Day 70

At 10:30am, Vincent wakes up. Pat comes into the kitchen, and Reggie asks her what she wants. Pat just gives Reggie a cuddle, when Reggie asks if he is still feeling sick. He nods. He asks Reggie for a coffee, with no salt! Pat says that he will never ever drink anything ever again. Reggie says not for a while at least, but Pat is adament, NEVER!

When Chrissie rises, Anouska has woken up, just sitting up on the couch. Regina also arrives at the same time. Anouska says “Im really sorry.” They tell her to not worry about it, Chrissie saying that Anouska looks alright. She says “I think I did some crude shit in the spa.” She wonders if she’ll still have a boyfriend back in England. She tells the guys she kept trying to stop them, saying would your girlfriend like this, and they kept saying “No, No!” Regina laughs, as if to say typical.

12:14pm – Regina collects her prize, a platter of gourmet food, for completing the personal task of hers. Chrissie says it’s great, and thanks Reggie for completing the task. Just after 4pm in the kitchen and Vincent has just woken up, and they badger him of lasts nights events. Chrissie says they could hear people yell out “Venuelzela” through the speakers. He says he thought it was right, according to the game I imagine. He sits there as they laugh, with his hands up to his face, laughing a bit also.

After dinner, Regina wonders if the evictee will be up to partying the night away. Pat says he certainly won’t be! Vincent says if it’s him, he’ll be making up for what he didn’t do last night. As the others head to bed, Dan and Vincent sit by themselves in the kitchen, chatting about last nights party. Vincent says “Tell you what, If I could change last night.” Dan says he doesn’t understand that, his outlook being if your going to regret stuff, why do it. Vincent says “Yeh, it’s not a regret, but perhaps I should’ve pulled the pin a little earlier. Should’ve seen it coming. Cut to later in the kitchen, and Dan asks Vincent how he is feeling about the upcoming eviction. He says he is just trying to get over last night first. They talk about Vincent being the last from the square house.

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