Day 28

1:39pm – Leah reflects on the coming evictions and makes ammends with Chrissie in the kitchen. She is upset that she might get evicted and feels like an idiot because of Ben’s actions. Leah threatens to spill all the beans on Ben if she is in fact, the next housemate to go. Chrissie thinks that what Ben is doing is sick, and will have nothing to do with it.

5:20pm – Chrissie tells Belinda that she’s had the best couple of days in the house. Belinda on the other hand, has been bummed by Saxon but won’t say his name. She states that anyone could go tonight. Patrick puts things into perspective by explaining a meteorite could hit the house and everyone would go tonight.

6:53pm – Dinner time. Ben is hogging the salad and Belinda whips it off him from the dinner table. Ben is pissed. Belinda defends herself by saying she’s allowed to be rude because rude is all the other housemates get from him. Ben tries to mouth off but Belinda just comes back by stating she’s sick of being careful in the house. Regina breaks the ice by telling Ben to eat slower.

7:37pm – Ben goes to bed alone leaving the others in the kitchen to clean up. Regina goes to get him and calls him the loser after his encounter with Belinda earlier. Ben is really angry because of Belinda and calls her a fucking idiot. Regina tells him to shutup because he doesn’t even know Belinda.

11:02pm – Leah is making friendship braclets as a gift to all the housemates incase she leaves on Sunday night. Saxon helps her. Leah says she’s changed her mind over leaving the house, she now wants to stay.

11:45pm – Bedtime: Dan and Belinda go to bed first, even though they are nominated. Leah stays up for the night.

2:52am – Leah is reading on the couch.

4:43am – Leah is brushing her hair.

5:33am – Leah is walking around the pool.

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