Day 30 Uplate

Ben and Patrick are talking about how to perform a song or a play or something which I imagine is the task for this week. I haven’t seen the daily show or nomination show yet, so I dunno whats going on, but I think they are discussing this week’s task. They are in the spa, while everyone else must be inside I imagine. They are having a conversation about Chrissie and how see doesn’t see Ben correctly, she see’s him as a man capable of getting that fired up that he would raise a fist. Ben says he would never do that. They move onto talking about how they miss the simple things that we take for granted on the outside world, in their example, phones and email.

Mike (trivia dude) comes on and WOW. I missed a lot! A huge fight, the biggest you’ve ever seen, was on earlier, and Mike tells us to watch the daily show tomorrow for more details. Ben bought Jo and Belinda to tears, and Vincent went to calm them down, before Chrissie launched her assualt onto Ben. This might be a very interesting Up Late show!!

Ben seems the same though lol. I didn’t notice that there had been a big fight, he is acting as if everything is normal. Apparently also the ‘incident’ might have been bought up again, because Belinda apparently scared some people tonight. Anyway, back at the spa, Ben and Pat are getting out and dying off. Interesting times ahead!

Vincent is waiting to go into the diary room, and Pat goes to his bedroom, Ben goes the long way to his so as to not run into the other people. And then BB cuts to an outside shot. Interesting stuff! We can hear loud yelling coming from the house though, which makes me think they are saving it for the show tomorrow night. Grrrrr, I think something really good is happening and they just won’t show us. It’ll be interesting what rubbish trivia guy gives us to explain. This could be the shortest recap ever. BB Up Late guy doesn’t give us any information, just telling us what he already heard before.

LOL. He gives us quotes from the house.

Ben to Chrissie: “If you’ve got something to tell me, tell me.”
Chrissie: “Haven’t you realised I’ve only said 5 words to you all week.”
Ben: “Well it’s been the best week of my life.” LOL. Hard hitting stuff. He crosses back because he thinks there is some action going on, but of course we’re still on the outside camera’s. Apparently, they are all in the diary room, but I doubt thats true.

The trivia guy tells us that Leah is there, but it’s actually Leah’s doll. Damn pain in the neck that guy! He’s talking rubbish about the OS to fill in time. They will surely take a break soon enough. He goes through the popularity ratings, telling us Reggie is on top. He then says, no kidding, call me trivia dude LOL. I’ve been calling him that for the last week now. I’ll keep calling you that too Mike, since you asked!

Back to the house, well the backyard, and still no action. OOOh Vincent and Claire I think make there way from the house to the kitchen. BB doesn’t follow with the camera’s. Now they do. They make a Milo or something, and talk aout making it. Talk about the fight damn you people!! Claire says that she cleaned the kitchen totally last night, but then said she doesn’t care about cleaning back in the house, but likes the kitchen, so she’ll clean that. They go through with other housemates want coffee and tea or milo, before we cut to our first commercial break.

When we return, Pat has joined Claire and Vincent in the kitchen. Taking their time getting coffee’s etc if they are taking some back to other housemates. Anyway! Pat says everytime he goes to talk about something, he realised just before he says it that he isn’t allowed to discuss that topic. Claire starts saying that Pat will get absolutely loved with huge amounts of people wanting to see him and speak to him. Pat says Saxon is one that will, to which Claire agrees.

Apparently Belinda said earlier in the night she wanted to kill someone. Just popped out, you know as some people say it in normal speech. Apparently it freaked a few people out, and BB asked her to make it clear to the housemates that it was a figure of speech, and that she was not actually wanting to kill anyone.

They look to be almost ready to return to the house with the coffee’s. Just then, trivia dude comes on and gives us the first brain teaser. He repeats that their was a huge fight in the house earlier, and that it’ll all be shown on the 7pm show.

Anyway, back in the square bedroom, Ben is talking to Reggie. All seem good between these two. Dan is there too I think. Before I can confirm we have a break, the first ad being the blossoming love between Vincent and Jo!

Back to the trivia guy who gives people a clue, before he sends it back to Saxon and Vincent who are talking to Belinda. Saxon seems genuine when he says that the incident three weeks ago did stuff him up, he got upset, but now it’s time to move on, and he wanted to tell Belinda that it did stuff him up, but now he wants to move on, and doesn’t want it to be bought on again. Belinda says that she is grateful that Saxon has said this to her. They say they will discuss the issue more tomorrow. Saxon and Vincent leave the room. Claire, Pat and Jo are talking about “Koom-Bah-Ya.” They (Pat and Jo) are lying saying they never sung it, while Belinda says they thought they could hear it though the walls when the houses were 2. They certaintly did it one night, cause I remember writing about it. Anyway…

Saxon and Vincent are talking about Dan I think over in the ktichen. They are saying how smart he is, because it’s like 20 to 1, and he gave Saxon a logical and brilliant answer to a question. Quickly moved from that camera, to the conversation between Dan, Ben and Reggie talking about tax and earnings. Saying he earnt (Dan) $250 a night being Ace Ventura at some place. Ad break.

Daniel comes back to the round room, and does a silly little act which gets everyone laughing, while trying to be quiet. Back to Saxon and Vincent, Saxon saying he asked Big Big Brother if there was going to be a double eviction soon. BB said to him, “Saxon, Stupid Question.” They are talking about the task, and saying it’s good, cause they don’t have to be themselves.

They move onto say that both Vincent and Saxon have seen all of the ‘incident’ incident, and that they are only ones which know the truth. They have forgotten about Claire! Anyway, I think they are talking about Ben, saying he likes to shit stirr, but if you stand up to him and make it known to him that you don’t want him to do something, he will back down. Vincent is saying all this. Vincent says they wouldn’t have put Sax in there if they think he couldn’t handle something. Saxon says that he can talk to him anytime he wants, but says that talking to Carmel is good too. Carmel puts his mind at ease, Saxon says. Just as they go to a break, Saxon says “I’d love to know how they put this to air.” You and me both buddy :)

Trivia dude tells us that the new task is the BB Musical. Awesome, should make for some good television. Back in the house, Jo and Pat are lying together on one bed, while Pat strokes her hair, Jo says she is a sooky la-la. Haven’t heard a word out of Chrissie tonight, haven’t even seen her, but then again, it’s pretty dark in that room. Saxon has joined them, and is looking at one of Jo’s photo’s I think. They are talking about one of her friends, saying that she is pretty or something. LOL, he tells Jo that she looks younger in a photo, but not in ‘a hair sense, but in a whole sense.’ Coming out with that kind of comment gets laughs all round. Saxon immediately says “God, I must sound like a dickhead!” They keep talking about Jo’s friends for a bit, before another break comes on.

Back in the round bedroom, Jo says that she is not comfortable going nude, but says she respects anyone that can. Saxon says to her to not be alarmed if he is in the shower naked, and she walks in, it’s just he wants to feel that he is at home.

They move onto say that they should get some glow in the dark stickers and stick them on the ceiling. That would go down well with BB. Jo is still preoccuppied that her man will leave Jo over her one night with drink with the spa and pool. For god sake grow up girl! Jo suggest that they have a mock debate in the house to pass the time. Pat says he wouldn’t want to debate Jo. And another break.

Back again with Jo, Pat and Saxon, with Saxon playing with one of Jo’s things out of her bathroom bag, and being Sax, he breaks something out of it, and apologises a few times. They are thinking that Jo can be Saxon in the musical, and Saxon can be Jo. Jo says that she can do Saxon’s makeup. The continue playing through Jo’s cosmetic bag, Jo showing him (Sax) what certain things do. She is putting some kind of stuff onto Sax, and they start laughing. Chrissie wakes up or something, and can’t believe how good the lipstick looks on him hehe. Now they are going to use a curler on him, Saxon saying “Whats a curler!” Chrissie suggest that Saxon do it himself, because they might pinch an eyelid, Saxon replying “Pinch it, I don’t care.” A lot of quiet laughing from these 4 at the moment. He has a look at himself saying “Oh My God!” Jo keeps saying how pretty he looks. Commercial break.

Still we have Jo applying makeup to Saxon, who suggests that all this is just practice for the musical. They are saying that he can wear her bikini and her white robe for the performance.

Saxon asks Jo to cut back on the “your so pretty comments.” Chrissie chimes in with ‘but you are so pretty.’ Claire even says how good he looks. Saxon is feeling his manhood is disapearing. Chrissie asks if he looks like his mum with makeup, and while laughing, Jo says “he’s so pretty, and beautiful.” Saxon walks away, but comes back and shows them what he looks like, and they both start laughing again. Claire asks BB to turn off the lights in the bathroom.

Saxon can’t believe that girls go to so much trouble just to go out. Chrissie says that she is laughing because she sees a women’s eyelid on a mans face. Saxon says that Jo didn’t brush her teeth. Saxon puts something over his mouth and nose, and asks the girls if he looks like a chick. Saxon asks Pat if he would hit on him looking like that, but before we get the answer, Dreamworld says goodnight.

Keep looking for Warren,

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