Day 36

It’s 7:20am and both Saxon and Jo have stayed up the whole nigh talking. Saxon says he misses the touch of a person. Jo explains that her boyfriend Tim is not into that kissy stuff. Saxon says this makes him angry because skin on skin is the best feeling ever. He says naked hugs are the best. Saxon then asks Jo if she considers herself high maintenance. Jo doesn’t think so, to which Saxon says “ahh.. that’s just boring”.

Regina walks in surprised that the two stayed up so late. Jo says they are staying up until the hot water is turned on. Later Jo is massaging Saxon.

Regina goes into the diary room and complains of a sore bloated stomach. The Big Brother doctor talks to her.

9:51am – Jo wakes up after falling asleep, realising that the hot water has been on for a while now.

Regina requests another pregnancy test, and looks anxious as her and the doctor wait for the result.

10:05am – Mike Goldman tells us the pregnancy test is negative. Regina apologises for being a bother but the doctor assures her that Big Brother is always looking out for the welfare of the housemates. Regina says she will eat some bread and see how her stomach goes.

Later Jo and Vincent are talking in the bedroom about nothing in particular. Jo decides to put on some makeup to cover up that she’s so tired. Going back to the loungeroom, she says she doesn’t look good at all. Saxon tells her that she doesn’t have to do anything to look good.

Later in the afternoon Ben and Vincent are talking about Saxon. Vincent says that Saxon’s feelings are intense because he’s only 19. Ben agrees.

Saxon goes and watches Jo put on makeup. He looks lovestruck. After Saxon has left again Vincent comes in and gives Jo a big hug, telling her “when you come out, you got to find me” just in case he is evicted tonight. He then purrs into Jo’s ear again… she giggles and says “I love it I love it”.

7:00pm – The housemates are speculating a possible double eviction. Ben yells out to hurry it up. A few hours later, Ben is evicted. As he is walking out of the house the housemates are given a language warning from Big Brother via Daniel. After Ben leaves, Saxon looks annoyed and sad, and cries a little. Regina jokes about Ben leaving but then starts to get upset. In the kitchen Jo is crying on Patrick’s shoulder.

Saxon says to Vincent “I am so stoked you are still here” as they hug. Vincent says he’ll be staying quiet in the last six weeks of the show.

8:23pm – Jo tells Saxon in the bedroom she feels like a tool. She is worried Ben left while they were on bad terms.

Jo is talking about how Ben and Regina were like a married couple.

11:08pm – Bedtime. Regina is lying in bed, upset. Regina explains to Saxon that not many people understood Ben because of his past and how he was brought up. Saxon said it was great how Ben would stir up trouble in the house. Saxon comments on how quiet it is now that Ben is gone.

Just before 2:00am Vincent goes to the diary room and asks Big Brother if he can tell Vincent if his girlfriend was brought up during the night. Big Brother tells Vincent he will get back to him in the morning.

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