Day 30

Special hour long episode of Big Brother tonight after very heated arguments in the house the night before.

The show begins in the morning, 11:48am the housemates are organising their weekly shopping list. Chrissie is asking about how many yogurts they should purchase. Ben is called to the diary room to get a pen to write the list. When he comes out he tells a few housemates in the lounge room that they have 35 minutes left. He then goes outside and tells the housemates who are organising the list that they have 15 minutes left. They are angry and states it’s not fair they have less time.

Later Ben is bitching about Belinda to some of the other housemates. He says Belinda is a fuck. Regina tells him to shutup. Ben wants lots of meat and beer ordered in the shopping list.

Later, Regina, Jo and Chrissie are in the kitchen discussing Ben. Chrissie is not impressed at all over what Ben has been doing in the house during the last week. They all agree that he’s trying to play the game, but don’t understand why he stirs people up on purpose. Jo is shocked to learn that Ben has been saying things about her behind her back. Jo asks the other two what he’s been saying, but Regina won’t say anything. Chrissie explains how Ben had been playing Leah before she was evicted and how Leah realised what was going on at the last minute. Jo says she thought Ben was her friend but she was mistaken.

Belinda walks into the kitchen and Jo asks her what Ben has been saying about her. Belinda has some ideas and explains that Ben thinks a “certain housmate” is using her sexual appeal. Jo is shocked and tells Belinda not to go on. Chrissie repeats that Ben thought she was fake and thought that Dan was a psycho.

The housmates are waiting for their nominations to be announced. It’s Ben, Belinda, Saxon, Vincent and Chrissie. Later Ben is talking to Saxon saying that if it was the Melbourne Cup he would be putting all his money on his own eviction. Saxon says that he would be second on the wanker list.

The housemates are creating theories over why there are five nominees. Saxon thinks there may be a double eviction (how close to the truth he is). Ben says he can’t wait to leave the house. In the kitchen Belinda is saying there must be something wrong with her because she keeps getting nominated. Jo says there’s nothing wrong with her, Chrissie says she shouldn’t worry. Belinda says she knows who’s nominating her.. the “devil man” of the house.

9:19pm – The housemates are sitting having dinner. During the preperation of the dinner, Ben calls Jo two faced. Jo leaves the dinner table, clearly upset. Ben tries to defend himself by saying he was actually saying “if I was to call you two faced I would do it to your face”… you can interpret that either way you want.

9:22pm – Vincent goes to the bedroom to comfort Jo and close the bedroom door so the housemates in the kitchen can’t see what’s going on. Jo is very upset and can’t stop crying about how Ben has been treating her. Vincent says that when he first heard about her in the square house the slate was clean, and Ben wasn’t saying anything bad about her back then. Jo gets so upset it is hard to understand what she says. She eventually says that Ben is no longer one of her friends.

Ben is in the kitchen eating. Saxon thinks that Ben should have gone to talk to Jo. Belinda says that if she was Jo she wouldn’t want Ben talking to her right now. Ben says “give me some fucking credit” and continues to defend himself. Belinda argues with Ben about it saying that some people can’t take his jokes. Ben just ducks and covers himself with his usual ambiguous comebacks such as “oh yeah you think that don’t you”. Belinda has to leave because she can’t finish her dinner with Ben in the room. Ben just closes the door behind her and says nothing.

In the round bedroom Belinda tells Vincent and Jo what happened and begins to get upset along with Jo. They then discuss why Ben likes to insult the other housemates and stir up trouble. They don’t understand why he likes to do it. Vincent tries to calm them by saying they shouldn’t get worked up about what he’s doing.

Meanwhile Chrissie is asking Ben why he’s such a troublemaker in the kitchen. Ben says he wants to stir up trouble for the sake of it. Chrissie doesn’t understand where he gets off doing this, and the argument becomes more and more heated. The other housemates try to carry normal conversations in the background while Chrissie and Ben are at each other’s throats. Ben says he doesn’t want to talk about it anymore. Chrissie is NOT HAPPY at all and starts yelling that he’s sick and a coward.

In the bedroom Jo and Belinda agree who they can and can’t trust in the house. Again Vincent tells them to forget about Ben.

Chrissie asks Claire if she finds being called ‘two faced’ an insult. Claire doesn’t want to have any part in the argument. Ben states that Chrissie is asking it in a completely wrong context. Chrissie gets really really mad, calling Ben cowardly and stupid. Chrissie yells (almost screams) at Ben asking why he manipulates and stirs trouble. Ben can hardly get a word in because Chrissie tells him to shutup numerous times. Ben then eventually dodges the argument completely and starts attacking Chrissie asking her why she didn’t bring this up with him earlier.

Chrissie goes to leave the kitchen but Ben butts in calling her two-faced because she’s suddenly leaving. Chrissie turns back to Ben and yells at Ben saying her and the other housemates can’t see the point as to why. She then tells him that he’s hurt Jo, Belinda and Leah. Ben says she must be lying about Leah because Leah has been evicted. Chrissie tells him to think again after all the bullshit he told Leah before her eviction. Chrissie says that’s why she’s only said a few words to him all week. Ben says in that case it’s been the best week he’s had in a long time. Chrissie said it was even better for her. Chrissie leaves. Ben says “That’s it”.

Chrissie moves into the bedroom and explains to Jo, Belinda and Vincent what just happened in the kitchen. Jo and Belinda are happy that she finally confronted Ben about it. Chrissie says she’s too furious to cry. Vincent tells them all to forget about it because Ben is just feeding off their reactions.

Vincent then goes into the kitchen and asks Ben what he did to make all three girls move into the bedroom. Ben turns around and says it’s Vincent’s fault: they only started moving in there after you went and comforted Jo.

Ben decides to have a spa bath with Saxon. Saxon tells the other housemates that he’s having a spa so they decide to join him, not knowing Ben is there too. When Ben finds out that Saxon told the others he’s mad. Belinda says she’s not going in the spa with Ben there. Jo tells Belinda that she can’t let Ben rule her life, and eventually convinces her to join them.

In the spa Ben says nothing to Jo, but because of the spa motor you can’t hear what he says. Anyway Jo ignores him. Ben is not saying anything to the other housemates. In a short while Belinda can’t handle it and decides to get out. Ben is still saying nothing. Belinda goes into the bedroom and tells Chrissie that she’s just going to go to bed. Belinda says she doesn’t want to get angry because when she gets angry she is a very nasty person. They both discuss Ben further and Chrissie says that they didn’t get any real answer from him, because he’s too stupid to tell them.

10:23pm – Claire goes to the dairy room to complain about Belinda and her threats of physical violence against Ben. She asks Big Brother if he heard, Big Brother responds with “Big Brother hears everything”. Claire doesn’t like the threats of violence and doesn’t think that it should be happening, despite the circumstances. Claire pauses, clearly upset about the situation in the house. Big Brother tells her not to worry, as he will deal with it.

In the spa Ben starts talking to Patrick, even though he had been insulting Patrick just days earlier. It seems Patrick is the only one who will listen to Ben at the moment.

11:35pm – Belinda is called to the diary room. Big Brother asks her about the threats, but she can’t really remember making them. This Big Brother is Peter Abbott (eariler it was another operator). BB asks her why he shouldn’t give her 2 strikes. Belinda doesn’t see a reason so BB gives her the two strikes (3 strikes and you can be kicked out). Belinda says maybe she shouldn’t be in the house because of this. She leaves and tells the others.

Big Brother calls in all the housemates and explains why Belinda was given two strikes. After the others leave, Ben stays behind and asks Big Brother whether the threats were made against him (BB wasn’t to specific with the group). He asks whether he should be alert while he’s in bed incase something happens to him! Big Brother tells him not to worry. At this point Ben has started to realise his behaviour is having serious concequences.

Saxon talks to Belinda in the bedroom, reffering to “the incident” that was revealed in the square house earlier in the series. He says that that incident has been troubling him ever since and he’d like to talk about it with her the next day. Belinda says she would be glad to talk because she’s been worried about it too.

12:34am – Saxon talks to Vincent about Ben. Saxon admits he feels like a pushover and he immediately associated himself with the alpha male of the house, but now sees that it was the wrong person to follow after. Just like Leah he admits that Ben was the wrong person to ally with. Vincent says that just because ‘some one’ has an opinion on some one else, you don’t have to agree.

Later Patrick gets into Jo’s bed too see how she is. Outside Ben is wondering if he went too far tonight. Surprisingly, Vincent tells him he hasn’t.

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