Day 31

Jo and Belinda are reflecting on the happenings of last night. Ben asks Vincent if he disgraced himself last night. Vincent doesn’t think so. Chrissie asks the others if they would like curry for dinner, just in case her cooking is the reason she was nominated this week.

3:37pm – Ben and Jo finally sit down and talk about what happened last night. Ben says he doesn’t want to have this chat, but Jo insists. Ben says at no time did he say derogatory things about her. Jo doesn’t really believe him and says that he is no longer being loyal to her. Jo starts to get upset but Ben says she’s blowing it way out of proportion. Ben says that if some one else called Jo a mole he would tell them they don’t even know her. EVEN THOUGH last night Ben called Belinda a fucking idiot to which Regina said “you don’t even know her” he said he didn’t care. Jo and Ben say sorry and hug.

5:49pm – Jo confides in Vincent in the kitchen. Vincent says that Jo is too trusting and too nice, she gives away too much which allows her to get caught up in Ben’s stirring. Vincent then says it’s this quality of Jo which is what he loves about her. Vincent says he’s quite the opposite, only giving away parts of himself in small packets, and to only specific people, like Jo.

In the bedroom Saxon is saying casually that everyone has had problems in the house. Belinda agrees with him, but tells the others she’s done everything she wants to do in the house. Saxon says “what about having sex?”, but Belinda says she never planned to have sex in the house.

In the kitchen Jo thanks Vincent for their talk. They then talk about how they’ll be exchanging SMS’s when they come out of the house. Vincent says message about a “certain thing” and meet up. What could they mean!?

7:40pm – Belinda goes into the diary room, casually telling Vincent that she will see him soon, hopefully. In the diary room Belinda tells Big Brother she wants to leave the house. She apologises for last night, but Big Brother asks if the issue is broader than just last night, she says it is. Belinda says it all comes down to the negativity the house. In this environment she can’t get her head around the hurtfulness, and out of this she has found a lot of anger in herself.

She does however, say that the experiences has been mostly positive and constructive. She says she doesn’t want to go back out to say goodbye to the others because she doesn’t want to make them to think it’s their fault.

8:43pm – The housemates are preparing for their weekly task, which is a musical. They are unaware Belinda has been gone for quite some time. Big Brother then calls them all into the diary room. They then begin to wonder where Belinda is. Jo can’t see her through the window in the diary room door. They know something not good is about to be announced. When they are all in the diary room Big Brother tells them Belinda is gone. He asks them to understand and not to feel responsible. Belinda wanted them to concentrate on supporting each other.

Everyone is shocked and stay relatively quiet. They move out of the diary room and most of the housemates move into the round bedroom. Regina is upset and starts crying, wondering why some one had to leave.

Ben is in the square bedroom alone, thinking about what has happened. The other housemates thought she was doing a lot better. Ben asks Regina not to accuse him for starting this, to which Regina assures him that she doesn’t think that at all.

9:05pm – Chrissie finds Ben and proposes a truce between the two. Ben says the whole situation is a learning curve. Ben asks Chrissie if she’s going to leave. Chrissie says she’s not planning to. Ben wants to know why they clash, Chrissie suggests it’s because they have the same sense of humour. Chrissie suggest from now on they should start with a clean slate.

Claire goes into the diary room and asks Big Brother if this is her fault for dobbing on Belinda for her physical violence threats. Big Brother says it’s not and he would have dealt with it even if she hadn’t come to him.

Regina is crying in bed. She is sad it had to come to some one leaving the house. Jo comforts her. Meanwhile Ben in the next bed lies silently with something on his face.

1:12am – Bedtime. Vincent is talking to Ben. Vincent seems to sit on the fence and agree with Ben’s position.

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