Day 22

12:42pm – Carlo is convinced he will be evicted today. He says if Belinda goes to hug him when he is evicted, he will say “how dare you come close to me and ruin my fucking Big Brother experience by hugging me. Get the fuck away from me”. He continues to bitch about Belinda to no one in particular. Vincent listens on while he changes clothes. Carlo hopes if he is evicted Belinda is after him.

8:08pm – It’s time to go… Carlo. The square housemates go up to him. He hugs most of them. Belinda stands to the side not saying anything. Carlo does not acknowledge her at all. Tension grows and Carlo is obviously ready to leave, so he bangs on the doors, but he must wait until Big Brother finishes the countdown. By the time BB reaches “12” Belinda realises Carlo isn’t going to acknowledge her so she moves away from the pack and stands alone. Carlo goes nuts and “sprints” out of the doors. Saxon goes to the garden and sits alone, Regina asks if he is alright. Belinda, upset, says “he didn’t even say goodbye to me… no respect for anyone… thank god he’s gone”. She goes to the toilet and cries, muttering “no respect”. Regina comes to comfort her. Belinda explains she did nothing wrong, but Carlo wouldn’t even look at her… it’s not right. She says she tried her hardest to be nice to him… but he was really rude in return.

Saxon is still sitting alone in the garden outside. Belinda approaches and asks “you don’t hate me now that he’s gone”. Saxon says “no, its just fucked that he’s gone”. Belinda explains she’s upset he didn’t say goodbye to her, and that Saxon is lucky he got a goodbye… very lucky. Regina is uncomfortable and offers Saxon a hot cup of milk. Afterwards Ben joins Saxon. Saxon says “she (Belinda) is sooo fake!” and explains to Ben what just happened. He thinks she is playing the game, but Ben doesn’t think so.

9:34pm – Big Brother has told the housemates they must go to the bedroom so plumbers can come in and fix a big problem. The round housemates suspect something exciting is going to happen. While the square housemates go into the bedroom, Belinda thinks she smells pizza. Inside the bedroom they find a movie has been set up for them to watch while they wait.

12:44am – The movie is playing but the housemates are only concerned with whats happening outside the bedroom. Ben the detective says the plumbing in the house goes directly under the bedroom, not anywhere else in the house. Meanwhile the wall separating the two houses is being removed by a huge crane, revealing the outside kitchen and swimming pool. Ben already has some of the plan sussed out, and explains his kitchen theory to the other round housemates.

Later Leah says they are doing some serious work other than plumbing… if she can hear the tools they are using she will be able to tell because her Dad’s a builder and her boyfriend’s a plumber. She says “Big Brother always manages to get our hopes up and then nothing happens”.

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