Day 68 Uplate

Welcome to the house, where Anouska has arrived! We join them in the kitchen, where they are freakin talking about salt! LOL. Pat is saying that if BB did it, then they have gone to far, but if someone in the house did it, he’ll except it as a joke.

Around the kitchen table are Dan, Chrissie, Pat, Anouska and Vincent, with Reggie walking around the table. Anouska asks if she can sign the guitar. Vincent says they are the legacy items, and they will ask Big Brother tomorrow if she can sign everything. But Vincent, one minute later, changes his mind, because Anouska diesn’t know how long she will be in the house (Yeh right!), and says that she should sign everything tonight just in case she goes tomorrow. Anouska starts talking about ‘Big Brothers’, the band. I know thats not the correct spelling but hey, who cares!

Pat, who was over in England during BB2, asks about a few of the housemates over there. They again say to Anouska that Reggie should have her own travel show! Dan launches into Reggie expressions she could use for the travel show segments. Vincent is trying to think of our BB3 music. He does a bad impression, and as well, it has changed a bit since BB2. Anouska can’t remember the UKBB one. It’s quite catchy too. Anouska says “You gonna open a bottle of wine, Vinnie?” LOL, she looks at the others after she calls him Vinnie, her expression priceless. Patrick is talking about the shopping budget as well again, but playing with the flippin guitar as well. Just break it Anouska, go on, do it!

BB calls Regina to the diary room, she says “I won’t be a moment!” Maybe BB might let her tell the housemates about the task. Mike comes on and tells us that that is exactly what BB is going to tell her. This will be awesome to watch! Chrissie says “What do we have thats loud, pointy and hard!” Vincent yells out “Do you want me to show you.” Awesome, they start singing ‘Cookie Cutter Sky’ for Anouska. She gets up and walks off after one verse LOL.

Reggie is back, and Chrissie gets everyone quiet because she has to reveal something. They guess it before she says it. She says there will be a surprise tomorrow for everyone. Anouska comes over and gives Reg a kiss, she thinks it was very funny. Reg also says that BB said they would never let anyone harm them. Reg says in a loud voice “I’m sorry if I pissed you off.” Dan says he is happy now because he knows someone else wasn’t walking around their bedroom.

Reggie admits to emptying the sugar, before Dan interrupts, thinking she put salt in the milo, wasting it. She put salt in the powder milk as well, giving Pat a cup of coffee with the milk, salt and sugar! Lovely!!! Dan thought that she had ruined the Milo, but Reggie says she is not that dumb! Dan says that when he tried to hide the alcohol they got in a big huff about it, and they are getting in a huff with Reg now. Anouska says Reg is looking really nice at the moment. They decide to stop talking about the salt issue. Anouska is just laughing at all of this. Dan says she still loves Reggie. Still going on about this. Reg can’t believe it that they are taking it so badly. Reg asks what could she do differently. Dan says nothing, it was fine. Pat was hardly involved, and he’s acting as if it has totally destroyed his day. Pat says “This beer tastes salty Reg!” LOL, Anouska has realised that Pat is the worry wart of the buch, calling him paranoid Pat. I love it!!!

They start talking about Bon Jovi, and soon burst into one of the songs. Chrissie has been a fan for ages. Anouska asks if they know David Gray, but no one responds, as the guitar fires up and Dan starts singing. Chrissie has come up to help Reg with the dishes, and Reg says “We’ll wake up to a new day.” Chrissie replies by saying, “They wouldn’t let it go would they!” During this you see Dan in the background just looking over at Reg a few times. Comm break.

Mike greets us after the break, and we are into the brain teaser for the first time round. Back to the house quickly, where Anouska is helping with the washing up, and asking where things go. The girls doing the dishes, the boys at the table. Anouska says she hopes she likes it here. She shakes Reggie’s hand, I think she has warmed to Reggie the most. As Reg heads off to bed, Dan runs out, and tells her to give him a hug. He just doesn’t want conflict, and just says that while she knew the whole time, he didn’t. LOL. Chrissie has joined her in the house proper, and apparently Anouska has said that Wilson the chicken has been around the world. Both Reg and Chrissie don’t believe that it has though. Chrissie clicks the button to go into the diary room, and we are returned to the kitchen, where Nush is left with the boys. Dan is doing a bit of singing. LOL, the boys are too talking about Wilson, who must be back, cause Dan says he feels that he has changed, it’s not the same person. Pat says “It’s weird, he hasn’t said a word since he got back!” Pat thinks he must think he is a celebrity now (Wilson), but they have stuck him back in the house, thus not happy. He says he is just a stuck up chick. They ask Nush if they got any music played while she was in there. They didn’t, however had she stayed an extra day, she might have found herself in the Winners room, where Music is played. LOL, they are talking nursery rhymes, but Anouska says to Pat, who is naming them, “What, are you fifty or something!” Comm break, as Anouska starts singing/reciting a ryhme.

Mike is back, this time with a clue for the trivia brain teaser. Chrissie entered the diary room to ask for sheets for Anouska’s bed. Anyway, back to the bedroom. Pat is talking about his freakin coffee again, with the salt/sugar. Reggie is just listening. Chrissie is around too. Pat goes to the toilet. They are looking through Anouska’s things. She bought a koala with her, and her book is “Dinkum Aussie Sayings”, or something like that. Back to the kitchen we travel. Dan is giving Nush a massage. They wonder if the others are going to bed. Vincent says he hopes not, because they have more wine to drink. Nush says she came in to wind everyone up. She thinks they have all gone to bed, while Mike interrupts. He says that they have a contestant on the line, so stop calling. Hehe, Vincent just spilt wine on himself. Meanwhile Nush asks Dan if he likes working at the arcade shop. She has to repeat it 3 times for him to understand the question. BB is impatient, and cuts to a break.

Back again! Wow, straight back to the house, what happened to the trivia!? They are reading through the Aussie slang book, and they don’t even know the meaning of half of them. LOL. Reggie thinks she might have got a bit angry just before over in the kitchen. She is playing with her hair in the mirror. She says they just wouldn’t let up over the salt. She doesn’t know why they were so worried about it. She says that Anouska will just have to party with the boys tonight, hinting that she will soon be in bed. They say that BB must be huge over in the UK. Reggie says she can’t believe Gretel was there. She says her hair was gorgeous. Reggie thinks she might grow her hair again. Then she says she could just buy a wig. Lovely, she is trying to pick a pimple, and you know the camera is going to be directly in front of where she is looking in the mirror. She can’t believe BB organised for her to come all this way. Reggie still trying for the pimple, saying “Nothing is coming out.”. They are saying “how bad did we look”, referring to how they had no idea what was going to happen. Mike comes on and says they are having a few technical difficulties tonight, thus the trivia hold up. They are still saying how bad they looked tonight. Chrissie has apparently just got out of the spa minutes earlier. Back to talking about BBUK, Chrissie saying it’s probably more popular over there because they have more people. Reg can’t believe that Pat has won a trip to London. She says it’s unbelievable. As the girls talk, Pat and Vinent are called to the diary room. The girls can’t believe how many times they go to the diary room. Reg says BB should just tell them to piss off. Chrissie says “I don’t think he can.”, while laughing. They don’t think they have done anything wrong. Over to the kitchen we go, and Dan and Anouska are chatting away. Anouska says she enjoys going to the gym, as a comm break cuts in.

Still no trivia, but Mike comes on and talks to us. Mike tells us that Vincent and Pat were called to the diary room to stop prodding her for answers to questions of the outside world. The boys are back to the table to join Dan and Nush, and they are going through the farm animals task, explaining what each housemate had to do. When asked who they would miss when they go, Vincent says his closest mates were from the square house. Pat admits he misses Jo. Pat admits he didn’t really get to know Leah that much. He misses Ben a bit. The people they miss the most are: Pat misses Jo. Vincent misses Carlo and Sax, while Dan thought a bit, and said ‘probably Jo.’ Dan says he was just starting to know Leah, but then she was gone. Dan admits it felt so different when Jo left, as well as Saxon, because of their energy they bought to the group. Nush totally ruins UKBB for me, because I’m behind watching it, telling me who is up for nomination this week. Nush goes onto say that the loud types always seem to go first, and Dan finishes it off by saying the quiet ones seem to fall under the radar. Hmm, they cut it off in the middle of the conbo about autobiographies or something, with some beeps. No music running into the break. Strange. Only about 40 minutes left btw, and we still haven’t got the first trivia done yet. Technical problems galore it must be. Anyway, comm break.

Back with BB again, stil no trivia. Mike is back on though in the corner of the screen. He says Reggie and Chrissie are looking as if they are going to bed. Anouska has gone over to the bedroom, going through her stuff, while Reggie continues to read her book Nush tells them that the clothes in UKBB were actually under their beds. She says she has been living out of suitcases for weeks, so she is used to it, referring to Reggie saying she can hang some of her clothes up. She tells them that she took 30 pairs of knickers into the UK house. Reg shows them the bag they were allowed to bring in, and Nush can’t believe it. They could bring in ciggers, alcohol, anything they wanted really. Chocolate, anything you can think of. Reggie reads a few defintions out of the book of Nush’s. One of them is “Bobby Dazzler.”

Oh by the way, Mike said they were still having technical difficulties, so this game would carry over to the first game tomorrow night. They reckon they have all the numbers on file, LOL. Anyway, Nush says she likes the boys. She has lost an earing. She says she was given the shoes Reggie was eyeing earlier, as well as a heap of other stuff, including a bag etc. Reggie and Chrissie can’t believe that she would get all this free stuff. Comm break.

Mike comes back, tells us the trivia is canned for the night, and that Anouska is already the second most popular housemate on the OS. Mike says goodnight from him. Nite Mike! Back to the house we travel, where Dan has made his way to the bedroom. Reggie is still reading out these aussie slang terms. Enough is enough Reggie!! Anouska seems to have returned to the kitchen. Reggie is searching for the word “bugger!” LOL. Oh no, Anouska is simply in the bathroom. Well, she takes her top off. Not afraid at all this girl from the UK! BB calls out to Anouska to put her microphone back on. How many hours does that BB work per day. Geez, I seem to hear him all the time! Reggie just keeps on reading from this bloody book, Vincent and Pat must still be in the kitchen. Everyone else is in the bedroom. Nush is still playing in the bathroom, as we cut to the final comm break.

Back again we are, watching Vincent brush his teeth. Nush is also doing the same. Nush studied Spanish for her second language in school. Oh god, Reggie still reading aloud. Pat has just told her he didn’t come down in the last shower, meaning she should stop telling him stuff he already knows. Oh shush you meany food nazi dude! BB tells the housemates they need the candle out in the kitchen out, before it sets off the smoke alarm. Reggie is back reading aloud. Nush says that if she was in BBUK BB would call someone into the DR to ask them to do that. Nush is sitting down on the bed, brushing her hair. She says she swirls hwer hair or something. The she says “I’m so pretty” or something to that affect. Dan comes back into the room saying “you bloody drongo.” Reg says “fair suck of the sauce bottle.” Lights are still on by the way. It’s 2:05am at the moment. They should leave it on a bit tonight. Reg just won’t shut up tonight, but just then, at 2:08am, Dreamworld says goodnight. Wow, awesome show tonight!

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