Day 23

6:08am – The houses have now been merged into one. Chrissie is up and wants to see what has happened. Ben just wants to sleep. Big Brother announces housemates may leave the bedroom. Housemates run out of both bedrooms full of gasps and screams, meeting in the middle of the house. Jo hugs Regina and Ben while Leah just jumps and screams on the spot in excitement. Chrissie and Ben hug, and she says its great to seem them again. The housemates mingle outside and all introduce each other. Saxon says to Jo that its very weird to be meeting like this. Leah has a look of shock on her face.

Some of the round housemates notice the hot tub and scream in excitement. Meanwhile inside Daniel and Chrissie are joking about the housemates, saying “I’m so happy, I’m so happyyy! I’m still asleep, but I’m happyyy”. Next the housemates are checking out the heated pool, and Saxon jumps straight in. Regina and Daniel have a quick catchup. She’s been yelling over the wall to Daniel, but he didn’t hear her. Regina notices that the showers have been removed… they wonder where they will wash. Chrissie says there might be a bathroom somewhere.

Later Regina explains Chrissie would have died if she had been around Carlo. Chrissie only knows him as the one they could always hear making noises over the wall. Chrissie says the other house sounded a bit crazy. Regina is so happy about the merge. In the kitchen Jo asks Vincent if he’s the resident chef. He says he’s the second in charge… the head chef was booted last night. Jo has already heard Saxon didn’t take it very well.

Regina is concerned about the two Ben’s she saw in the two houses. She explains to Chrissie how Ben changed… Regina was in shock. “He was so different… I’m confused I really am.. I can’t work out who’s the real person”.

10:09am – Vincent and Jo are having a chat. Claire told Jo that Vincent is the one she would want to meet. Vincent does the shy boy “aw shucks”. He says he spends his time making sure everyone else is alright. He has learnt in the house that he’s at his best when things are the worst with everyone else. Vincent thinks Ben is a strong person too… which reminds him “Hey guys, who is the alpha male?” Vincent yells. Leah puts her hand up “me”. No one else answers. Vincent asks Jo if she speaks Italian as well. She does some. Vincent picks something out of Jo’s hair. He looks very nervous trying to talk with Jo. She says something in Italian and Vincent immediately compliments her, saying “that proper Italian.. thats better than me!”.

Later Regina is talking with Jo and Chrissie about Ben’s evil side. Regina can’t work out which side of Ben is the real one. Chrissie says it’s bizarre. Belinda joins the conversation, and adds that Ben was pretty full on in the square house: “he was like a man times a hundred”. She says he was mean to Reggie 24/7.

11:54am – Claire and Vincent talk about Carlo’s departure. She didn’t think it would happen. Vincent thinks Carlo shot himself in the foot a couple of times… it was quite obvious. Claire wants to know if Carlo said anything when he left. Vincent explains Carlo went to leave before BB even finished talking. He also explains about Carlo not saying goodbye to Belinda.

12:56pm – BB says housemates may return to the bedroom. They run inside to see what has happened. They find the new bathroom joining the bedrooms. Jo screams in excitement. They are all happy about hot running water and doonas on the beds. Claire and Chrissie hug about the doonas. Leah is shocked. Vincent goes and lies on the new doonas.

Later Regina says she doesn’t want to sleep next to Ben anymore, much to his confusion. Regina dodges the question of why – she says he can go back next door, but Ben persists with the question. Regina keeps responding with “I just don’t wanna”. Eventually Ben says “well fucking say why you immature little thing”. There is an awkward moment.

1:24pm – Ben is annoyed at Regina from earlier while explaining the differences in the houses. He says that in the circle house it was rude to fart, but in the square house it wasn’t rude. If you’re a straight shooter you don’t do it some times… you do it all the time. Regina finds this comment amusing. Ben takes a few jabs at Regina, saying she’s playing the game well. Other housemates are sitting around but don’t dare say anything.

Ben: “She’s a tactician, her little brain just ticks”
Regina: “You reckon I don’t even have a brain so get fucked”
Ben: “No I said you had a brain it’s just fucking small”

Ben keeps taunting Regina and says she wouldn’t have survied without him. Regina is appauled and says she would have rather been on her own. Ben says without him she would have had no way to get the boys to like her.

Recap from the following day’s daily update:

Tonight’s update focused a lot on the round housemates. After Monday night’s nominations, Chrissie is upset about being unable to nominate properly and receiving a strike. She is in the kitchen crying. Jo comforts as best she can, as she can’t discuss nominations. Chrissie says “I feel like such a pussy”, but Jo tells her “you’re human”.

5:43pm – Daniel announces to the other housemates the planned dinner party for tonight.

5:56pm – Chrissie and Jo come inside from the kitchen. Ben tells them he only has four pages left of his book. He started reading it the first night he was in the house (alone). Ben asks about Chrissie’s dilemma over nominations. He relates to her situation (or so it seems). Chrissie then talks about the dress arrangements for the dinner party. She isn’t so sure the team will be able to find clothes that are suitable for her size and mood. Chrissie says she doesn’t feel like putting the effort into the party, and moves into the round bedroom.

7:13pm – Regina is worried about Ben’s split personality displayed when he was an intruder in the square house. Regina, Patrick (with Jo on his knee) and Ben sit around the table outside. Ben explains that the boys in the square house needed a strong influence. He didn’t want to clash with them so he wouldn’t be evicted last friday night. He says that’s the way he is: flexible.

7:42pm – Chrissie is upset in the bedroom. Jo and Regina comfort her the best they can. The conversation then moves onto Regina and Ben. Regina says she is overwhelmed with how Ben is acting, and has lost all faith in him. Her and Jo then explain to Chrissie what Ben told them outside. Chrissie is shocked, and says her skin crawls relising that some one is actually playing the game. Regina admits that while she was in the square house she even considered talking to Big Brother about how the guys were treating her.

The store room is open for the housemates to grab their costumes. Leah is excited and can’t wait to find hers. Chrissie doesn’t want to dress up for the night. The BB voiceover guy explains that the housemates gave their dress measurements to Big Brother before entering the house. Chrissie is not impressed by her blue sequined dress. Ben’s trousers don’t fit properly. Leah’s dress is on in a flash, and seems to fit perfectly. Jo mentions that she looks like a curtain.

8:28pm – Everyone sits on the new round couch to hear who the nominees are. Leah laughs, Daniel cracks a cheesey smile and Belinda starts giggling when they each hear they are nominated. Saxon doesn’t look so happy (maybe because Leah was nominated). Later, Leah is talking to Ben outside about being nominated, saying she’d love to know the reasons why people are nominating her.

8:47pm – Ben and Regina are talking outside. Ben tells Regina not to get involved in any house politics. Regina says that she doesn’t know who is genuine in the house anymore. Ben tells her that she’s the only genuine one. Watch Regina’s popularity skyrocket even further and Ben’s come crashing down.

Vincent proposes a toast to new friends. He is a lot more talkative and positive now that the houses are merged… and probably because Carlo is no longer there too.

10:25pm – Vincent is in the spa getting up close and personal with Jo. He gives her a seductive kiss on the ear. No more footage of this is shown… sounds like Uncut material to me!

10:55pm – Leah is talking to Saxon outside. She says that he’s not the same person she met at auditions. Saxon doesn’t know what she’s talking about and seems to be quite offended by her comments. He says that he’s being standoffish because he just lost his best mate in the last eviction. Leah says he should be able to talk about it with her. He doesn’t want to talk.

1:17am – Regina is exhausted and confused about her confrontations with Ben during the evening. She is in the round bedroom discussing it with the other housemates. Chrissie says he’s a chameleon by admission, to which Daniel agrees. Regina finds it hard after seeing both sides of Ben in the two different houses. Chrissie says it’s a shame their relationship had to suffer as a result of Ben’s dualistic nature.

In the square bedroom Ben is discussing the same thing with Jo and Patrick. He states that he adjusts accordingly to his advantage. He claims he wasn’t vulgar during his stay in the square house. Jo isn’t impressed, she says that he’s only caring about the game, not about being himself. Ben disagrees, stating that his changing nature is himself. He doesn’t seem to care after Jo tells him Regina is upset about this situation.

3:36pm – Regina is in the lounge room. She doesn’t want to sleep in the bedroom with Ben so she can think by herself. Jo helps Regina move the round couch around so she can lie on it. In the square bedroom, Ben thanks Saxon for keeping her out of the room. Regina lies in the lounge room thinking. Jo comes into the square bedroom to ask Ben what’s this all about. Ben keeps asking what Regina’s deal is, while not caring about Regina’s feelings. He says she’s being a fucking idiot.

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