Day 33

10:09am – Regina is making bread, even though it is upsetting her stomach. The musical task concludes today but many of the housemates are sleeping in.

11:05am – Jo enteres the kitchen, but can’t see Regina who is crouched by the dishwasher. Regina pops up and scares Jo, who lets out a huge gasp. Regina can’t help but laugh. They comment it’s freezing outside.

11:41am – It’s pouring with rain, isolating housemates in the kitchen. Regina wants to eat some of the freshly baked bread, but it will make her stomach upset. Jo suggests it’s the yeast in the bread that’s doing it – she will make gluten free bread and see if it makes a difference. “I’m going to be strong I’m not going to eat that bread”. Chrissie eats some of the bread in front of Regina who says “stop tempting me!”. Regina comments the rice crackers she has to eat are nothing – its like eating air (amusing Jo).

3:48pm – The wigs for the musical task are becoming quite popular. Jo is trying on the black hair wig with some help from Saxon. She really doesn’t like it but Saxon insists she would be sexy with dark hair.

Daniel is in the kitchen wearing a wig when he spontaneously takes on the persona of “Chrissy”, an American show host. Chrissy gives a lesson on washing up in the kitchen as Regina laughs on. He has some pre-washed products and some un-washed products and will us an apparatus called a sink to wash them.

5:00pm – Saxon will dress up as Saxon for the musical task. He already has some of her clothes on and Ben rolls up some socks for boobs. Joanne says they don’t look very real but it doesn’t matter. Finally a blonde wig is added to complete the look. Saxon walks out into the living room to cheers from the other housemates.

5:11pm – Housemates are dressed up for their task, and Big Brother announces the music will begin. The housemates are lined up on the verandah and sing about each other in the house. Patrick provides music with his guitar. It finishes with a big finale where the housemates throw their hats into the air.

7:37pm – Housemates have kept their wigs from the task as a novelty. Regina talks about how her hair used to be.. it was very long (down to her waste). Chrissie and Regina swap wigs and Chrissie is shocked that the wig looks so real on her… it’s big and curly and looks like Cher. Chrissie stands up and starts singing “If I could turn back time” in Cher’s voice. Regina and Jo burst out laughing and Jo falls onto the ground in a fit of laughs. The housemates comment that Regina looks amazing in her long brown hair wig – like a totally different person.

7:51pm – Task results are in. Housemates have passed. Everyone cheers and claps. It’s the first time they have won a 75% bet on a task.

8:03pm – Housemates are telling stories in the lounge room. Chrissie tells a story where she went down to the market to get some tomatoes. She was nude and just whacked on a tshirt and long skirt because she thought she’s be quick. She walked in and it’s a slippery floor, she falls over on her hands and knees, wondering why no one is helping her. Eventually she feels the hem of her skirt flapping around her neck, exposing everything. She left and couldn’t go back for a year and a half.

8:25pm – Regina is still wearing her brunette wig. She doesn’t want Saxon to go this week because he has a good bod to look at. Saxon says she’s a wanker if thats the only reaon she wants him to stay. Regina adds to her reasons: nice body, he’s nice…. (she can’t think of anything else). “You know what I mean!”. Ben and Regina exchange jabs at each other about getting rid of Ben instead of Saxon. Talk turns back to Regina’s new hair do.

Somehow talk to turns to the suck and blow card game. Regina and Jo practice.

Once most of the housemates have left the kitchen, Saxon says to Jo that Regina would probably have let herself go a little more if there weren’t cameras everywhere. Regina has realised she has missed a lot of stuff in her life that she is only just catching up with. Regina said to Saxon and Ben she has had enough of her “routine” and realises her husband won’t change.

11:16pm – Ben and Regina have gone to bed. Everyone else is in the living room singing. Saxon and Jo can’t stop laughing at Daniel’s singing.

12:10am – Talk has turned to the upcoming eviction. Chrissie says it will be weird to go, weird to stay. Saxon and Vincent both start talking about the great things about Jo that the Australian public will want to see. Saxon will be stoked if he doesn’t leave this week: “all the bullshit is gone now”. Jo agrees everything is really nice now. Saxon is happy he’s gotten to know some people very closely.

2:50am – Regina has been woken by Saxon’s snoring. She wakes him, but he rolls straight over and falls alseep again. The snoring continues. She goes to wake him but this time Ben jumps up, scaring Regina.

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