Day 71

It’s Sunday morning in the BB house, and first shots we see of the housemates are at 11:42am. Anouska and Pat are heading to the kitchen, along the way Pat telling Nush that he found heaps of bruises from his spa antics on the Friday night. Nush also says she is covered in them. Nush asks him if he wants a hand with anything, but Pat insists on cooking her breakfast. Meanwhile, in the bedroom, Vincent has just woken up. Back in the kitchen, Pat has decided to make Scrambled Eggs with a few things chucked in. Vincent tries to look over to the kitchen from the bedroom door, looking very sleepily and confused. At the kitchen table, Anouska says to Chrissie, “What should we do? Should we do something naughty!?” Chrissie just grins, before saying “You’re so bad!” Chrissie goes onto say she will have to shop around for an accomplice, because she is no fun.

Looking a lot better, Vincent starts to pack for the looming eviction. Anousk meanwhile, is asking Reggie now to accompany her in her evilness. Reggie brushes it off, saying she can cook something for her if she wants. Nush then pushes the issue, saying “Do you want to do naughty things with me?” With Nush giving up on anyone getting up to some fun with her, she retreats to the sun for some sunbaking. With Nush gone, Chrissie reveals to Regina “I can’t do it. I care too much of the rules.”

Later in the afternoon, Reggie and Chrissie sit out on the terrace with a glass of wine each. Chrissie says ‘what a ride’, and asks Reggie if she is getting choked up. In the kitchen, Vincent asks Pat if he thinks his time is up. Pat believes so, saying ‘3rd time lucky.’ Vincent thinks it might be him. Back out on the terrace, the girls make a pact that if they survive the eviction, they will tell Big Brother they can’t come up with any reasons for nominating. Reggie says it would be good if everyone was up. Chrissie says that would be to easy, moving onto say “They has to be some downside to living in paradise.”

At 7:45, everyone is gathered around the couch, and everyone says ‘good luck’ and their goodbyes. Reggie exclaims “I’m gonna cry!” Vincent says if he ever pissed anyone off, he didn’t mean it. Comm break.

At 8:08pm, Gretel announces that it’s time to go Vincent, and he quickly exits the compound. The remaining housemates all wave and yell after him. Pat goes and give Reggie a cuddle. Anouska is talking to Dan, and says that she is glad Reggie and Chrissie didn’t go. Dan agrees, saying it’s nice having them here. Reggie is saying to Chrissie that Vincent had a big week before he left. Chrissie puts her hands to her face, and exclaims “I can’t believe I’m still here.” Reggie says she was very nervous, her stomach ‘churning.’ Anouska, still talking to Dan, says that after Friday night’s spa, she is glad that Vincent left, saying that she ‘felt awkward around him.’ She also says that Vincent avoided eye contact with her. Chrissie tells Reg that Patrick thought that Vincent was going to be ‘the one.’ Chrissie goes onto say that Pat is really shocked, before saying to Reggie that she has no opinion of who ‘the one’ could be now. Chrissie says that no one left was really best mates with Vincent. Reggie agrees. They both call him the mystery man, not letting anyone in. Dan says knowing that everyone left is from the round home is a comforting feeling to have. He says he came in with Chrissie, so it’s especially nice to still have her around. They start talking about Reggie. Anouska says that everyone needs a Reggie, while Dan agrees, saying she is just soo genuine. Comm break.

At 8:45pm, Reggie and Patrick are sitting by themselves outside. Pat comments that it is ‘such a big place for so few people.’ They say ‘cheers’ to one another on surviving another eviction. In the kitchen, Anouska wants the fire on. Chrissie says that it’s an open fire, and you have ‘to build it all up.’ She admits she has no idea, and says that she should ask someone (Patrick) if he could help her. Dan however answers the call to light the fire, while Chrissie is basically left talking to herself in the kitchen saying “Can’t believe Vincent is gone.” Anouska then reveals to Chrissie that she hoped it would be him. All Chrissie can do is laugh! She goes onto explain she loves the two girls, and she had just found a connection with Patrick today, while the spa incident ruined the relationship Nush and Vincent had formed. Daniel, now inside, looking at the fire, is trying to find the lighter. Chrissie says Vincent would know, and before you know it Daniel is asking Vincent where the lighter is!

Back outside, Patrick asks Reggie is she really thought it would be her. Reggie says she thought it would be her or Chrissie; a girl. Pat reminds her that there is a maximum of two weeks to go. Reggie admits, laughing, that she ‘could stay here forever.’ Pat launches into a routine, saying “It’s time to go Regina.” He then follows up, saying “ah no, sorry. Think I’ll stay here a bit longer.” Reggie says she’ll look after the house, the lawns, the visitors that will come through. Reggie says this is her new home, and as long as they flew Campbell up (her dog), she would be right. When Pat asks Reggie about what Adrian would do, Reggie just laughs. Pat says he would probably get along with him really well. Reg agrees. Reg says Adrian is a great guy who deserves more than her. What a load of rubbish! Pat agrees, saying ‘NO!’ Pat says to Reg that she needs to just get rid of some stress. Reg says she is stress free in here. Pat adds afterwards though “Or, we could just stay here!”

Chrissie, in the kitchen, is preparing to make some mushrooms. She comments that Anouska is beautiful. She says thank you. Dan pipes in, saying ‘and you have such a nice rack!’ She asks Reggie and Pat if they want a hot drink. They both decline the offer, but ask about the potato gems. When she goes back into the kitchen, Pat says to Reggie that she is a such a nice girl (Anouska). Reggie says it’s funny, but she looks younger now than when she walked in, because she had a dress on. Pat agrees.

Soon enough however, Reg and Patricks’s conversation goes back to Friday night’s spa incident. Pat says he is starting to feel bad about getting drunk now. Reggie says ‘so you should!’ Pat says he feels bad because he was thinking ‘she is just a little girl.’ Reggie says that that night, Vinnie and Pat were acting like boys, with their little toy, Anouska. She goes onto say ‘tongue’s hanging down to your knees!’ Pat says that just because there is a beautiful girl here, doesn’t mean he likes her. He says he needs more than beauty. Comm break.

We rejoin the housemates gathered on the couch, waiting for Vincent’s video ‘will’ to appear. He says that he is obviously gone. He says to Reggie ‘you might be able to get some sleep now.’ He says he has never met anyone quite like her. He says to her to not let anyone say to her that she can’t do anything. Moving onto Patrick, he reckons that the two would be able to live together, saying Pat loves to cook, and he loves to eat. The housemates all laugh. He also loved listening to him playing the guitar, admitting that he got better over time. For Chrissie, he says she lights up the entire room. When he is down, just spending time with her made him feel much better. He says he loved her Apple Crumble, and will probably use her Apple Crumble to get him out of the doghouse once he gets out. Dan is next to be talked about. Vincent says Dan ‘would have to be the most sincere, genuine guy I have ever met. A gentlemen.’ He take some time to compose himself, then says that there will always be a place at his families dinner table for Dan when he visits. Vincent was quite emotional during this part of his speech, and Dan also had a tear in his eye. Chrissie and Reggie commented about how worked up Vincent got over saying Dan’s bit. Moving onto Anouska now, he says he has known her for 36 hours, then laughs. He says hopefully they both haven’t caused too much trouble, but then says that she did brightened up all their lives by walking through the doors. He will miss all of them, and ends by saying ‘it was an absolute privilege to call you guys my friends.’ Before I continue, can I just say WOW, what an awesome message. The best one so far, by far. They all sit around and say how nice that was. Dan says it’s nice to hear that kind of stuff, because sometimes you don’t know the influence you have on people. Chrissie says that she thought Vincent didn’t like her very much.

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