Day 37

Special hour long episode to fit in all the intruder action. Day 37 begins with Jo complaining that her washing is still wet. Saxon tells her she has it hanging in the worst possible place. Later in the afternoon the housemates must nominate for a fifth time. Claire is in the diary room for 6 minutes and because she can’t figure out a proper reason to nominate, she is given a strike. Daniel, Claire and Saxon are nominated.

8:31pm – Belinda comes back into the house. She is welcomed by Regina in the diary room while the others watch through the diary door window. Jo spots Regina and everyone gets excited… except Saxon who just lies on the couch and pouts about being nominated. Belinda later explains her reasons for leaving, and how she wanted to help the housemates through her departure. She then tells the housemates she has a surprise for them. Claire guesses straight away that it’s intruders. Belinda goes into the diary room and preps the intruders.

9:12pm – Belinda tells the intruders to be themselves and have fun. Belinda then brings the intruders into the lounge room and tells the others she must now leave. Chrissie immediately hugs Jaime, recognising him from auditions, leaving Kim standing on her own. Patrick eventually comes over and shakes hands with Kim, along with the other housemates. Saxon looks extremely pissed off and continues eating some of the junk food Belinda brought in.

Gretel then shows us Jaime’s video profile. Jaime is a law/arts student at Monash University but works at a fashion store. According to his video, he has a lot of fun putting guys into good looking clothes. His boss describes him as ‘forever smiling’. Jaime says he’s in the fourth year of his degree and admits that he’s gay.

Kim’s video profile tells us that she’s 21 and from Armadale. Most of the video is her goodbye dinner with family and friends. Kim is a hairdresser and her family and friends tell she’s loud and has stars in her eyes.

Back in the house Belinda is now leaving, and although she’s not supposed to, she passes on a message from outside for Vincent and Saxon. She tells Vincent to cut down on the purrs and growls he’s been giving the other housemates. She tells Saxon that only two of his friends came to the last eviction show just in case he was evicted (HAH!). Regina sees Belinda off and as she’s walking out the door, Belinda tells the housemates “please don’t fight”.

Later Jaime is talking to the other housemates outside. He explains that officially he’s not an intruder but rather a “replacement”. Kim is being shown around by Regina and Claire, and not saying much. Regina says the two intruders can sleep either side of her.

Jo is explaining to Jaime how there were two houses. We learn that the replacements already know about what has happened in the house so far (or at least they have been briefed).

In the spa Saxon is speculating whether Jaime is gay or not.. he seems to be quite fixed on the subject. Patrick thinks he’s is but it doesn’t bother him. Saxon jumps at the response to clearly tell everyone that it doesn’t bother him either. He isn’t doing a very good job at covering up his homophobia. Saxon then calls out asking whether Jaime is the sporty type. Jaime says he plays tennis and golf.

Inside Kim tells the others she’s a hairdresser. Regina screams out “just like Belinda!”. One of the girls (maybe Jo) says she needs a haircut. Claire asks if Kim can tell what her hair is like under her beanie. They then talk about their first experience in the house. Kim still doesn’t say much.

In the spa Saxon is telling the other housemates he doesn’t want anyone new in his bedroom (especially not any gay guys). Claire comes over and Saxon says he’s not feeling too social tonight. Claire says she doesn’t want to leave the house, but then re-thinks it and says now that there are intruders she does actually want to go.

Regina asks Jaime what he does, and he tells them Law Student. He then apologises for not being too original.

In the spa Saxon is still asking whether Jaime is gay.

In the bedroom Jo asks Jaime if he’s taken or single. Jaime says he’s single. Jo then explains who in the house is single, and in-directly tells Jaime that Claire is bisexual.

10:38pm – Regina is talking to Daniel and some of the other housemates about how big the day has been, and tomorrow will be another one. She says she doesn’t know where she is after all this excitement.

Kim is unpacking as Jo talks to her about her emotional outbursts in the house. Kim doesn’t say much and looks a little scared as Jo motor-mouthes on. Eventually Kim can get a word in and says she just wants to relax and get into her trackies.

Meanwhile Regina says she feels sorry for the intruders. Claire explains that the intruders know the original housemates, but they don’t know the intruders. Daniel repeats some words Jaime said earlier about Regina being Regina (if you know what I mean). Regina can’t really accept that she’s a ‘superstar’.

Jo is still talking to Kim as she unpacks. Kim can’t get a word in, but in the end says the whole experience is quite scary. Jo asks her if she’s alright. Claire is trying not to take her nomination too personally. She tells the other that she’ll be cool.

11:02pm – Saxon wants to know where he stands with Jo. He admits to Jo that he feels jealous even when Jo’s hanging out with the new intruder. Jo tells him to remember that there are a lot of cameras watching him all the time and he shouldn’t linger on the thought. Saxon says he feels like a puppet and a fake. The two hug for a long time.

11:43pm – Dan talks to Chrissie about Saxon taking this lastest incident to heart. They fear he’ll take things to personally and ruin the experience for himself. They both agree they don’t want Saxon to get drunk otherwise he might blurt out something embarrasing. Neither do they want Jo to get drunk because they’re scared she might hurt herself. Daniel says that if she was Jo’s boyfriend he’d be following her around everywhere if she was drunk because every guy with a pulse will want to get with her.

Footage is shown of Jo swimming in her very small bikini. Saxon is grabbing her and throwing her in the pool. There is no actual evidence that this was happening at the same time… or even during the same night… it was probably just added to emphasise Daniel and Chrissie’s point.

Later in the bedroom Daniel says he’s in the double bed and jokingly says Kim can sleep with him. Regina gasps explaining her theory that the bed Daniel is lying on is cursed and results in a nomination for whoever sleeps in it. Now that Daniel is nominated again the theory is proven true. Kim says “oh I’ll sleep in it” and that she doesn’t care if she’s nominated because she doesn’t mind if she’s evicted.

Jaime, Saxon, Patrick and Vincent are in the spa. Saxon (he sounds drunk) is talking about how it is easier to get over a relationship in the house. Jaime nods along. Vincent says he is missing his girlfriend.

Kim is telling the other housemates that she hopes people will tell it to her face if she’s annoying them, instead of gossiping behind her back. She also hopes that the agreement will be mutual.

1:11am – Saxon is speculating in the spa who nominated him this week. Claire says she should tell him something, even though it is against the rules. Saxon says ‘just whisper it in my ear’. Claire whispers in his ear but because of the spa noise the microphones don’t pick it up. Saxon looks shocked and says “oh f#@k”. Obviously Claire told him that she nominated him. Saxon put his head in the water for a good 30 seconds while Claire looks upset and sick at the same time.

Kim is opening up to Chrissie and Regina in the bedroom. Chrissie and Regina are telling her about the cheesy pick up actions Vincent does, such as his growls and ‘hand in the shirt’. Kim lets out her disgust and says she’d never fall for that. Chrissie says it doesn’t work for her because she’s taller than Vincent and twice his weight. Kim jokes that Chrissie would crush him.

In the spa Claire is crying and hugging Saxon as he tells her not to get upset over nominating him.

3:03am – The housemates are going to bed. Kim is in the square bedroom while Jaime is in the round. Jo and Saxon are in the kitchen getting some ice cream. Saxon says that Jo’s pygamas should be illegal. Saxon says that he doesn’t think they would be so close if they first met outside the house. It’s hard he says, because he sees Jo as 50% mate 50% something more but it could never be. Jo knows exactly where the conversation is going and tells Saxon to be quiet and not to think about it. She suggest they go back inside. On their way out Jo pops a pimple in the one-way glass.

??:16am (10 logo covered up the time) – Vincent is telling Chrissie he is feeling like f#@king s#@t since Belinda told him not to growl. Chrissie tells him she’s seen him do nothing embarrasing.

Saxon and Jo walk back into the living room, Saxon is still rambling out love-struck thoughts. Jo tells him to remember where they are and to be quiet. Saxon still wants to talk but Jo just quiets him. Jo and Saxon poke their heads into the bedroom door. As soon as Vincent sees them he gets up and walks back to his bed to go to sleep. Jo follows him and asks if everything’s ok. Vincent says he’s fine for now.

Later Chrissie tells Jo she wants some of the stuff Jo has to make guys go ga-ga over her. Jo just laughs. Vincent goes into the kitchen where Claire is alone. Vincent tells Claire he just wants company. Claire says she doesn’t. Vincent offers to go but Claire calls him over for orange juice. Vincent says anything sweet will make him go crazy.

Back in the bedroom Chrissie is explaining to Jo that Vincent is annoyed at Saxon and he thinks Jo doesn’t see what’s happening. Jo bursts out laughing but tries to cover it with her blanket.

In the kitchen Claire and Vincent can’t understand what’s going on in the house. Vincent says his heart is breaking. Claire begins to cry saying she “fucking hates it” Vincent is silent. Claire says it shouldn’t be that good people need to make excuses for not being good and that the nomination process is stopping her from being Claire. She says if she’s given a strike she’ll be pushing the button and leaving the house. Vincent says she can’t leave. Claire says she could just walk out and be home within an hour, and that she doesn’t really care about the Big Brother house. Claire cries on Vincent’s shoulder.

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