Day 35

Morning of Day 35, there is no sign of the handshake in the morning, in actual fact, there is no talk at all between Sax and Jo. Sax starts bitching to Daniel, saying “I feel like I made a fool of myself last night.” Daniel says he did too, but we the viewers are left confused by that statement, because we never see the outburst he gave Ben the night before. Sax says “I think I said things that shouldn’t have been said” Conversation is interrupted when Dan asks Jo if she is getting in the pool, to which she replies yes. She jumps in with just her bikini on, and Dan gives us quote of the week, perhaps quote of BB3: “Ah, it’s like living at the playboy mansion.”

We go through the afternoon quickly, with Mike Goldman saying that the handshake never came. Moving to the night, Vincent gives Jo a growl to say goodnight, before leaving the room. Chrissie says that Vincent has a massive crush on her. “You little fox you!”

In the kitchen later, Sax and Jo talk. “I thought you weren’t going to talk to me this morning.” He tells her he “feels like he overstepped the line.” They talk all throughout the night, and make it to see the sun come up. Jo says that Sax is sleeping the days away, in a way wishing the days away like Ben. Sax says Ben wants to go. Jo agrees with him.

With that, Gretel rejoins us to tell us to vote for the 4 nominees so they can have bigger pay checks. After that, she tells us that on Tuesday night 2 new housemates will enter the house, a male and a female. The show will run for an hour.

Finally they cross to the house, with the guys outside contemplating whether they will get a 60 minute warning. We would think this is why they they crossed to the house, but we get no warning. Chrissie wants a growl from Vincent just in case she goes. Vincent does the deed, and then thats it.

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