Day 26

The housemates are all waking up to a new day in the Big Brother house. Regina wakes up the sleepyheads while Saxon goes for a morning jog around the backyard. Chrissie and Belinda are talking about Ben outside. Chrissie says that from now on she’s not going to listen to anything negative Ben has to say about her or other housemates. Belinda is glad she has taken this stance. Chrissie explains that Ben’s gossiping of other housemates throws her into crazyness. She states “who the fuck is he?” (Ben). From now on Chrissie is going on what she perceives as the truth. According to Chrissie, Ben’s is poisonous company.

1:45pm – Ben has slept in after gossiping about the other housemates into the early hours of the morning. He finally gets up to the delight of Regina. Outside he quickly talks to Saxon who tells him he’s on 390 laps of the backyard. Regina tells him he should stop otherwise he’ll get sick like Jo has. Ben isn’t impressed and says that’s only 20kms (like he can do any better).

Jo is visited in her sick bed by Vincent. She says she must look shocking. Back in the kitchen Ben is explaining how great it is that everyone is staying quiet, and suspects that Vincent is in with Jo giving “first aid”.

Saxon finishes before his 400 laps and Ben tells Saxon he knew he wouldn’t make it. Regina is more worried about Saxon becoming over-exhausted and sick. Later in the back yard, Leah starts bitching about other housemates again. She mentions two other housemates who were gossiping in the bedroom and woke her up.

2:45pm – Ben has gone into the bedroom to talk to Jo just after bashing Vincent for doing the exact same thing. Jo explains how her mother would care for her when sick as a child.

3:45pm – Chrissie is in the kitchen talking about how she hasn’t spoken to Ben at all today. She mentions that it’s only four days until she might be nominated. Belinda tells her to stop thinking that way. Chrissie explains she wants to go because she doesn’t like Ben at all. Claire says she stays blind to Ben’s workings. Chrissie says she would talk about it further but she’d probably get told off by Ben later on.

5:41pm – The weekly task is being judged. The housemates have to move into the diary room one by one to answer four questions about the other housemates. Before going in they have a quick birthday check. Belinda knows everyone’s birthdays exactly. Leah is scared because she can’t remember any birthdays. She quickly realises she knows a few and goes into the diary room.

Leah’s questions:
How old is Jo’s Brother? – Leah says 21, the answer is 18
Which housemate owns this toy? Ben, Daniel or Vincent (on screen picture) – Leah has no idea, the answer is Vincent.

Regina’s questions:
What is the name of Daniel’s sister? Regina answers Jodie, this is correct. Who is the owner of this baby dummy? Carlo, Clair or Vincent? (on screen picture). Regina answers Carlo, the answer is Claire.

Saxon’s questions:
Which housemate used to wear this? Belinda, Leah or Chrissie? (on screen picture). Saxon guesses Leah, this is correct.

Ben’s questions:
What is the name of Leah’s dogs? Ben answers Max, Miller and Wendy. Leah tells the others outside that he got 2 right. What is Claire’s favourite food? Ben answers Avacado.

No other questions are shown.

8:13pm – Chrissie talks to Ben after a day of silence. She comments on Ben’s answers saying it was the most entertaining thing she’s seen on television in a long time. She says Ben looked fidgety, like he was being interrogated. Ben claims he was relaxed. Chrissie says that Ben was in ‘official business’ mode. Ben obviously doesn’t like being analysed like this (of course, that’s HIS job to do) and looks uncomfortable.

8:45pm – The housemates are in the kitchen for dinner when Big Brother announces they have passed the weekly task. Everyone is excited and they all hug each other.

Even though the task if over, Daniel decides to tell the others a very personal story about his family. Before he starts, he tells the others that usually he gets an overload of sympathy, and he doesn’t want this from the other housemates. Daniel tells the housemates that his Mother died of stomach cancer when he was around eight years old. Regina and Chrissie begin to look upset. Daniel continues saying his Dad become very secluded afterwards. When Daniel was about 20 his Father started dating a really nice woman, but soon after was diagnosed with a terminal brain tumour.

Daniel said the hardest thing was watching some one die without being able to help them, except to fluff their pillow to make them feel more comfortable. He then jokes saying “god this is serious”, Ben laughs silently. Chrissie starts crying and apologises for the sympathy. Ben butts in telling Daniel it would be best if he finished the story. Daniel makes the point that on a Saturday his grandfather died, the same Saturday he was “rejected” from the Big Brother house, and on the Wednesday he was let in. Ben said it was better that he knew the story. Daniel gives him a strange look as if to say “what the hell is up with you”.

12:07am (first Big Brother typo for the season, they said PM). In the kitchen Chrissie mentions how sad Daniel’s story was to other housemates.

Bed Time. 1:37am – The housemates are all singing in the round bedroom with Patrick on the guitar. BB voiceover says a spirit of harmony has crept into the house after they all passed the weekly task. Everyone sings, except Ben, who lies in his bed, looking bored. Leah starts singing very loudly at one point and is clearly having a lot of fun.

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