Day 32

10:49am – It’s raining as Chrissie goes into the kitchen. Now that Belinda is gone the housemates don’t have a director for their weekly task, a musical. The housemates comment they need Kylie or Dannii in the house. Saxon suggest Natalie Imbruglia, but scoffs at the idea of Holly Valance. They all ask Regina to wake Ben, who is still sleeping in the bedroom.

Regina goes into the bedroom to wake Ben, but this time she asks him nicely to get up. Ben tells her that he doesn’t want to get up. Vincent is in the bedroom and some one asks him if he knew Belinda was going to leave when she last talked to him. He says that now that he thinks about it, it seems like closure for him, and in the context it makes sense.

Regina is still trying to wake Ben. She asks him if he wants to be the director so he can boss people around. Ben says he might give it a go… and lets Regina pull him out of Bed.

2:40pm – In the kitchen Daniel is singing to get into the mood of their musical task. Regina playfully hits Daniel for him to stop. Ben tells Regina “good girl”, which annoys her because she turns around and hits Ben. She says that they made a promise she would stop hitting him if he stopped calling her “good girl”. Ben doesn’t know what she’s talking about. He says “we’re all falling apart”.

3:08pm – In the lounge room Ben is allocating the solo performers for the musical.

3:22pm – Daniel tells Patrick that they are like Tim Brice and Elton John, even though they are nothing like them in real life. Patrick has no idea who they are. Daniel starts singing very badly in a VERY high pitch.

3:54pm – Jo is organising the dancing for the musical. She shows Chrissie and Ben some moves she has come up with. Ben looks very pleased at her organisation.

5:10pm – Jo and Patrick are in the kitchen making dinner.

Vincent is sleeping on the couch in the lounge room while Ben and Regina are making a prop for their musical task. Regina says they should take care not to wake Vincent.

Patrick and Jo use the whiteboard to write up a song and sing it as a duet together. Is Big Brother trying to promote the housemates into future musical careers?

7:51pm – Big Brother calls all the housemates to the plasma screen in the living room. They all sit around while Belinda’s farewell video is played. Belinda is at home with her dogs by her side and tells the housemates she’s having a great time outside the house. Her dogs are Reggie and Max.

Belinda apologises if she hurt anyone in the house by her departure, but wants them to know a good has come out of it. She explains she made a great decision and has had a positive time in the house, and has enjoyed all of the housemates company. She wants them to realise that there are positive factors to come out of their stay in the house. Belinda ends the tape by saying Chrissie, Dan and Regina are strong people, hopes the housemates enjoy their time in the house, and tells them she will be seeing them very soon.

All of the housemates stay silent.


The housemates are organising their task. Ben is called to the diary room to tell Big Brother his views on Belinda’s departure. He says that it’s calmed the house, but he suspects that things will heat up very soon.

In the kitchen Jo is telling the others that most people don’t like conflicting behaviour, but then again some do (ie Ben).

When asked if there was anything he’d like to say to Belinda if she was watching, Ben says there were occasions where he reacted without explaining his actions. He also says he hopes he can say some words to her and have them accept them. There is no apology.

The other housemates in the kitchen are saying Belinda’s departure didn’t need to happen. Jo says she didn’t think the experience would be a retreat but she assumed that all the housemates would get along. Chrissie says that’s a perfectly valid assumption.

Just so it doesn’t seem like Big Brother is rigging the vote, footage of Regina being called into the diary room is played. Regina says that in the last 24 hours she thinks the housemates have woken up to themselves. When asked if there was anything she’d say to Belinda, Regina starts to get upset and tells Belinda she hopes she had a good time in the house, and looks forward to seeing her again.

10:28pm – The housemates are still preparing for their task. They have created cardboard cutouts for the evicted housemates.

Chrissie and Jo are talking about trust in the Big Brother house since Belinda left. Chrissie says trust involves knowing that personal details will not be thrown back at you (hinting at Ben’s actions). Jo says she can’t trust anyone in the house anymore, because she’s seen what they’re (Ben) capable of. Chrissie says she’ll tell Dan or Regina anything, but that’s it.

11:55pm – Chrissie and Regina’s conversation leads onto Chrissie explaining the constant knockbacks she’s experienced while trying to find a job. She explains that she has always been part of the last 2 people for a job, but been rejected. For this reason she didn’t expect to be on Big Brother, even after all the video preperations had taken place.

2:40am – Bedtime. Ben is talking about his former job as a police officer. He says that people have no less respect for him now that they know he’s not a police officer anymore. Saxon doesn’t believe him. Jo and Patrick are in the same bed and wish each other goodnight.

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