on the round house couch, are Jamie and Kim having a chat. Kim says that Sunday is going to be soo f*****. Jamie says that he is looking forward to it. Jamie says they have had a good innings, they have been in here longer than Irena, and as long as Carlo. Jamie says that he has exceeded expectations by simply getting into the house. Comm break.

Mike comes back on, and as usual, he gives the clue again for the second teaser, before we go back to the chat between Kim and Jamie. Jamie says that Kim holds herself very well. He says she is very confident with herself. kim wonders how they are both being portrayed in the house on the television. Kim worries because she swears a lot, they won’t show her having many conversations, and just show her lying down, away from the group. Jamie says that he sees Kim and Saxon are like his brother and sister, play fighting with each other a bit, but then he says on TV it might come across that they are having a full argument. Jamie says he finds it strange that the relationships made in this house are soo real. He says on the outside, he was thinking that it wasn’t that real, that some people were perhaps being a bit fake, but now he sees that there are true friendships in this house that will last a lifetime. Comm break, which includes the Uncut ad, saying that we’ll see all the action from last weeks birthday party.

Frank from Sydney wins the other $1000, after only ringing once tonight. He goes on to have a bit of a conversation with Frank, before we finally get back to check out the action. Again, back to Kim and Jamie. Kim is telling a story about an ex boyfriend of hers, or maybe her current, not really paying attention. Interesting to note that she swears every sentence though. Jamie says his friends made him scared coming into the house – he wasn’t treating it as a huge deal, but all his friends kept talking about it, so then he had to make it a big deal.

Cut back to the task boys, and Vincent and Sax are still playing the game. I undertand it now! They are stil doing celebrites, but the first letter of the surname, is the starting letter for the next celeb. These guys must be so bored,they’ve been playing it for a good 30-40 minutes. Saxon is stuck on the letter V for a long while, Vincent keeps giving him the get out option saying he has two for him to take. Comm break.

Not much left of Up Late tonight as we head back to the house for the final time. Back to the boys and their damn game again. They bring up a good point, wondering what Prince Williams last name is. They have no idea, and neither do I. Vincent is convinced that the Lois Lane from Lois & Clark is called “Terri Thatcher” in real life. Hatcher I think you’ll find Vincent! Saxon gets stuck on H, but before he pops out an answer, Vincent says “Harry Donohue”, from the talk show. It’s Phil for god sake! Saxon says he’s never heard of him, and says that it’s ‘gay’ anyway, so he’s not using it. He finally says “Huey Lewis.” Jamie comes out there, and can’t believe they are still playing the game. He suggests that Kim and him can take over if they want. Nothing comes from Sax and Vincent. Back to the game, they metion the “Dylan” guy from “Celeb”, as Sax refers to him. Vincent says “Spencer Tracy”, to which Saxon says “See, your just gay now!”. At 2:09am, Dreamworld says goodnight.

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Day 51 Uplate

Evening all, and welcome to another week of Up Late. Day 51 in the BB House, with the nominations actually live just 3-4 hours ago, together with BB telling them all they were nominated, we should hopefully have a few housemates up and about with a bit of a buzz running through them.

Into the house we go, and lot of people in the round bedroom. Kim says she can’t believe everyone has to get dressed up on Sunday night, and Reggie says “it’s exciting.” At this point, Mike comes on and interrupts, runs through the $2000 trivia, and then tells us that Joanne’s swimwear is up to $3500. He tells us that Saxon is going to pash everyone in the front row, then move onto Gretel if evicted come Sunday. LOL, If Kim gets evicted with Vincent, she suggests it will be the most boring night of her life. Back to the bedroom, Pat and Saxon have apparently decided to sleep outside. Reggie is debating whether she should join them. Kim asks if he really is going to sleep out there, Pat replying by asking Kim where he was born. He says that if he was born in Scotland, he can handle a cold Queensland night. He gives Reggie a weird look, then the lights go out. They all laugh, but it wasn’t that funny. Maybe I missed something. Reggie says he is going to go to bed, after Chrissie makes mention it must be late, judging by BB turning the lights out. Saxon comes back into the room, in the middle of brushing his teeth. Reggie says goodnight to everyone. Reggie squeals in the next room, all the round house laugh, but we have no idea what went on. Kim departs to read in bed also. A lot of yelling from the square bedroom, especially from Reggie and Saxon. Kim joins in their play fight as well. Saxon says “Right thats it. Your nominated!” They end their fight, and Sax kisses Reg goodnight. Kim starts singing “Say My Name”, so we rejoin the round bedroom. Vincent earlier departed the bedroom to do his teeth, but said he would return before he went to bed. Saxon has joined Chrissie, and Saxon says that ‘soon is too long to wait’, referring to seeing Joanne. He says that the morning after the final evicton, the three of them will go to breakfast by themselves. Chrissie is looking forward to just talking outside to Sax and Jo together.

Chrissie says that she might be there on Sunday. Sax suddenly says he wants to go if she will be there, he asks Chrissie, but she says she will go when the public want her to go. They mention that Pat reckons he is gone. Both Chrissie and Saxon say that Pat won’t go. Jamie pipes in saying he will be going. Sax says that last night was the start of the downhill run for him, it gets worse from here on in. Sax says that he wants to go on Rove to go to Melbourne, or Bert. He says that Jo would have been beside Gretel tonight when she spoke to them, however, she wasn’t at the time. Sax says that he wants to speak to Jo before his party Sunday night if he gets evicted, cause he says he won’t be living a normal life until BB ends.

Sax says he can’t wait to see his Mum, and his ‘kinda’ girlfriend. He says he would have hurt her so much on this show. He says that one night Jo and he said some things they probably shouldn’t have said, but at the end of the day, it’s such a different environment in the house. They are talking about Vincent, and how he is a good listener but not a great talker, and Sax asks what he is! LOL. They say goodnight to Vincent as he comes in to say goodbye. Mike comes back on, saying that Pat earlier said he wanted to read a book, to not attract attention. Back in Chrissy’s Corner, where Chrissie, Dan, Sax and Pat are talking, they are reliving Jo moments, how she used to get right up in front of other people’s faces, especially during sing-songs in the spa. Dan says he couldn’t sleep last night because he just felt it was soo wrong her being evicted. Sax hated the fact that she knew she would be evicted on Sunday, as soon as nominations were announced. They have found something else of Jo’s, and they says they already have a few things that she forgot, and so they talk about taking them back to the diary room. Chrissie suggests they give the gold box used for nominations today as well.

Over to Kim and Reggie, talking about how weird it’ll be on Sunday. Sax comes over and says they found her eyeliner or something, and Sax says he’ll write Cheers on it. Reggie says they won’t give it back if you write on it. Reggie asks Vincent what he is reading, he says he is reading Saxon’s book. Reggie asks if he has read it before now, he says no. Reg asks him if he always sits like that to read when she is asleep, and he says Yes. Saxon walks out the Square bedroom door, leaving the door open, Reggie exclaiming to herself “Why Saxon, it’s not hard to shut a door.” Kim gets up and closes it for her, seeing she was only sitting on Reggie’s bed. Comm break.

Mike comes back on, goes through the first brain teaser, before we return to the house. Before he does, he tells us that BB said No to Sax and Pat sleeping outside, because it’s going to be a lockdown overnight to set up the task. Also, BB has also realised that Vincent had a pen, which he gave to Saxon to write a note, or “Cheers”, and BB has confiscated that during the comm break. Anyway, back in the house, Kim has joined Chrissie’s Corner, but Sax looks like he never came back after visiting the DR. Dan says that in here, it’s best to think that your loved ones are having a great time with the company of another person (ie getting some sex). It makes you feel great that your bf or gf are off bonking other. I don’t get it, but they are all laughing. Sax wonders what the task will be, Pat says it will probably pure physical related. Sax says he wants Gretel to come in. Comm break.

Back again, Mike goes through teaser, gives a hint this time, before he tells us that BB has changed his mind, and let Pat sleep outside if he wants to. Kim is sitting on Chrissie’s bed, but Chrissie seems to be kicking her. Kim asks her to stop it. If I was Chrissie I’d say just get off my bloody bed. Saxon wonders whether they will be ushered into the diary room in groups of 4, or whether Gretel will cross to the group as a whole. Kim says they will all be on the couch, and Gretel will say “It’s time to go…”. Pat says “It’s time to go Pat and Kim”. Chrissie remind Dan of his look while Chrissie was opening up the box earlier. They laugh. They are discussing who actually votes for BB. They say it’s the 16-18 people who do, while grown ups might watch, but never actually ring (True I would imagine.) Pat says he would not be offended if voted out, because of the age group voting. They are all saying that Pat is an eligible bachelor, and thus they won’t vote him out. He doesn’t agree, as they cut to a comm break.

Again back with Trivia dude, who has Amy on the line to win $1000. Game Two is commenced. Back in the house, Kim says “It’s time to go Baby Hands.” Chrissie says that she hopes Kim gets a bit more time. Saxon says he wouldn’t mind leaving anymore, he would like to stay, but he won’t be shattered anymore. He says he is too close to people now, and losing people is doing his head in every week. He again states that last night was really bad for him. He says he hasn’t cried as much as last night since his dad came home from Germany or something like that. Kim gives Sax and Pat high fives. She decides to head to bed, and as they do, Sax and Pat decide to venture outside to sleep. They have already set it up, and as they get under the sheets over the table, Sax exclaims “It’s just like camping!”. Pat says “Just go to sleep Son.” Sax says that Pat will get hot, saying the other night he had to take his jumper off because he was so hot.

Trivia dude gives us a clue for the second brain teaser, then goes onto promote all the stuff that is up for auction at ebay before we return to the campsite. Thye are talking about school, and how long it took each to get home via the bus. Sax said he was always home by 4, and Pat says he was too. They discuss their uniform, Pat had to have shirt and tie always. He says there was nothing worse than wating for the bus in the winter mornings. Kim comes out into the living room, to find blankets, and Saxon asks her what she wants. He tells her there is some inside the room near Pat’s bed, and she says thanks, and goes back into the bedroom, closing the door behind her.

Sax asks him how far away Kate lives. A few beeps, and a few seconds later, we are ushered back to the round bedroom. The greatest joke of the day was apparently when Kim asked someone what the time was, knowing it was 2pm, and the person saying 2pm. Dan makes mention of this joke again, and says that it is good that they are laughing at less funny things all the time. They say that Claire wrote stuff on the side of her bed, saying “Leave it random”. Chrissie says that one of the best lines they heard Kim say was when they would occassionally hear screams from some of the dreamworld rides. She would say “Why do they scream. Thats just scary”. Oh dear, the funny jokes just aren’t funny to us outsiders! Comm break. A lot of SMS ads this show, because it would probably be too hard to go through everyone’s phone numbers individually, so a bigger emphasis will surely be given to the SMS number this week, because it’s the same for everyone. Speaking on the individual phone numbers, we get an ad just saying “Ring this number to vote out….”, then saying the same for the next person. Never actually saying the phone number. Fair enough.

Probably not quite time for the second brain teaser to be given away just yet, time for more money for BB to make yet. A clue is given however. Back to the square house, where Vincent has just finished doing some push ups, and has now settled into bed. Silence in the square bedroom. Silence in the round bedroom too, but Jamie is reading a book with his light on. Mike cuts in to yell “Wake up People!!” He tells his Zoo metaphore again, saying it’s just a human zoo in the BB house. He goes through all 8 of the phone numbers for eviction. Outside with Pat and Sax, all is quiet too. Comm break.

Brain teaser time, Sherry wins the $1000 this time. I’m sure he’ll drag out the conversation for this person, seeing everyone’s asleep. Still talking to her, I’m not paying any attention though. Sherry wants Patrick out of the house. Comm break straight away which was weird.

Back to the house, and the silence. Love the serentity of the place. Mike rejoins us, and starts talking to Nathan. No idea who he is. His favourite was Jo. A doorbell comes over the tv for no particular reason. He believes that Kim will go, but no idea who else will go. Not that interesting that Daniel dude, so Mike says goodbye to him. LOL, Mike says they’ll be back after the break, but Dreamworld says goodnight. Strange stuff, wonder if he’ll mention his little stuff up on Up Late tonight. We’ll see.

Keep Looking for Warren,

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Day 48 Uplate

00.46am – Most of the housemates are in the kitchen talking. Mike explains they are talking about Vincent almost hitting a pedestrian in his car. Dave also recaps Jo’s reaction to Saxon in the daily show. He also mentions their entry into the camera run. The housemates had a cocktail party tonight but Saxon and Vincent couldn’t drink as part of their punishment. Regina was also dirty dancing to Patrick’s guitar and Kim says she’s about to lose it and leave the house (ooh interesting).

Anyway Vincent is talking about an elderly couple in a car he hit. Apparently it was a bad accident because he was rolling around. He broke an artery in his leg. His leg was all black and purple and he needed a walking stick to walk. He then starts joking about his friends hitting his leg but no one’s laughing. It’s then revealed he was on a motorcycle.

Patrick tells a story of car hitting his parked car. He looked out the window of his flat and his girlfriend(?) saw a car with a flat tire pass through an intersection, hitting both of their cars and continuing. They jumped into Kate’s car and followed the rubber marks left by the flat tire of the car. Around the corner they found the left wheel and suspension on the side of the road so they continued to follow scrape marks on the road. Apparently the new car was a brand new BMW something (they bleep it out). The driver was a blonde girl who appeared to be slurring her words. She had driven out of an accident and collided with Patrick and his girlfriend’s car and then drove off to her driveway. She caused $9000 worth of damage to Patrick’s car.

In the lounge room Regina and Kim are just sitting and chilling with some chips on the sofa. Jo comments on her high shoes and walks off wearing them. When she comes back she says “I’m Regie queen”.

In the kitchen Patrick is talking about his story again. He said 10 minutes earlier he was standing in the same spot the car hit his car (as they had just bought takeaway). He said he could have been angry because she was endangering lives but he preffers to be cool. Vincent agrees – and said he didn’t get mad about his accident as long as the insurance could be paid.

00.56am – Jo, Reg and Kim are talking clothes. Kim offers some clothes for Jo to wear on her eviction night. Reg says that Claire had heaps of clothes. Jo continues to ask about Kim’s wardrobe. Reg has nothing to give Jo. Jo says she’s a size 10/8. Reg doesn’t want to know what she’s wearing until Sunday. She then says she’s going to get some water and go to bed. Kim says she doesn’t hate everyone in here, she just gets cranky when people argue with her. Regina says “you’ll be right… I hope you will”. Kim them whispers about a housemate she had an arguement with before, but it’s hard to tell who she’s talking about (possibly Jo).

Back in the kitchen Saxon is talking to the group but keeps looking at Jo. Vincent looks uncomfortable (very funny!). Chrissie leaves for bed. Jo goes to leave and Saxon tells her to do her catwalk-walk. Jo doesn’t want to do it but shows the boys a halfturn… even Jamie has a look. Patrick joins in and does some male modeling moves with a beanie on. Jo tells him to make the “I don’t give a fuck” look. Patrick gives her a playful hug. Jo gives some more tips on modelling with Jamie helping out with fashion advice. Saxon and Daniel also take turns in doing some modeling moves, with Dan providing some funny commentary. Vincent still looking uncomfortable. The conversation moves onto fashion and Saxon explains a spiffy top his friend has with golden chains etc. Patrick leaves, to which Jo follows, leaving Saxon and Vincent alone. Saxon says her catwalking is all wrong and walks inside with them. Vincent is just sitting by himself in the kitchen!

1.06am – Jo flops down on the couch with legs up. Patrick says he’s going to bed now..but sits down on the couch with Jo in his lap. Jo says she’s going to lie on him so he doesn’t leave. Saxon and Vincent now join them, just standing there. Saxon has Patrick’s guitar. Mike calls out for Saxon not to play the guitar (I don’t blame him!!). While Mike reads out the popularity polls Saxon and Vincent just sit there not saying anything. After Mike leaves Saxon is strumming the guitar and Chrissie comes out of the bedroom only to go back outside. It’s now a four-some on the sofa with Jo, Pat, Sax and Vince. They talk about how cool the word beanie is. According to Chrissie a bird got trapped inside the house today and crapped on the window. Saxon cracks a few lame jokes about the bird. Meanwhile Regina is getting dressed in the bedroom. Patrick says he was woken up this morning by magpies flying into the windows. The housemates comment on how good Kim’s tan is as she walks by. Chrissie comments on how “fucky” (or funky?) the air is inside.

In the bedroom Daniel is giving Regina a leg massage. She thinks she may have hurt it while in the pool. The two of them can’t beleive how much alcohol Big Brother gave them tonight… it’s the most they’ve been given so far.

Saxon is talking about how he was in the shower with Chrissie and she dropped the soap. She bent over to pick it up and put her ass in his face. He was just thinking “thankyou very much Chrissie”. They all talk about the birds flying into the house again…. so it’s a perfect time to cut to an ad break.

1.21am – Trivia time.. the answer is so easy!!! “BEARD”. Anyhoo the foursome is down to a threesome as Patrick goes to bed. YET AGAIN it’s Jo, Saxon and Vincent talking about nothing. They are talking about “helicopters” again. It has something to do with the intruders and something that happened (possibly one of Kim’s jokes).. but it’s hard to tell. Looks like Patrick is back now and starts strumming the guitar.

1.27am – Regina is settling into bed, alone in the bedroom. The lights go out and Regina says “thankyou very much” into her microphone. In the other bedroom Daniel is talking to Jamie and Chrissie about the launch night. Daniel and Chrissie say they were padded down, had a name tag slapped on them and were told to get in the cars really fast and not say anything to the other person in the car. Just at that moment we cut to an ad break.

I was wrong! The answer for trivia is “BREAD”. Now I’m embarrassed. Mike then goes through some threads on the official forums, mainly ones saying that people are jealous of Jo’s assets. Back to the house and Jamie is overwhelmed with being the new person. They wonder what Gretel will be saying to them on eviction night (especially Kim and Jamie).

1.38am – Saxon says he loves asparagus! EW. He’s talking to Jo about strange foods he likes to eat. Saxon talks about a romantic sea food restraunt he likes to visit. Jo ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’ along as he explains a typical date he has there. Vincent explains the Vincent-burger, which is a normal burger but inverted, with the bread in the middle. Ad break.

Kim is saying no one has ever given her a massage like the spa bath. She says because she’s a smoker she had trouble breathing in the spa and almost drowned. Saxon and Jo look distraught. Jo and Saxon suggest she go and talk to Big Brother about her problems in the house and she’ll feel so much better for it. In the bedroom Daniel is saying that being able to laugh like they have in the house is a real gift.

2.05am – Daniel is talking about a short movie he made with friends when Patrick walks in. Chrissie says she feels like she’s growing a second nipple on one of her boobs. Kim (who has just walked in) laughs and Daniel shows her his third nipple. She says it’s just a mole – how come milk isn’t coming out then? A few moments later Daniel and Chrissie come up with “Third Nipple: The Movie – don’t ask questions, just believe!”.

2.14am – Later, Mike is talking about the Haiku competition which he thinks is the stupidest competition ever (I agree!). The other housemates must be singing because we’re back with Daniel and Chrissie. Daniel is talking about a standup routine he had done with a mild audience response. His talking is keeping Jamie up – Chrissie and Dan have a laugh about it. He says he has a big future in standup comedy. Chrissie eventually goes to sleep, Daniel walks out of the bedroom.

2.26am – Kim is talking about how she never got any sun when oustide the house. Jo tells a story about how she put a block of frozen raw meat in her mouth thinking it was a coke ice cube. She was sucking on it for a good 20 seconds.

2.32am – Saxon is explaining to Kim how the housemates entered the house on different nights. Patrick says “are you confused yet” bringing up memories of their musical task. They all laugh about it. Jo starts playfully punching Saxon to see how strong his arms are. Kim starts telling a story which involves a lot of swearing so they cut to housemates sleeping in the bedroom. Goodnight from Dreamworld.

Keep looking for Warren,
… uhh erm I mean vibes :-)

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Day 47 Uplate

From what I can tell, most housemates have decided to call it a night before Up Late even starts, but nevermind, if there are a few of the housemates up, we might get a good conversation.

Join the house at 11:47pm, in the bedroom, with Jamie, Chrissie and Jo talking in “Chrissie’s Corner”, with Dan also in bed, but awake. Mike tells us that Saxon stormed into the kitchen after Pat and Jo were talking at the end of tonight’s daily show, and Patrick got some bad vibes, so he went to bed, leaving Jo and Saxon up, and they stayed up for most of the night, sleeping together on the couch.

Anyway, back into the house, Jo says to Chrissie “I’ll miss you heaps.” Chrissie says “If you go, I won’t be long after…” Chrissie says she’ll go beginning of Week 9. She says thats a great innings, which it is. They say there are a lot of people still in the house for where they are at, not long left and all. Chrissie says she was sick today, Jo says she is starting to get just a little bored. Chrissie says she has had about three migranes in her life, Jo says she has three a year.

Apparently Dan made some dinner tonight, and they are complimenting him on his cooking. Chrissie says “How exciting would it be to be going out on Sunday”. Background someone is playing that damn guitar some more, perhaps in the living room. Dan is talking about “Kath & Kim”, almost reciting a whole scene from an episode. Funny stuff. They all seem Kath & Kim fans in the house. Chrissie says she would love a board game, Jo says it would be so much fun.

Out into the living room, where Saxon says he wants to put the net over the pool so they can play volleyball. Pat says it would be cool. Vincent is there too. They are going through the games they could play, one they’ve named “Lord of The Rings.” Pat decides to go to the toilet. As soon as Pat gets up, Sax grabs the guitar. Vincent creeps up to the bedroom door, and with his broom, he gets the broom to touch Chrissie’s feet. When Chrissie turns around all she can see is Saxon on the couch. All is revealed just afterwards though. Jamie makes his way into his bedroom, dunno where he was. He goes outside to join the boys. Jo wonders what time it is, they suggest it’s late. Chrissie says that Dan got a special mention on the quiz. He says it made him feel good. Kim comes into this bedroom, saying that she can’t get to sleep. She says she is not going to eat bread anymore, she seems that she is putting on a bit of weight.

BB tells Kim she forgot her microphone, as Jo gets changed under the bedspread. She can’t sleep, so she is going to go over to the kitchen. Jo says she is weary, but can’t get to sleep, so she decides to scrap the idea, and go and sit on the couch. Vincent is the only one out there for the minute, and she explains she’s over tired now. Mike tells us that they failed the task, but they only bet 50% this time, so it’s not so bad. Pat comes back and sits near Jo, who is lying down. No sign of Saxon. Vincent sees they are making Milo, so Jo offers to go over there and get him one. Vincent asks for a Zinger burger while they are over there. Pat goes back to figuring out how to play a song on the guitar. Surely the camera’s will follow Jo!!! Vincent is just lying on the couch now, looking like he could fall asleep any minute.

Over to the kitchen, they are talking about how Jo has some special eating requests or something, and Saxon doesn’t think she is eating what she should be because she feels guilty that she is eating more than the rest. Chrissie who is over there, says that it is Jo’s problem, and she has to deal with it if she thinks it’s a problem. Jo agrees with Chrissie. Comm break.

Back with Mike, and the first brain teaser of the night. Plugs the official site again. Back in the kitchen, Chrissie, Kim, Saxon and Jamie sitting at the table. Sax is saying that he admires people who can scoff their face and still keep an amazing body. Chrissie says that Jo is dealing with the food situation well, and when she has a problem, she will figure it out because she’s so smart. Jamie says she is a brillant woman. Sax has gone, and guess where he is. Sitting next to Jo. He keeps saying to Jo he’ll tell her stuff on Monday, trying to drum it into himself that she’ll be here for another week. Jo gets up to go to the toilet, so the camera switches back to the kitchen. Kim says she went to some river at some stage, for a drive, a one lane road or something. She has fun by the sounds of it. Kim says that they had a family reunion of sorts, 25 of the family gathered together. She says ‘we just drank…and drank”. Comm break.

Trivia dude does his work again, giving the hint this time, before talking to Gerald from Centrebet. Joanne was the shortest at $1.10, but has gone into $1.05, Daniel at $5, and Reggie at $51! Back to the living room though now, where Saxon, Kim, Chrissie, Jo, Pat, Jamie and Vincent. Sax is telling a Carlo story, about how he played one week in the position he wanted to play (soccer), scored three goals, asked the coach if he could stay in that position, the coach said no, so he gave up playing competitively or something. I missed the last little bit of that conversation. Saxon tells the house about a injury he had right on his shorts linr, so he had to take a week off school to get it to heal a bit. Anyway, back at school, they asked him to play Union that week because it was a huge game. He didn’t tell the coach of the injury, and so he put a car wash sponge around the wound, taped it with duct tape, and put bike shorts on as well. He finally got out onto the ground, and the kick was a high one, he caught it, but the weight of the ball pushed it onto his waist line, leaving him unable to move. He got stretchered off, the coach seeing the pain he was in. He says the sponge actually got into the wound because the ball was pushed into him with such forces. Both Jo and Chrissie can’t believe that he would risk his injury by playing that week. Comm break.

Brain teaser time. Emray wins the first $1000 for the night. Back to the living room, Kim is talking away with a story. She is telling another painful story of one of her friends. Vincent says he had pins going right through his arm, and the only way to get them out was with some tweezers, and just a good hard pull to get them out. He says it really hurt. Saxon says that he cut his eye once, and they are all sitting round grimishing while he tells how much it hurt, and how he could hardly see anything, and he thought he was going to be blind. The scariest thing in his life he reckons. Comm break again.

Mike back with the hint for round two of the teasers. He goes through the new forum on the official site, something about a gay bar or something. I dunno, don’t care either. Back to the house, Saxon says he hurts himself somehow every day. Everyone seems to be talking at once, which really makes great television. Jo learnt the lesson the hard way of not to run around pools. She was running to go to the toilet one day at school, tripped on the side of the pool, and blood was evrywhere. She managed to walk over to a teacher, who nearly died of shock, before they swung into action and took her to the hospital. Someone asks when she went to the toilet, but she can’t remember!

Chrissie tells a story of her father walking out of a milk bar, a car collecting him, flying him into the air, and he unfortunately landed on his legs, shattering them and he now is confined to a wheelchair. Saxon says he got hit by a rock one day and he took of his shirt some time later, and he realised that his head was a bit factured. Comm break.

At 1:12am, we are back with Mike again. He goes through it all again, goes through the clue again, because it’s a bit early for him to go home just yet. Back to the living room again, Vincent saying that he takes after his father more than his mother. His father has hobbies out in the shed, Vincent has hobbies on his computer. Saxon says he doesn’t hang around with his father at all. Chrissie’s father has the curly hair in the family, while her mother has the olive skin.

Pat mentions something about a fake window in the storeroom or something. Saxon says that there is one bit of the bathroom which is different than the other, and he reckons that was where the camera run was when they merged, and they whacked it up that day when they merged. They talk about how BB told them they will get to go in the camera runs when they are evicted. They are all looking forward to that. LOL. Helicopter is code for they can’t talk about it. Pat says “even helicopters are helicopters”, referring to them not allowed to wave to them now. They talk about how on a Cottee’s bottle they received, there is a comp for 9 mates to stay at Dreamworld. Vincent says Helicopter, but they say they can discuss that. Comm break.

Delisa wins the second $1000 for the night. Her name comes from a contestant from Sale of the Century. I’m waiting for someone to actually get it wrong, that would be cool! He calls the people at the Official Site ‘freaks’. Funny Mike!!! Nite Mike, but before he goes he tells us that The Insider has exclusibe footage of Carlo meeting his girl again for the first time since he got out of the house. Now it’s bedtime for Mike, as we return to Jo talking to the group. Ewwwwww. Saxon tells a story wher his friend was eating spaghetti one night and somehow got it to come out his nose, then he had the courage to put it back in his mouth and just suck in, like a big loop. Yuk!!! Sax says that BB won’t give them alcohol next week. Jo can’t burp, but also tells of a game where they were just reciting animal sounds around and around. Sound riverting…Jo’s back is hiving or something, Saxon has had a look, and Kim is talking about it now. Kim says crossing your legs when your getting a haircut will lead to uneven sides, while Saxon says his doctor noticed his back was uneven because he had one sock off. Kim goes to bed. Comm break, the last for the night.

Wow, just a few minutes, and everyone has headed to bed. Saxon is heard in the bathroom but no vision is on him. Pat and Jo are in bed. Chrissie climbs into bed, saying “Saxon doesn’t know how to be quiet!” Jo agrees. Jo says she needs a wax, and Chrissie says “It’ll be great.” Pat says there is a place just near the cafe (referring to the kitchen), which have a 2 people deal, $35. They say “Thanks BB” for some reason. Chrissie and Jo are laughing quite loudly now, and the others all seem to be in bed now. They whisper some more about nothing, Pat keeps reading, the girls shut up for a change, all before Dreamworld says goodnight.

Keep Looking for Warren,

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Day 46 Uplate

Evening all, hopefully a fun filled night ahead, being Pat’s birthday and all.

Straight into it tonight, we join the house where it seems almost everyone is in the spa! Mike comes on, saying it’s been the biggest party we’ve ever seen in the house. He says there has been lots of flirting. Jo apparently has said to Vincent and Saxon “I Love You”, and they have returned the favour. Jo wants to come to Melbourne to visit Melbourne, and Sax just asked Jamie “If I was gay, would you pash me?!” Ah yes, interesting night indeed. He runs through the eviction phone numbers, and we return to the audio and vision of the folks in the spa.

Jo is in Saxon’s arms, looking a little drunk! We have vision, but no audio – BB music going over the top for some reason. Mike comes back on saying they are singing a song which they don’t have permission to play. Let’s hope they get their singalong out of the way very soon. Back to the spa again, still singing, but we can hear them this time. Quicly dragged away to the bedroom though, where no one is, so we can’t hear it. Actually, very faintly can hear it. Can confirm everyone is in the spa, still singing. Mike comes on again for the third time, explaining that they can’t show, or more importantly, play the audio of the song before they have permission from the singer. Finally back to it, three people are now in the pool, they’ve started singing again! Kim, Jo, Pat, Chrissie are in the pool now. Saxon and Vincent have now joined them. Jo can’t stop singing, cuddling Pat. Jamie in their too now. Jo just stood up on Pat’s shoulders and did a backflip, bikini showing a bit when she came up for air, and had to re-adjust. Audience didn’t see the slip though.

Jo back in spa now, with Saxon! Jo is half out of the spa, leaning over the edge, so Saxongives her bottom a bit of a touch! Sax says he loves this, but it will never be like this in the outside world. Sax says he met someone in here who was happy before they came in, and Jo says “yeh I was”, and Sax then says “That Sucks, and I just broke the Spa.” Chrissie, Pat and Vincent come and ruin the chat. Sax and Chrissie are talking about real stuff, Chrissie saying that feelings people have inside the house are real, but outside you can put them in a better perspective. Jamie is also back in the spa. No idea where Reg, Kim and Daniel is. Sax tells Chrissie that she has bad BO, but Chrissie says “That Is one think I know I don’t have” They say what a cool party it is. They start singing “It’s your birthday etc” They are talking in song, which is annoying. Chrissie asks how he would have spent this day had he been outside. I think Pat is answering as if it was a normal day though. He says he wakes up about 6am. Kim enters the spa, a dramatic entrance! Meanwhile box comes on, and Reggie is in the kitchen. No idea where Dan is still. Pat is continuing to answer, but it’s just to hard to hear over the spa jets and others yelling. There’s Dan, he enters the pool with a ridiculous, large paper mache hat on his head. It looks cool :) Kim says “What a life!” Did Kim actually just say “What are microphones for anyway?” Oh god if she did! Jo is singing that ‘Bring It On’ song thingy that she does all the time. Kim is talking to Chrissie, saying “I am polite. I just think people need to loosen up sometimes.”

Vincent has hardly said a word, or maybe he has, and we just can’t hear him over all the bloody yelling going on. Someone is giving foot massages while they are in there, and Jo wants one. Jo says she is going to get out and have a shower, just as Reggie comes over and asks anyone if they want a glass of water. They take about whether there is urine in the spa or the pool, cause by Kim;s comment “look at all the pee in here”. They all say “Happy Birthday” one last time to Pat, as they cut to the first break of the night.

Back with Mike, he’s hyped for tonight, they are having a party as well in the studio apparently. Runs through the brain teaser for us, plugs the Official Site again (go back to pluging BBBA I reckon!), before we return to the action. Footage on Reggie cleaning cause the others are singing again. They’ve left one hell of a mess tonight. She fills two buckets full of hot water, I imagine for showers. Vincent is out of the spa. Reggie drops some water in the house, and says “Oh shit, Bugger….” five seconds later “bugger” and then again “dripped it everywhere!” Vincent comes into the house at this stage. She cleans it up, outside singing in full swing so no chance of crossing back there for a bit. Vincent tells Reg he is going to use one of the buckets, then he’ll refill it. We get footage of him having a shower, and Reg comes in and says “Are you nude or normal” LOL. He says he isn’t nude. Reggie looks like she’ll have a shower as well. She asks Vincent if he gets bruises in here. Vincent says he has had a couple. A bit more of them washing themselves in silent, before comm break.

Back again, with Mike. He makes mention of the State of Origin earlier tonight (wrong code of football!), before running through the brain teaser. Saxon was talking to Reggie about nominations earlier, which is dangerous, cause he has two strikes already. He asked Reggie what motivated people to get into the diary room and say “I nominate Saxon”. Reggie, being the good girl she is, shrugged it off. Still singing away, so we get the footage of Reggie trying to do her robe up in her bedroom. Reggie ventures outside again, and then just when they seem to be stopping, helps launch another song. Voiceover music comes on, because the footage is outside. Back with audio, with Reggie in the kitchen. I’ll be so dissapointed if this singing keeps up all night. Reggie is talking to herself in the meantime, trying to find something, and saying “no” a few times. They flip it back to the spa, but the voiceover music comes on immediately. Back to the kitchen, Reggie cleaning up a bit. Mike comes on and talks about the daily show that screened earlier tonight. He goes through the eviction phone numbers for the second time, something he never normally does. Comm break. An ad for uncut is the first comm, looks like the usual stuff. Ah this is so annoying, this Up Late show could be so good, if only they would stop damn well singing.

Back with Mike, who talks to a girl named Emma who is very excited to make it on, and the word is Sober LOL, so he says “I don’t think your sober either”. She blames it on the State of Origin rubbish, they talk about it for a few minutes. Means they are still singing of course. Emma called a million times and got rejected except for one. Return to the house damn you people! Mike explains that BB are ‘protecting their asses’ cause they are singing, and BB doesn’t have the copyright to the songs. Still talking to Emma, while they show Jamie having a shower. Apparently he had a kiss with Jo in the spa earlier, according to Mike, but I didn’t see it.

Finally the conversation ends, and Mike asks BB if they can return to the house. Pat is having a shower now. Jamie is in the bathroom, having finished his shower. They are talking in scottish accents (apparently the party was a scottish theme, with kilts and all. Can’t hear anything over the water running though. Reggie comes over and asks something about the hot water in the bucket, as they throw to a comm break.

Back to Mike again (ARGH!!!) who goes through the brain teaser, giving a clue as well, totally stuffing it up though, calling himself a ‘dick’ in the end. Anyway, back in the house, you can still hear singing outside. Pat is still in his UK-Scottish accent, talking to Reggie, Jamie and Vincent. LOL, Pat says “my mouth is like sandpaper” in the accent, just sounds so funny. Reggie says that the first time she wore her robe was yesterday. Pat puts the kilt back on to get right into the spirit. Vincent is sitting by his lonesome in the square bedroom, saying his stomach is a bit upset. Was Pat just suggesting that Vincent move to Sydney, I dunno, wasn’t concentrating properly. Vincent says he is just building his defence for tomorrow, I imagine for BB, perhaps they all did some talking about something wrong. Jamie gets a bit worried now, seeing he was there too. They mention a helicopter first, but Vincent says no, but then he says something about a storeroom. Vincent says they’ll pretend it didn’t happen. Nice to say it aloud, while a show is on guys! Jamie’s mum asked Jamie to not run around in his underwear, but apparently he did tonight, because he says his mum would be so ashamed. Comm break.

Back with Mike, who runs through the same teaser again, and the same hint. He goes through a few forum comments. He stresses for the first time that these are not views of BB or Channel 10. Oooh, he shows his laptop, an Apple.

Back to the square bedroom, where Reggie and Jamie are talking. Reggie says people change when they drink. Reg says she has had fun, but is so bloated. She says she hasn’t been drunk in here. She has been tipsy, but not tonight. They say that it looked like a heap of alcohol at the start, but with ten people it’s really not that much. Jamie adds “especially since there are a few heavy drinkers in here”. Reggie says the music was great, she loved it. Reggie says that this might be her last few days, to which Jamie says “I don’t think so…” Reg says she will have to get dressed up on Sunday, saying it’s exciting. She says it’s a bonus if she stays, “everyday’s a bonus”. She says she is glad for Patrice, saying “What a birthday to remember.” Reg says to Jamie that he should touch her feet, cause they are freezing. Comm break. Really, really missing out by not being able to see the spa I think.

Shaun wins the $1000 for the final time tonight. He gives his band a plug. Finally we get some footage of the spa. He goes on and plugs the OS again. Oh c’mon, get back to the house. Plugs uncut, saying it will be the best uncut for the year to date. Cut to the kitchen, where Jamie, Pat and Vincent are chatting. Vincent is making up when his birthday is, saying it’s next week, in the hope of getting another party. They talk about the incident again, still got no idea what they are on about. Finally, Jo, Sax and Daniel in the spa. Sax has his arm around Jo’s leg. No sorry, they are holding hands. Jo says she needs to go to the toilet, and then will get her pj’s on. Sax says he doesn’t need to go to the toilet, but if he did, he would just go and jump in the pool. Jo gets out, leaving the boys in the spa. Dan says it’s still his birthday in other countries for a while, but Pat is worried about his guitar in the wet. From what I can gather, they went into an old storeroom earlier tonight, which was in the round house, but not used anymore, and it’s been turned into a camera run. They saw some people I think. They compare the wrinkles on their hands because they’ve been in the spa for so long.

Jo and Pat are in the round bedroom, Chrissie is their too. They start singing again, so they cut back to the spa. Dan is doing his characters again I think, or replaying a movie. Here comes Jo over, singing, so no doubt they will leave this. Dan calls Jo Pinky Pink, or something, as she heads to the kitchen, half in her pj’s, with a pink top. Comm break.

Back again. They have run out of Coffe for the week after tonight I think. Chrissie is saying that Jo won’t go, but Jo asks her to prepare just in case. OOoooh. She says Look at me. Helicopter. Suggesting that there was a message out the back of the helicopter, and they saw it. I am unsure. Kettle boils. Vincent backs away when Jo trys to put a lollie in his mouth. Maybe he has woken up. BB asks Kim to go to the diary room. Pat says that ‘boys are losing their bums these days.’ He asks ‘how do you grow them?’

Pat says he should have a scotch with BBB one night. They hear a noise outside, Chrissie says “What is that?” Pat says just an aeroplane crashing. Next, Chrissie is saying something is on fire. Queue the song “roof is on fire”. Pat says if they get more music in the next couple of weeks, they have to dance the night away. They talk about the storeroom again, and then move onto Pat receiving a card from his family. The housemates didn’t ask BB for that. Jo continues to chew the lollies, mouth open as well! Chrissie says they have Vincent, Dan and Kim for the quiz tomorrow. They apologise to Pat about not being able to get fairybread. Dreamworld says goodnight at this stage….If it wasn’t for the singing, this ep could have been very good. Nevermind, theres always tomorrow.

Keep Looking for Warren,

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