Day 69 Uplate

Day 69 of the BB experience today, with just over two weeks left of the show. Earlier today BB told the house they would be given a party tonight to welcome Anouska to the land down under. During the evening thus far, the highlight has been when Vincent told Chrissie and Anouska “You wanna see bad Cenzo” Chrissie replied “I’m frightened!”

Anyway, into the house we go. Vincent, Pat and Anouska are on the couch. Dan makes his way over there, as Anouska runs to the bedroom. Mike comes on, says hello to Rebecca on the line straight away. Mike has a name badge on lol! So anyway, there are going to giveaway $3000 tonight. She wins the money, answering the teaser with “Regina.” He gives her a bit of an update. Regina and Chrissie have moved to the bedroom, and have commented that Anouska is looking at herself a bit too much in the mirror, as well as thinking that she might be making a move on the Vincent man!

Anyway, back to the house we travel, to the bedroom, with Reggie and Chrissie. Chrissie says she is not a dancer, but the music was terrible tonight. Anouska doesn’t want to take some water out into the living room because it’ll look like a weakness. LOL. Reggie thinks of Vincent as the magpie that was wiggling there backside in the backyard. Oooah she’s doing a bit of backstabbing tonight. She reckons he has it made for him, LMAO. Oh shit this is funny, they can’t work out his clean system with his clothes. Reggie goes to check with Chrissie saying ‘you can’t do that.’ She looks for a minute, picks up a pair of knickers, then gets on the floor laughing her head off. Chrissie says she can’t believe she picked them up, saying she thinks they were the dirty ones. Chrissie still doesn’t understand his system. Reggie is still laughing her head off. Once they are composed again Reggie says that they won’t get any information out of that man. Chrissie can’t understand why he is so secretive. The man himself comes in lol. Anouska comes in, I couldn’t understand a word she said, but Vincent and her leave quickly, Vincent saying “I feel better when she is not kicking me in the balls.”

They are glad Anouska has arrived. They say that they are boring at the moment, so it’s good that someone can cheer up the boys a bit. Dan comes in as they are talking about Chrissie being a bit quiet. They start talking about Reg and Dan dancing earlier. They enjoyed it. They complain about the music again, but Reg thought that because BB had put it on, she had to dance.

Ok, out to the couch, first sight I get is Anouska slapping Vincent’s bum. Now Vincent is holding her, not letting her move. They are playing the game he and Saxon played one other night – the celebrity alphabet game. Start with a letter, tonight it is Will Smith, the first one, so the next is the first letter of the second word. It’s Anouska’s turn with S, and Pat starts his countdown, Anouska gets “Santa Claus” as they almost are down to 0. Pat says “Charlie Brown.”

Back to the bedroom, Reg still laughing away! Dan is brushing her teeth, while Chrissie looks at Reggie’s legacy item. It is signed by everyone except Irena and Jaime. Chrissie has been in the house long enough to forget about her family, but she has rathered started to long for people who have been evicted. Chrissie misses Kim and Saxon. Mike comes on and interrupts, telling us that the brain teasers are just around the corner. Ooah, he tells us the countdown for the game in the living room is because if they don’t get it they have to skull a drink. I get it now. Back to the bedroom though, they are talking about how they might not have welcomed Jaime enough when he had the crossover. I think… Mike spoke for too long, but I’m pretty sure it was Jaime. Oh heck, I dunno now. Reggie is saying at the start Kim hated it because no one liked her, and she didn’t feel welcome. Reggie admits she thought she wasn’t being welcomed. Reggie says because they had a similar upbringing they felt a connection to each other. Chrissie says she made the silly jokes which didn’t go down well. Chrissie says she didn’t hate her when she said the bad jokes, she just didn’t know why she would say them. Back outside to the game. Vincent misses out on the letter M, and has to drink. Vincent gets stuck on “B” next time round, as Pat excuses himself to go to the bathroom. Comm break.

OK, back to Mike, and the second brain teaser of the night. He had been to a birthday party earlier in the night, thus his nametag. He says that the drinking game is the lamest drinking game he has ever soon. Anyway, he goes through the teaser, before returning us to the drinking game. Vincent finally gets on! Vincent has to skull twice in a row her because he didn’t have his arm up or some rubbish, and Vincent says “I’m going to be smashed!”, or words to that effect. We go to the bedroom where the other three are talking about the merge, Reggie saying that when Saxon and Vincent came across, their tongues were dragging along the floor, with the sight of Jo. She says that Belinda was so glad she had someone to talk too when Reg went across. Regina says that her parents will be watching the real Regina for the first time while in the house. Chrissie says it’s the same for all of us. Dan says could you imagine spying on their parent’s. Reg says she is trying to picture her Dad going to the local tavern, with people talking about her when he entered. Dan sayss you have so much fun with the right people over little things, as we cut to another break.

Brain teaser time, well time for the clue anyway, with the clue revealing it to be coins. Anyway. back to the living room, where Vincent says he was 18 when he last woke up so frunk that he didn’t remember the night before. They decide to go to the spa so they can play a new game, because the other one got boring. They decide the next bottle to be opened will be white wine. Anouska tells the others they are getting in the spa. Reggie says to take some water. None of them are going to join them however. Anouska says Vincent is encouraging the game in the spa, as he enters the bedroom. Reggie says to get her to spew over the side of the spa. LOL. Anouska takes off her bra, and they pop up Mike at that exact moment, hiding her just a bit. Still see some eye candy however. Mike says laughing, “You can’t put me up now!”. Anyway, they have a winner. Quickly back to the game. Reggie says she doesn’t want to drink anymore because last time she did it she felt sick the entire next day. While they are talking, Anouska is getting her bikini bottoms on, and shows the girls a good way of doing it without showing anything. Comm break anyway.

Mike is back again, and says the spa party hasn’t started yet, so they have time for the money. Pete from my freakin area in Melbourne is on (and I called 5 times tonight!), and wins the money! Out to the spa we go anyway. You can’t really hear what they are saying out there too well, and besides, what you can hear is not interesting, so BB changes the cam for me.Bit of a talk about continuance between Dan and Reggie for TV series I think, before we are thrown back to the spa. Anouska is talking, saying “Grandma went to the sex shop and bought something. The next person has to repeat what the past person said, and ass their own. And so it goes on. They are up to five without anyone, but suddenly Pat and Vincent have to drink. Pat ten continues with the game, but becomes stuck on about the third item I think. Vincent starts the countdown, and too late he is when he says it. Vincent stuffs up on the second one!! Anouska seems to be going alright through this game, as we head to another break.

Brain teaser number three time, and Mike gives us the clue for the next one. He then makes a few shoutouts. The teaser answer is Lights. Very easy. He explains the two stage selection process again, before he hurls us back to the bedroom. No, he tricked us, we head to the spa. Pat missed one out, but Anouska swore, so they both have to drink. Dan comes out to say hello to them all. They start over again, this time “I went to the park, and took a ” Patrick took an Abacus. I mean really, is this guy boring or not! Vincent stuffs it up after about 3 ones. He is hopeless at this, or he just really wants a drink. Anouska also has to drink after stuffing it up next. Over in the bedroom, Reggie is talking about a photo and the beautiful sky in it. I think it’s off the Ayres Rock. I must admit, it does look awesome around Sunset time. Chrissie says Dan is coming back in. Reggie reads from that Aussie book again, where they are saying there are 280 million people in the US, compared to our 20 million. They can’t believe how so many people can live in that space. Chrissie is wondering if the US is bigger than Australia. They reckon it’s about the same. She asks Dan to go and ask Pat, but then she says not to worry about it. They look at when the book was published to see if it has up to date facts, and realise it was published in 2002. Comm break.

Mike is back, and going through the teaser again. Blabs on for a minute or so, then we are transported back to the backyard, the spa to be precise. They have started a new one “I travelled the world. I went to…” Patrick just got the last one, they have about 10-12 countries on the list already. It’s getting hard, I’ll admit it. Vincent gets it though easily. Meanwhile, Anouska pours the rest of a beer into Patricks glass. Did Vincent just lean in for a growl??? I think so. They have to go alphabetically I’ve realised too, so that makes it easier for them. Pat misses out this time round though. Vincent is stuck on O. He says there is no country starting with O. Pat thinks he knows one. Mike interrupts to tell us they have a winner. Vincent says Olive for the country. Weird stuff. Next time around, Vincent missed out Holland, but Anouska realised, as we cut to a break.

Mike is back, and has Lyn on the phone. She wins the money. Back to the spa, and still the country game. They are up to S. Vincent gets out to use the toilet, and Anouska says just to go in the garden. Pat says they got told off for it. Anouska seems surprised. Anouska then tries to get a bottle open with her teeth. She finally gets the top off, and uses the cork for the rest of the job. While they are alone, Pat says he like Reggie and Dan the best. He says if someone had to go on Sunday, he says he wants Anouska to go hehe. Pat cracked a funny! Vincent is back by the way, and has already been told to have a drink! Pat has dissapeared though now. For the letter U, Anouska says Yugoslavia”. Silly girl! Comm break.

Back again, Mike is still there, only minutes to go for tonight. He says it’s been an awesome night, but before they head back, they go through the eviction phone numbers. Anyway, Mike says goodnight. They are still with the country game, Nush just having stuffed it, and thus drunk. Anouska gives Pat a little lap dance to get him to stuff up! Into the bedroom we go, Reggie says she is tired. Reggie and Chrissie think they must put ear plugs in tonight, because the three drunkies will be very loud snorers tonight. Chrissie says her hair is disguisitng, she can’t bear the sight of herself. She needs to get out of there. LOL. They go onto talking about hospital machines, in particular ultasounds. Reg doesn’t understand the internet, and Chrissie doesn’t understand how the fax works. Reggie is saying what the heck they were talking about earlier in the kitchen. Chrissie says they do that to act superior. Dan is not in the room, as the lights go out, and “Thankyou BB” goes all round. Reggie mentions that Pat and Vincent are always asking for ‘shit’. Outside, Vincent comes in for another growl, as Anouska tries to get the country game through. They must be onto the second round of countries, but still have to recite the first round ones too. The bottle of wine is now empty. It took about 20 minutes I reckon. Anouska is all over him trying to get him to lose his attention. Pat was trying then, and I think Anouska flashed herself, then went for his assets. He stuffed up of course! She then goes all over Vincent, rubbing his face in her assets, and gets down to T. A damn fine effort from Vincent! They cut away when Nush starts doing her turn, to Chrissie reading a book. Back to the boys and Nush, who is still having her go, but under heaps of pressure. She finally fails. Pat’s turn, and Nush is absolutely all over him, and Vincent counts him down, and he is GONE! They have asked Dan to get another bottle of wine, but he doesn’t really want to give it to them, saying they could use it for dinner. He offers them beer, but none of them are paying him much attention. And then, damnit, Dreamworld says Goodnight.

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