Day 29

Eviction footage from Sunday night. Leah is shocked and excited about her eviction. The housemates lead her outside, they all exchange hugs and kisses, and Leah leaves the house. Saxon walks away looking annoyed and sad. Chrissie looks relieved that Daniel wasn’t evicted. Daniel hugs Belinda congratulating her on not being evicted. Claire and Saxon both didn’t want Leah to go and hug each other in comfort.

In the bedroom Belinda states she’s ready to go for another week.

Outside Ben is saying he did not expect Leah to go. Belinda is looking sad but relieved. Saxon says it’s weird now that Leah is gone. He then proceeds to bitch about Belinda, yet again. He says the show is gay because the audience didn’t vote out Belinda. He says “I hate the fact that Belinda is still here”. Belinda senses that some of the housemates wanted her to go and discusses it with Daniel.

Meanwhile Saxon are talking about evictions.. or should I say BITCHING about evictions? Ben and Saxon whinge about how Belinda is looking happy and how she will ‘trip up’ sooner or later. They then explain to Regina that they are the sitting ducks in the hous. Ben thinks all the housemates are fake, he then proceeds to “analyse” everyone pointing out their flaws.

8:42pm – In the loungeroom Ben tells some of the housemates that he’s ready to leave, but first he wants to piss off as many people as he can.

Meanwhile the others are in the ktichen, discussing how the eat sign has been changing colours.

Back in the lounge Ben says the other talking makes him sick. Later Jo goes into the house and Ben attacks her with a ‘fence sitting’ analogy which Jo doesn’t understand. She then explains it to the housemates in the kitchen. Jo wishes that Ben would just shutup and not saying anything in the house. Vincent says he understands the analogy, explaining that Ben is attacking anyone who is trying to be friends with everyone (sitting on the fence). It seems you are either with Ben or against him.

Later Patrick brings the others into the kitchen. They question Ben what he means by his analogy and he just rambles on about nothing. Chrissie doesn’t understand Ben’s bullshit. The tension is broken by Chrissie bringing out her apple crumble that she just finished baking. Everyone immediately focuses on the crumble and commends Chrissie on such a great job she did. Ben looks pissed off that attention has been taken away from him.

After eating a slice of the apple crumble, Ben goes back in the house alone and reads a book in bed.

10:39pm – Vincent tells Jo that she supersedes his dream girlfriend Venus. Jo says Vincent is just buttering her up. Vincent then leaves the kitchen saying he can’t speak to Jo. He then comes back in a few minutes later explaining that what he said was supposed to be a compliment. Outside Patrick and Saxon are singing very loudly (and badly).

The boys are talking about Jo. Vincent says that Jo has all the qualities he admires. Jo walks up and asks them what they’re talking about. When she learns they’re talking about girls, she offers to go inside.

Jo goes to bed, leaving Vincent looking lovestruck. In the square bedroom Regina fixes up the sheets in Ben’s bed. He tells her to fuck off, but then realises what she’s doing and thanks Regina. Belinda asks Ben is he’s upset about Leah leaving the house. Ben says he’s not going to be losing any sleep over Leah’s departure.

11:49pm – In the round bedroom Daniel is providing some comedic relief by showing funny body positions. Jo, Chrissie and Saxon can’t stop laughing.

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