Day 32 Uplate

We join the house as they are rehearsing their musical that they must have to perform tomorrow. Jo is giving directions, saying something about having a car rock up with 4 people or something. She seems to be very much in control of the production, with everyone else giving their opinion as well.

They’ve moved all the furniture to one side of the round living room, and have heaps of white paper with stage directions I presume on it.

Everyone except Chrissie and Regina are working on the musical, but the two girls are talking in the square bedroom, with Regina in bed, and Chrissie just sitting there on the edge of the bed. Regina seems a bit upset, but says she is glad she did go over to the other house when she got the chance. Chrissie says that Reg got an experience that not many others have got. Chrissie says that Belinda was very thankyou for Reg going over. Reg says that Belinda had no one to talk to over there before Reg went across, saying that Irena and Claire just weren’t talkative people, and were very different from Belinda. Regina says that she just hopes that Belinda is happy, with her partner and her dogs. They say she looked really good during her video ‘will’ to the house.

Reg steers the topic to nominations, and asks Chrissie how she is feeling. Chrissie is actually going ok, she is ready for whatever happens. She says that “It’s like staying at a party for too long.” With that, BB Trivia dude says hello, goes through his speel, and returns us to Chrissie and Reggie. They start talking about how good the past 6 months have been, especially Chrissie saying this. She says she always seems to faulter at the last hurdle, so was knocked off her feet when Peter phoned her and told her she was in the house. She tells Regina that ‘some people say they haven’t done all the stuff they want to in the house, and therefore not leave, but I achieved everything I wanted when I walked through the door.” Before tonight I wasn’t a Belinda fan, but I’m slowly turning round my opinion. Anyway, apparently they are not meant to mention the ‘a’ word, audition. Whenever they are almost about to say it, they just mumble, and the other says “yeh”, meaning they understand. Regina was excited about getting an audition, and Chrissie wondered whhy when there were so many gorgeous, funny people at the ‘a’, they picked her.

Ben comes in for a towel, and Regina tells him that they stink and that perhaps he should wash them sometime. He tells them it’s time for a quick spa and a stubbie, then off to bed. Meanwhile, Jo comes in after Ben’s exit, and starts talking about the musical, but they steer the topic towards pressure in the house, and they all hope that it doesn’t pop up again from anyone still in the house. Trivia dude come on and says that Ben earlier told BB that he was starting afresh, then he was like a pressure cooker, but it was time the pressure cooker was retired.

Back in the bedroom, Jo, Chrissie and Regina where Jo is telling the girls about her last few nights before she came into the house saying she cried her eyes out, but her boyfriend, Tim, was like a rock. Well, until the last hour or two apparently. Claire has joined the conversation, and she said that she said goodbye to her girl thinking she would see her again before she went in, and when the supervisor came back in, she asked where the girl was, and the supervisor said, “No, you won’t see her again.” Claire says she was rapt that she didn’t cry, cause she just casually said goodbye to her friend. Geez, how long without a commercial break!

We go into the living room where Saxon, Pat, Ben and Vincent are playing with the hula hoops, trying to make then stand up while rolling the longest. Vincent is not involved, just sitting on the couch. The usual boys talk is all about winning, and when they get a good one, they all go “OOOhhhh…” Saxon is asking Coach Vincent for a few pointers, who seems to be an expert, but convienently is on the couch! Finally, an ad break.

The girls are still going around the topic of the process before coming in on the Sunday, and Chrissie suggests they leave it until they come out of the house to talk about that. Claire says she would love to just have a conversation about the stuff they can’t talk about to her friends when she gets out. In the background, the boys are yelling a fair bit. Back to the girls, and Claire says she has only just recently noticed that there are no windows in the house to actually open up. They say that Leah’s bed is jinx, so no one will go in it. Dan, who we haven’t seen all night, comes storming in playing the digeridgidoo…The girls say he is trying to play a plane or fly landing on the ground or something. Regina says, “Dan, the s**t that you come up with!” He leaves, and the girls discuss how talented Dan is, thinking of all the stuff he comes up with. They start discussing the possibility of a double eviction this weekend. They suggest they would not know until after the first eviction, when they would call over “There are 60 minutes till eviction” for the second time. They are saying that they will have to get a new housemate, otherwise the schedule will be stuffed up. Jo says that there should be plans in place for things like that.

Back out in the living room, the boys still playing with the hoops, and Dan just won’t stop playing the bloody musical instrument! Pat returns to the game saying he has had his steroids, and is ready to win. Vincent predicts that they won’t be able to get it tonight – they are trying to get the hoop to do something while travelling on it’s own accord. I can’t be bothered watching too closely! Vincent is suggesting that they put some tape around the hoop in certain spots to help them acheive the goal. Comm break.

When we return, the girls are talking about how much contact BB have with their loved ones. Someone says that it is protocol for BB to talk to them at least 5 times a week. That’s quite good to know actually. Claire says she was having a bit of a cry yesterday, and was contemplating going into tell BB that she was fine, and to notify her family that she was fine, and not to worry.

They move onto say that half of the house have no idea who Carlo is, and they half expect to walk out and see them, and they will all walk up to them and say “Hi Jo!” She says that will be weird, having ex housemates who they haven’t even met. They go back to the intruder week, and the $10,000, Claire asking Reggie if she wanted out and the money, to which she replied “No, I wanted the whole experience.”

Claire tells the house that she had a dream last night about how the walls were put back up, and they were pink! Also, she says she was evicted and they didn’t like a sponser or a word logo on her shirt, so she had to take it off as she met the audience on the eviction stage.

They move onto ages of the housemates, and Claire says that someone said earlier today that Claire looked much older and wiser than 26. Someone says they can’t believe that Ben isn’t the audience, as Regina says “Yeh, I tell Ben he’s 36 all the time.” Dan still going with that freakin instrument. (can you tell I can’t be bothered typing the word.)

Outside, in the spa, the guys want more physical tasks. Both Pat and Saxon want some excitement, sport related tasks. Comm Break. Jo and Chrissie came out to see the boys in the spa, with Saxon playing with the instrument and driving me mad and more mad, before saying goodnight and leaving the boys to themselves.

Back in the bedroom, the two get changed as Claire reads her book, before she decides to skip 12 pages because it’s boring, and Vincent told her she could without it effecting the book. Meanwhile, someone mentions a Cheeseburger which starts a conversation about Macca’s and Hungry Jacks, and how you can ask for fresh burgers, and add stuff to existing burgers to make sure you get a fresh one. Chrissie didn’t know you could do either of the above.

Back outside, Reggie has joined the boys around the spa. I’ve been watching my tape of the daily show so I might have missed a bit, but I kept looking in on the live action as well during me watching it.

Anyway, second round of trivia is slowly coming round, actually he is only giving a clue this time round, and not actually giving away the cash just yet. Back to the house, and all the girls are in bed I think, and Dan has joined them in the room. Before we know it, back to the boys outside. Ben, Sax and Pat are still in the spa, and Vincent is sitting nearby. They are discussing adult video’s and guys pleasuring themselves, but BB flicks the switch and we’re back to the bedroom pretty quickly. They are discussing cream that each of them rub onto themselves, which really is one of the most boring subjects you could hope for. Lucky for me, they switch to aftershave’s. This gets better and better! Oooh, Jo and Chrissie have found one that both there mum’s have used, and Jo yells her regular line of “Get Out!”, and Chrissie says “B-S**t”. Ah, it’s a small world if your parents use the same perfume. Comm break, thankfully!

Trivia dude finishes his duties for the night, and we’re back to the house. Saxon comes into the round bedroom with his stupid plastic thingy making the noise, to crys of Jo and Chrissie saying that Reggie is asleep. Jo and Vincent have a little Italian lesson. Someone is doing a stupid voice, I guess it’s Dan, as per usual. Vincent has a look at Jo’s book, which Chrissie is reading at the moment. She says at the start it was her kind of book, but now shes near the end, she realises it’s total rubbish. Comm break.

Back in the bathroom, where Saxon is saying to Claire that when he flexes his boobs get so much bigger. Claire is rubbing in some cream on his back, because he seems to have big bites on his back. They aren’t itchy though. Claire starts getting ready for bed, as Pat comes into the bathroom too, in the hope of doing his teeth. Saxon dries his hair and spikes it up as high as possible, before asking Pat if he likes it. Saxon goes back into the square bedroom to his bed to find some clothes, and discusses with Ben about how this bedroom is getting less people in it day by day. Ben says the less the better. He (Sax) calls out to Claire to see where she is up to with her book page wise, as well as asking what is happening at that page. Meanwhile, Jo and Pat are lying on the same bed having a talk, mainly about Pat’s sister, I think from what I can tell, someone that Pat is close too anyway. As they discuss the person’s wedding, BB says goodnight.

Keep looking for Warren,

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