Day 72

10:27am – Regina wakens, and makes her way over to the kitchen to start the day off. Patrick is already there, and asks her if she is going to go for a run. Reggie says “I can’t.” Pat says if they move something she will be able too, but still Reggie is undecided.

Over in the house, Anouska is out of the bedroom, moving straight onto the couch, grabbing a handful of M&M’s as she sits down. Back outside, Pat tells Regina that every lap she does will get rid of one of the M&M’s she had last night. Reg says she likes the old M&M’s. Pat says that if she doesn’t run, she’ll wander into the kitchen, and grab half a cupfull of them. She agrees. So is this a M&M’s advertising feast or what! Cut back to Anouska, still eating them on the way back to the bedroom.

Reggie tells Pat that her thighs are yuk, disgusting. Reggie calls out “Morning….Chrissie!”, the pause being because she forgot Chrissie’s name. Chrissie replies “Morning…..Reggie!” Reggie calls herself a lazy cow, and asks ‘what have I done to myself?’ Reggie suggests that she forget about fitness now, and just wait until she goes back to the gym. She does half a lap of the house, before deciding that she doesn’t want to run in those shorts. Reggie starts laughing for some reason!

11:09am – “Your belly button is halfway up your stomach. It shouldn’t be there” exclaims Reggie. Pat says “I’ll get it moved then!”He runs over to the kitchen windows to check how high it is – it looks quite normal to me. Chrissie says ‘we’ve become good friends haven’t we?’ The girls says how weird it is to spend soo much time with complete strangers. Comm break.

Regina is sitting on her bed, and opens a packet of Malteasers. She is thinking of who to nominate. Patrick comes in, and Reggie immediately asks him to take the chocolate away from her. Pat says he will put them in the kitchen. Reggie, is a cheeky, cute schoolgirl type voice says “I won’t eat them. I promise.” Pat comes out, and Anouska scares him by appearing on the stairs leading up the bedroom. Later, Chrissie gets onto her bed, and says to Reggie that this nomination is the worst ever. Reggie agrees. She says she has some ‘things’, but she doesn’t think they will be good enough. Chrissie suggests running it past BB to see what he says. Reggie says if BB says No, she has nothing to fall back on. Chrissie laughs.

3:08pm – Chrissie has decided she is going to cook dinner tonight. Dan and Chrissie are singing away, then start taking about the song. Meanwhile, Pat walks in and fills his glass of water. Once he leaves, Chrissie says she is nervous for Pat to eat it, because he might say he would have done it differently. Chrissie says she misses Cooking heaps, and could easily prepare and cook all day.

Later, when they are gathered around the couch, Anouska and Reggie have a competition to see how many M&M’s they can fit in their mouths. Chrissie counts Anouska, while Dan counts Reggie’s. Reggie is trying very hard not to laugh. Reggie gives up at 90, Anouska wins with 95. As soon as Reggie spits out her mouthful, she starts eating more. This girl is addicted!

8:28pm – Big Brother announces that all housemates are up for eviction. Chrissie and Reggie say it’s good, they got what they wanted. Daniel says “It’s strange though…” Anouska says that on Sunday, the whole house will be peeing themselves! Dan has had six nominations, the rest have had four. Anouska says Dan’s six might be a record for the whole world. Reggie suggests that they ask BB for some chewing gum so she can stop eating the M&M’s. Reggie thinks she has eaten 3000 M&M’s in a week. In the bedroom, Reg tells Chrissie she can’t eat them anymore. Chrissie says “that’s a wise move.” Chrissie can’t believe that Reggie can lift the huge glass jar of M&M’s in the kitchen so she can fill a cup or glass up at a time. She likens it to Mother’s having super human strength when their child is hurt. LOL, as Patrick walks out of the toilet, Reggie asks if he would mind if she asked BB if they could move the M&M’s to the diary room to stop her eating them. Pat doesn’t mind. As soon as she said that though, she says “Nah, I’ll put them in the storeroom.” Pat says thats an even better idea. Chrissie talks her back to the diary room though, saying she’ll be too embarrassed to go in there and get them all the time. Reggie says the amount she is eating at the moment is insane. Chrissie says they are addictive, but she has managed to go Cold Turkey. Reggie says she is very strong to be able to do that. Oh god, now she has changed her mind back to the storeroom. Comm break.

9:27pm – Reggie is talking to Chrissie. Reggie says that Pat is always quick with his nominations. Chrissie thinks that both Reggie and herself just don’t understand the process enough, and thats why they seem to falter every week. Chrissie says she’ll get out, watch some nominations, and say ‘Is that all you had to do!’ Reggie is fluffing herself on Vincent’s bed, and Chrissie makes mention how happy Vincent would be at her doing it. Anouska appears asking if they can smell something. Chrissie says she can smell dog poo. Reggie says it’s probably her farting. Reggie runs too the toilet, yelling out that she’ll wet her bed otherwise.

Meanwhile, Dan and Pat are sitting on the couch, listening to the bedroom. They say they are talking about girl stuff. Dan says that his nose is getting so cruisey, some bits are starting to think they live up there, and are hard to remove. Meanwhile, back with the girls, Anosuka has just told Chrissie and Reg that she thinks she might be pregnant. Reggie is envious, she wants to be young again, and madly in love. Anouska says it’s different with Adrian and Reggie. She would personally never marry someone who worked in the same profession as she did. Reggie admits she doesn’t want to go back to the shop, and wants to try to find something else. Chrissie says if she comes down and finds her in the shop, she will flick the closed sign on the door around and march Reggie out of there. Reggie says that everyone says she can do anything, but yet she doesn’t know what that something is. She says she wouldn’t mind being a cook, or a beauty therapist.

11:30pm – Reggie says to Patrick, beside each other in bed, that she never gets to lie next to someone and talk to them, because Adrian and herself go to bed at different times, or simply falls asleep. Pat seems shocked at this revelation. Reg says that Pat, just like Adrian, falls asleep on her. They chat for a minute, before Reggie says “Goodnight Patrick.” “Goodnight Regina.”

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