Day 27 Uplate

Nearly 12:35am before BB Up Late gets underway, with the News and ST going way overtime. Gonna be near 3am before we get to bed tonight. Oh well, we’re underway for another night.

In the living room, we have Vincent, Belinda, Chrissie and others, haven’t worked out who, sitting around talking. Saxon goes and asks Ben (not in the room) if he wants to go into the spa, because they have changed over the water. Regina says to Ben that he shouldn’t go in cause he’ll cause it to go yucky again. Regina is in the living room too, with Patrick lying on her stomach/legs type thing. Leah and Vincent are chucking the small football to each other across the couch. Belinda is doing some kind of face treatment thing, cause her face is a light white.

They are discussing where they would go if they could go to a nightclub, or just out, in this Dreamworld area. Someone mentions the RSL, and this starts a great conversation about how good RSL’s are. (RSL stands for Returned Services League or something, it’s basically for older people, war veterans etc to get together, but nowadays every RSL has pokies and a place to eat etc, becoming quite trendy some of them) Belinda says the drinks are always quite cheap there, compared to normal nightclubs etc.

Jo is sitting near Chrissie, and is asking Saxon how she says ‘Pool’ and ‘Dance’. Whereas the normal way and the ‘posh’ way of saying it! Jo seems to say it the posh way, and she is blaming her parents. Still Vincent and Leah are passing the ball to each other, neither saying much at all. In fact, don’t think I have heard a word out of Leah yet. Just as I type, Vincent says he hates people saying “Pasta” the ‘Pas-ta’ way compared to the normal ‘past-a’ way. Daniel and Claire are also in the room, still no Ben though. Patrick has just walked through the group and is heading towards the spa or pool, I assume, because he has a towel. Daniel says he’s going to get into the pool as well, and he’ll ‘treasure’ it! Also of note is the fact Belinda has no shorts/pants on, only underwear (I assume, and sincerley hope!) and a long T-shirt.

Patrick still hasn’t headed outside as yet, maybe he is waiting for someone to join him out there. Trivia guy comes on and tells us whats been going on this evening before we got the telecast, filling us in that Leah, Belinda and Claire have all decided that Ben is manipulating all of the housemates and playing the game, and that they are not going to put up with it anymore. Also, they believe that Saxon is a bit fake too, perhaps because he still talks to Ben they are not liking him, who knows! Finally, he tells us that the showers (hot water) and the spa will be functional very soon, so we should see some action, rather than conversation, very soon.

They are asking Vincent whether the hot water will be on all night, or just for one hour, because they would all like to take a relaxing spa. Regina says to Vincent that he should go and ask his lover in the diary room (A female BB). Cut away from there, and we join Daniel getting into the pool, and saying how nice it is in there. Dunno if he’s talking to himself or not, couldn’t see anyone else in the shot.

LOL, a strange question to ask. Someone asks ‘Is this all the girls’, meaning is everyone sitting around the couch area. Let’s hope they all know each other at this stage. Jo says there is six girls, and 5 guys left. How observant she is.

Outside in the spa, Saxon and Patrick have gotten into it. They are talking to Daniel who is over in the pool. Ben comes out to see if it’s warm yet, but he still has his clothes on. Ben starts bagging the woman BB, saying they are giving a woman a man’s job. He says that it took her 20 minutes to decide whether she could give them all hot water. He then moves onto say there are too many Indians and not enough Chiefs.

Trivia dude of course has had a big night, as he was on the Insider at 7:30pm. He comes back on just as Ben rejoins the woman inside. Perfect moment to cut to trivia dude so we couldn’t hear, damn you trivia dude. And for you wondering who trivia dude is, of course it is Mike Goldmen.

Chrissie is talking about all the girls coming down to Melbourne for the Spring Carnival, and they can just be themselves completely with no camera’s around. Someone yells out that they are approaching the start of Week 5, which starts on Sunday. Chrissie says why are so many still here if it’s going to be Week 5 on Sunday. Double Evictions must be planned my girl!

Back outside to the boys, and the talk is about nothing in particular. All 3 boys, Sax, Pat and Dan are in the pool now, and Saxon saying that it really is quite warm. Ben is outside with them, but I haven’t seen him yet. Oh god, don’t worry about me, he’s in the pool hehe. They are talking about the warm jets or something, Ben and Saxon are trying to find them, while Pat just swims, and Dan is by himself over the other side not saying much.

Regina has come outside with some of the girls, and they instantly say that Bobby and Saxon look like they are standing their weeing. And it really does look like Benny is, although I’m sure he’s not. Soon after that, we have our first commerical break for the night.

After trivia dude has done his stuff, he tells us there are 42 minutes of hot water left. Anyway, back at the house, Jo is talking to Chrissie and Belinda in the kitchen. They are talking about someone, no idea who, who always wants to touch their special place down below (Male.) I dunno if it’s more Ben bitching or not, but most of the girls have now made their way to the kitchen and are discussing this. Vincent is in their now, and mentions Carlo, but they couldn’t have been talking about him, because half the house never saw him. Leah seems awfully quiet tonight. Someone mentions Daniel’s name, so maybe it’s him they are talking about. Whoever, they are all laughing their head off.

Vincent doesn’t really seem like a blokey kind of guy does he. I think he would much rather hang around the girls, like he’s doing now. They are making themselves a cup of tea or coffee, something like that. Another break.

Back in the kitchen, they are talking about scratching in certain places, to which Leah says she does when she has had lots of sex the night before or something, and Reggie chips in with ‘Oh, I never do that!’ Daniel is lonesome in the shower as we cross to him, standing under the shower nozzle thing, but it’s only dripping out. Weird stuff. He turns one on harder, turns it off, and goes to the next one. Got no idea what he’s doing.

Patrick joins the crew in the kitchen, and then tells Ben that there is 10 minutes left of hot water, by the oven clock. He sits back down and Jo, Chrissie and Vincent are discussing whether it is more cost effective for people to get drunk using spirits or beer. Pat asks whether it’s through a drive through drink at a party type one, or at a pub, to which he says it’s way cheaper to drink Beer at a pub. Another ad break, quite a few tonight. It’s been on for almost an hour so far tonight. It’s a wonder they are all still up, seeing it’s 1:30am.

LOL, the trivia dude just told the girl who got through that she was wrong, and then I had to turn around to watch. Of course, he was only joking…so that was funny, NOT!! Back at the action, Daniel is walking around the kitchen with a big aeroplane thing, making sounds. Weird boy that one!

Out to the square bedroom, and Ben and Saxon are talking about girls and how they are the complete package if their family is also great. Ben says his girl is the complete package. Saxon says he has found 2 girls so far, but they were when he was 18 and 19. They move onto saying that Belinda is getting too confident and happy. Ben says that she suggested to him today that he was unhappy to find that he is happy since the merge. He tells Saxon that for his BB profile they ‘made’ him say that sentence that was “i’m a manipulater, instigater etc”. I can’t remember the rest of it, but it was a line that got a lot of attention that first night from fans.

It’s almost 2am, and I’m absolutely tired out, so I’m just going to go to bed and watch. If anything major happens, I’ll post something in the morning, but other than that…

Keep looking for Warren,

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