Day 72 Uplate

It’s started! Dan and Chrissie are talking in scottish accents, asking BB to turn the lights out! Anouska is also in bed, but we can’t see anyone else in the room. Mike comes on and says that WA, SA and NT residents can win some money tonight too.

Back to the house, Anouska is now asking BB to turn the lights out. Nush says she should go for a wee. Chrissie says it’s so bright in here. Chrissie then launches into song with Dan. No idea where Reggie and Patrick are for the time being. Anouska decides to go to the toilet. Just at this moment, the lights go out, and Nush says “oh, bollocks!” Nush goes on to say that Sleazy BB should come on and say “goodnight housemates’ to them all. Apparently they believe one of the BB’s are cute, but Anouska doesn’t agree, and is mocking them now. When Anouska leaves, she does a catwalk type walk, knowing that AJ and I are watching. Chrissie and Dan start singing “Wild Wild West.” Anouska returns, and immediately says “goodnight kids!” Dan and Chrissie are still talking about song lyrics being sent in emails or something.

Dan suddenly says he does a lot of ‘fake puking’ in here. He does the impressions, making Nush laugh. Meanwhile, Chrissie is up and has gone over to the bathroom. Dan know impressions a guy puking while having sex. He says you don’t know whether he is going to puke, or do something else. I’ll leave that there, use your imagination. Nush is still laughing her head off!

The are talking about a camera. Maybe it’s there task or something. Nush says they should bring the camera into the bedroom while people are asleep, and wake them up and immediately ask them ‘Do you have any comments about Carlo.” Dan acts out the responses, “What! I didn’t even know bloody Carlo. What the heck you on about.” Doesn’t sound as funny as it was for the TV audience!

Chrissie returns, an Nush just won’t stop laughing. Dan recalls the pukexual incident for Chrissie’s benefit. Nush wants to do the camera thing with the asleep people in the morning. Dan says that he wouldn’t want to be woken up by a camera. Chrissie suggests they stage the camera. They are talking about camera angles, and other stuff they can do to ‘play up’ with the cameras they have been given. They seem to all be enjoying discussing it, laughing quite frequently. The three are now in absolute hysterics, but are trying to keep the noise level down for the sleepers.

Mike comes on, and says that they are starting an overnight teaser for the other states from tonight, as well as the $2000 they regulary giveaway. Back to the action though now. Anouska is complaining about the amount of noise the camera operators or ‘demons’ are making latelty. She says she should go and talk to BB. LOL. Dan is just doing face movements and looks so funny. The other two are laughing. Anouska seems commited to finding a nickname for Dan. Chrissie says that Dan is just Dan though, you can’t call him anything else. They stop talking, and Nush and Chrissie start reading their books. Dan tries to fall off to sleep. It’s going to be one of those long boring Up Late shows I feel. First comm break appears.

Back with Mike, who says that he has Vincent’s legacy item. It was actually made by her sister. He goes through the brain teaser for tonight. I just called 4 times, and didn’t get through to leave my details once! Oh well. Back to the action anyway now, Chrissie still reading her book, Nush doing likewise. Mike comes on and welcomes us to the BB Book Club. He tells us about the popularity poll. Pat is on 2%, Regina is 53%, Daniel is at 17%, Chrissie is at 15% and Anouska is at 16% I think. Didn’t quite hear what he said. He again tells the joke telling people to stop SMS’ing his name for eviction. Comm break.

Mike goes through the brain teaser, and gives the clue. The teaser is on the last line tonight, where it is usually on the third or fourth line. Woah, panic in the BB studios. They cut Mike off mid sentence, and we now have the music, and the BB Logo on screen! We cut back to the house now. Maybe they sacked Mike mid sentence, LOL, no thats harsh. Anouska is still reading away, Chrissie doing the same. No sounds except coughing coming through, but just as I type, Chrissie whispers something like “It’s not loud Dan.”, to which he mumbles back. He seems to be coughing a bit more than usual tonight. Nothing else is said though. Mike comes back on and flashes the brainteasers onto the screen. It is a hard one tonight. He then goes onto talk about the logo’s for the phones, via the Official site. The website pops up, so Mike decides to have a little surf. Brain teaser number one is over. Comm break.

Back again with trivia dude! Michael from Nth Balwyn is the winner of the first $1000, and is planning to go oversea’s to London. He get’s it right, Gourmet. He hopes Reggie will win. Anyway, the camera game comes into the show now. Michael picks camera 13, the decking in the backyard. 18 is the second storeroom, which doesn’t get used now. Second game gets underway, which is easier; Wilson. Michael gets to go to bed, Mike finally ending the call, and then we shoot back to the house to see if any fireworks have been occurring while we were away. However, Anouska is still reading, while Chrissie is also still doing likewise. Time for another comm break.

Mike is back AGAIN! Shock horror! Anyway, he goes through the second game, giving a clue, a very very easy clue, which anyone could get, before he sends us back to the house. Dan and Chrissie are talking again! Chrissie is laughing as per usual, as Dan makes faces at her. Anouska, in the middle, is not paying any attention to them. Chrissie takes her mic off, then says goodnight to the other two. Chrissie then turns her light out. Anouska is asleep by the looks of it, thus she was ignoring the other two before. After a few more minutes, Mike comes back on, and….passes wind? Surely not LOL. He goes onto say hello’s to all the forum people. Cuts to a break after that.

Mike is back and goes through the same brain teaser again, giving the clue again. Back to the house we go now, where everyone seems to be well and truly asleep. How much fun is this!!! ROFLMAO!!! Anouska is sleep talking. She is laughing too herself, saying ‘we must be quiet.’ She is asleep though, well she was, maybe now awake. Mike comes on excited, retelling us all what just happened, before sending us back to the house. Silence for a little bit, before Mike comes back and says “No more calls!!!” Comm break.

Brain teaser time. Chris is in NSW, and sounds half asleep. He gets the money after answering correctly. He says he can retire now. Now, they are onto GAME THREE! New colours!!! Exciting stuff. Anyway, we go back to the house, where everyone, believe it or not are up and having coffee! No, I lie. They are all asleep. Although Chrissie just coughed and cleared her throat. Five minutes later, comm break.

Back with Mike again, who goes through brain teaser three! He gives a clue, and well lets see, the answer is …actually, I don’t have a clue, sorry! You’ll have to go to the BB website to find out, because it’s there apparently. Mike leaves us now, nite Mike! We return to the house though by ourselves, where someone is yawning. The rest seem to be asleep however. Minutes pass, and at 1:38am, Dreamworld says goodnight.

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