Day 34

7:36pm – Housemates are getting ready for a party. They use leftover wig’s from the musical, and BB has supplied them with a disco ball, and some music, to dance the night away.

It’s not long before Vincent growls into Jo’s ear, with Jo saying “Oh my god! Where do you learn that?” Vincent replies by telling Jo that it comes from the heart. Before Jo puts on a massive wig, she tells Vincent that his GF (girlfriend) is so lucky. Meanwhile, Reggie, Claire and Patrick are in the kitchen, Reggie saying “Look at them! I was watching them before, I thought they were kissing.” Pat replies with “It’s only a matter of time.” Back to Jo and Vincent, Vincent saying ‘stay away from me tonight’ after he gives another one of his growls.

An hour later, and Jo and Saxon are on the dancefloor together, having fun, with Vincent looking on. Soon, they go into the bathroom/bedroom together. Sax says Jo looks beautiful. He says “Your my big sister, I’m looking after ya”. Jo says “You so see me as your big sister, don’t you?” to which Sax says “Yeh, I have since Day One. I told you that.” Cut to voting numbers, and a comm break.

After midnight, Jo and Vincent are in the kitchen. He tells Jo a compliment. “Sometime when you look at me, I still lose my breath to this day.” Jo says, ‘thats cool. I’ve never had that effect on anybody.” Jo says it’s hard being in here, revealing that she doesn’t even think of him at all (Tim), then saying to Vincent that he probably thinks about her heaps. Jo says she is very lucky.

Meanwhile, in the bedroom, Reggie and Chrissie are mocking Jo and Vincent by talking Italian in the bedroom. Problem is, they don’t know any. They say phrases such as Italian foods, ‘spaghetti and meatballs’. Back to Jo and Vincent, where Jo reveals “If I was….” implying that if she was single, she would like to give Vincent a go. Vincent says not to finish the sentence, and then says “Don’t do that to me, it’s hard enough as it is.” Geez, this guy has fallen for Jo bad. Not that you can blame him I suppose.

Saxon has replaced Vincent in the kitchen talking to Jo, who says that ‘If I said what I was thinking, you wouldn’t want to talk to me.’ Sax says that Jo lives in a total comfort level, to which Jo says “You really think it does?” referring to her jobs, friends etc. Sax asks her “Your not satisfied living the life you do?” to which Jo says “Nah. Would I be here if I was?” She goes onto say that al friends are getting married, and buying houses, and then says I don’t think it’s happening to me, because I don’t want it to. Sax says that Jo is the type of girl “that comes into my life once in a hundred thousand lifetimes for me, I never meet someone who is as you at the same time. Why did I have to meet someone like you here?”

Back to the bedroom, Chrissie and Reggie are saying how stunning Jo is, and how every single male in the house has fallen for her. Chrissie says she doesn’t have any friends who are that gorgeous, to which Reggie agrees. They ask Pat about the sex appeal of Jo. Pat says “she’s attractive, but I wouldn’t go for her.”

Back in the kitchen, Ben has joined Sax and Jo. Sax says that if Jo has remembered everything they’ve talked about tonight, then she must shake Saxon’s hand first thing in the morning. Jo promises to do just that. He says ‘if you don’t do it, I’ll just think your a fuckwit.’ Comm break

Back in the house, Jo is almost ready to go to bed, but says goodnight to Vincent first, giving him a kiss on the cheek. She walks around to the old square house, as she is going Vincent says “thanks for saying goodnight.”

Jo finds Saxon in the bathroom area, in between the two bedrooms. He asks her if she is going to bed, to which she says yeh. Sax says he’ll walk her to bed. On the way, he asks where Vincent is. Jo points to outside, the living room. Saxon gives her a kiss on the cheek, and heads outside. Jo says as he is leaving, I’ll shake your hand tomorrow.

Outside, Vincent asks Sax if he is ok. His response is “Nothing happened.” Vincent says, “I’m not talking about that. I’m talking about you.” Sax says again, “But I’m telling you…” Vincent says “I know nothing happened, not from you, but from her side. I know she wouldn’t do anything.” Sax asks “You know I would never do anything to someone who has someone…” to which Vincent says “Yeh, don’t” Sax says he has more respect for people than that, although he admits he is fucking confused. He goes onto say that he hates the fact that she has recipricated what he is feeling. Vincent doesn’t seem to believe him, and asks “Do you think?” Sax replies, “It was said…” During the whole convo, Vincent continues playing the guitar. Sax says “Dude, I feel like a bastard” before saying “If I was Tim, oohhh…” meaning that he wouldn’t be impressed by tonight’s events.

Vincent is still unsure, so he asks again “Did she actually say something?” Sax replies, “We were jumping on the fence, but never went past it.” Vincent says he can’t tell Sax what to do, but Sax says he knows what to do, ‘the right thing is to go to bed.’ He heads off, touches Jo’s bed on the way through to his room.