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I’m sorry to say but I have only just started watching the episode tonight at 12:30am or so. Sorry for missing the first part, but I was stuck at work. Nevermind, moving on.

When I turned it on I found almost everyone out in the kitchen, making stuff to eat and just making conversation. Ben is absent from the group however. I did hear that Chrissie is in love with the name Regina, and is thinking of calling a future cat of hers that name. Regina just laughed.

Saxon asks Reggie where his cup of special milk is, and Reggie says “you said you didn’t want one!” They go back and forth saying ‘I did, I didn’t’ etc, and then Reggie keeps trying to give it to him. In the end, Saxon tells Reggie he was just pissing with her, but he did ask for one, and would like one next time she makes it. Thats ends the little standoff over the milk!

Saxon moves into the bedroom to visit Ben. When we join the conversation, Ben is talking about Chrissie and how cold the girl is. I think they are retelling the reaction he got last night when he went and talked about Reggie with them (see last nights recap.) Before long, they move onto talking about Daniel, and how hard his life must have been to date. For this weeks task, the housemates have had to basically reveal their life story to each other, and Daniel, who has lost both his parents, told his in the afternoon. He specificially said he was telling it just because he had too, and was not playing for the sympathetic votes. Chrissie got emotional during the story. Anyway, Ben says that while it is a sad childhood, they must all be aware to treat him as they have treated him thus far in the house, and the actions of all cannot change because of his past, revealing it today.

The camera’s then panned back to the kitchen, but there were too many conversations going on, and it was hard to concentrate. The trivia guy said that they were planning on having a group meeting soon to thrash out any arguments and tension in the house. He seeemed to think it would be tonight…we’ll wait and see.

Back in the square bedroom, Leah and Regina have joined Ben and Saxon. Regina passes wind, and Ben is onto it quicker than anyone, so he grabs her in a headlock type thing and trys to give back the nice smell, but in her face. I don’t think he achieives it! Soon they are talking about notes on the guitar or something, and Ben calls Pat in to find out the answer. The first thing Pat says is to be careful of the guitar, as he doesn’t want it broken… Anyway, it seems Saxon had the right notes, and Ben was wrong. Commercial break.

Trivia dude comes back, and gives the hint for the second brain teaser. He also trys a joke, saying in a sexy type voice “It’s 1am, give me a call!”, trying to take off one of those phone call services. Anyway, back to the bedroom, and it looks everyone is crowding into the square bedroom, almost all around Ben’s bed. Ben and Belinda are playing kick to kick along the corridor in the bedroom, while Saxon yells out to Vincent that he’s going to ask for a shower, for the reward they won yesterday or something.

Pat joins Leah, Claire and Regina in the bedroom talking, Regina saying that “Pat has joined the pussy club.” Ah, she’s a classic alright! Ben has gone out into the square living area, somewhere where we hardly see anymore. Vincent and Saxon are getting ready for their shower, so it looks like BB granted their request.

Jo and Ben have just been looking for the guitar pick, Reggie actually having it the entire time. Ben resumes his footy (AFL) kick to kick. Chrissie has joined the talk on the beds in the square bedroom, doing hair or something with Leah at the moment. Actually I jumped the gun it seems BB is doing maintence tonight, and they’ll be a lockdown, and so the showers can’t be used at the moment. The lockdown hasn’t started yet, as we go to another break.

Trivia dude starts talking absolute rubbish. He says BB has locked them down in their rooms, without them (the trivia dude and others in the BB compound) knowing what it’s for. Do they take us for fools!!! Anyway, he gives us the hint, and back to the action.

Reggie looks tired out, not talking to anyone, thinking to herself, for god sake BB, get these people out of my room, and let me sleep! A singalong is currently in motion, before they stop and try to get some guidelines in place for the singalong, What the??!!

Belinda and Saxon have moved into the round bedroom, but the singing is still very loud, almost drowning out their conversation. They sit on the bed together in silence, listenig to the song next door. Belinda gets up midway to join them, and Saxon just sits there by himself. They start the house version of “Tomorrow, I’ll love you” which goes “Tomorrow, I’ll kill you, etc, Close your eyers and I’ll kill you”. Jo goes back to her room, and has a laugh with Saxon as she keeps singing. She asks Saxon if it’s pajama time, to which he says yes. Who wouldn’t say yes! Commercial break.

Instead of MBFGL inbetween the daily show and the eviction on Sunday they are screening the show Idol: The Phenomemon. Just shows the international versions of Idol, and what the Aussie version will look like I imagine. Oh, nice, an 18 year old girl wins the $1000 for the night. But she said she might make her way down to the casino. Fool!!!!

Back to the house, Ben and Reggie are having a wrestle, laughing their heads off. He’s got her head inbetween his knees, and he won’t let her out. They finaly break away, before Vincent re-enters the room, and they all start pushing and shoving (the three of them!) Chrissie seems to be on talking terms with Ben, or is it just me. Everyone is in the room now, and a few are singing ‘Kombahyah’ or whatever it is. Jo just did something funny off camera, but they are all laughing. Chrissie says they should sing something new, and Ben yells out “Sweet child of mine.” Someone belts out the main line in that before giving up. Did Pat know how to play the guitar before entering? I didn’t think he knew much, but he’s ok, playing and singing at the same time at the moment. Never heard of the song, or it might just be cause of the groups bad singing! Commercial break :)

Back from the break, almost everyone is singing “You Better Come Home Soon.” Now that actually sounded quite good. The lights have been switched off as well. They are onto “You Will Never Meet Again”, also quite good job they are doing. Regina is talking over the top of it though, and Leah is yelling out for Dan now.

BB cuts away from the action, and we spend the next few minutes going round the backyard with the camera’s. Nothing happening out here. This has lasted for seven minutes now. They move inside the house, and so you can hear singing, but still just showing the inside of the house, and not actually the bedroom. Perhaps showing us one last look of it before they do something else to it….who knows!

In the background, “For the longest time” is being belted out by the housemates. I just can’t figure out why they have cut the bedroom feeds. And again, back outside. I’m waiting for the trivia guy to come back and tell us something, but unlikely, because he said goodnight after the trivia finished. Hmm, thats it, Dreamworld says goodnight.

Keep Looking for Warren,

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