Day 27

3:54pm – The housemates are all working on a craft task, until Saxon comes out of the diary room with some safety rules from Big Brother. Ben is not happy that a 19 year old is in charge of the rules. This really annoys Leah who says “where’s your fucking trust in young people you dickhead”. Ben is clearly beaten and says nothing.

8:09pm – Jo is talks about her relationship worries, then promises to do 400 laps of the backyard in the morning. Ben doesn’t believe her and says she’ll never do it. He then elaborates by saying that he watched her with Leah one time before and she was counting inaccurately while running laps. Jo says she really hates being called a liar, and goes outside. Saxon says that Ben will do anything for attention, even if he’s not right.

Jo goes into the kitchen and asks Leah if what Ben said was true. Leah says she had nothing to do with it, and it was all Ben and Saxon.

11:55pm – Leah is explaining that she has wised up to Ben’s bullshit. Belinda agrees. In the kitchen Saxon is bitching to Jo (again) about Belinda. He says her voice is like a four year old’s. Although he then states he will probably regret not getting to know her. He’d rather get to know Jo.

Belinda explains to Leah back in the house that Saxon’s attitudes are because of Carlo’s influence. She says that the first few days Saxon was in the house he was nice to her and they were beginning to get to know each other well, but then Carlo “grabbed him” and Saxon changed. Leah says she’s going to be pulled down by Ben because of his manipulations. Belinda says Chrissie suspected something was dodgy with Ben. Leah states she feels bad because she made presumptions about Chrissie based on Ben’s attitudes. She admits she hasn’t given Chrissie a fair chance.

1:31am – Ben explains why he likes to stir things up… because he is bored. He expects to leave the house within the next few weeks. He states he is bored shitless, and he won’t be sad to leave the house when the time comes.

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