Day 37 Uplate

Just before we get set for a huge night of BB Up Late, lets go through the events of the past couple of hours. When Gretel said goodnight to us, she released Belinda into the house, giving her half an hour to say a proper goodbye. Everyone looked enthused to see her, perhaps Saxon the least. Moving on, when she was leaving, she mentioned that she had another suprise for them. With that she was gone, and just a few minutes later, two new intruders were sent into the house. Kim, a 21 year old hairdresser from outback NSW, and Jamie, a 22 year old Melbourne boy studying an Arts/Law degree.

Chrissie and Jamie had met at the auditions. Saxon was not impressed with more people coming in, saying he liked it better when it got smaller, not bigger. He headed to the Spa, Pat heading over once Sax was in. Sax asks Pat if he likes the new additions, and whether they were a good choice, or whether they were a strange pick. Pat says that they are a strange pick. They discuss whether Jamie is gay (he is from all reports), Pat saying probably, but that he doesn’t care.

At about this time, Sax calls Jamie over and asks him where he comes from. When Jamie says Melbourne, Sax exclaims “Melbourne! How gay – everyone is from Melbourne in this place” Jamie did well just to have a smile on his face. Up Late is starting in a sec, so get ready for what hopefully is a huge night.

Straight into the action tonight, we join the house outside, with Mike Goldman jumping in straight away. He fills us in with the names of the new people, tell us who is nominated, tells us that Belinda dropped by, and then sends us back outside. In the spa are Jo, Saxon, Pat, Claire, Vincent and Jamie. Difficult to hear what they are saying, as the spa equipment or something seems to be very loud tonight. Kim was over by the spa earlier, and comes back over now. Saxon and Kim are trying to establish where something is, near some road or something, with Jo listening in, with the rest talking to Jamie.

Back in the bedroom, Chrissie and Dan are discussing how great it was to see Belinda tonight. Chrissie says thats it’s complete closure for her. Something about one of her dogs on the run or something. Poor Belinda if thats the case. Haven’t seen Reggie for a little bit, perhaps she is by herself in her bedroom. Chrissie and Dan are content to sit on their beds in quietness, as they take their first commercial break. Oops, no they don’t! Just a cut in transmission. They are saying something about one of the housemates, and how they are both nominated for a third time, and have two strkies each. I know Dan does, but does Saxon have two strikes? Anyway, Dan wants to help Saxon out tomorrow, to get him back in the mood he has been in the past few days.

They move onto discussing whether the two intruders were chosen back at the start, or whether they were chosen from a greater field of candidates recently, so they knew that they would fit in with the current group dynamics. A fair bit of yelling going on outside in the background. Dan says that he is worried about Saxon getting drunk, because he’s not in the best of moods, about himself, and the intruders entering. Dan says I hope he doesn’t go and get like Ben. Dan says Ben is such a great guy, but he just has these spurts. Reggie interrupts them asking if they want a Milo. Reggie has answered her bloated mystery. She has been bloated ever since she blew into the digeridgedoo. She says it’s not the bread, it’s just the damn sucking in from the instrument.

Reggie goes to put the kettle on, leaving Dan and Chrissie alone again. They get onto talking about Yakult, and whether it’s a yucky taste or not. Dan says if it helps, then it’s worth it. Dan then admits he misses Leah’s sparking energy. He then says not to get Jo drunk, when he hears more yelling. Mike comes on, tells us that Saxon told Jo earlier he was jealous when they came in, because the attention moved from them to the new people. He also told Chrissie to keep the newbies down her end of the bedrooms. Mike tells us that with the barn task, whoever wins the $1000 trivia gets to choose which housemate has to do the task.

Back out to the spa, Reggie comes over and gives Saxon a Cherry Ripe. Jamie is talking about a pub somewhere, when Sax suddenly exclaims that he got chucked out of it at some stage. Jamie and Pat are talking about things in Melbourne, while the rest are having a loud conversation with Kim, who is still sitting watching the housemates in the spa. Reggie and Kim now head inside. Saxon asks Jo if she wants to go and jump in the pool. Off they go!!! Jo jumps in, and gets out in an instant, saying that a boob fell out along the way. Once Saxon gets out, he pulls Jo back in, and when she gets out again, the boob comes out again. She goes back to the spa telling everyone, saying she might as well go nude now cause everything has been seen. Geez, you could hardly see it girl, relax! A cameraman is getting a good close up on them at one point, which is quite a sight. Saxon tells her where the camera’s would be looking, one side on (which he is right), and the other would be on the spa. He’s trying to reassure her. Jo says again she might as well have a nude shower again. Saxon says “oh my god.” Claire tells her that her nipple is showing again, to which she exclaims “AGAIN!! I’ll have to wear clothes in here in future.” Jo decides she needs to go to the ladies, after Pat and Sax pat her hair for a minute. Sax looks completely in love with the girl, poor guy.

Alert: It’s raining! With that, its time for the first commercial break of the night. Mike comes back and the first thing he says is “Sorry Jo, not the first time we’ve seen them!” He then moves onto the trivia, going through it line by line.

Back in the house, Kim is talking to Chrissie and Dan, with Reggie also in there. They talk about the ‘corrupt’ bed, Reggie convinced that someone (didn’t catch the name) will be gone (Sax I think). Kim says she is happy to go whenever she has to – because she has already acheived what she wanted to achieve, by getting in. This seems like a repeat of the Chrissie/Reggie conversation of last week. Maybe Kim has been doing her homework! She also makes mention that at the end of the audition day, she was sad to say goodbye to everyone. Oh dear, this one could be voted out very quickly. This girl is a real Australia, Kim. She says “Youse”, and tells everyone to tell her if she shits people, because she wants to know. Dan says they all have there little things which piss people off, Dan’s being trying to recycle everything you can. Kim admits she has never recycled a day in her life. Jamie comes in, and asks if he can take his mic off when he goes to the toilet. Is it just me, or does every gay guy talk the same. Oooh, nothing against them, but yeh, they all talk the same. Jamie lets slip that he has seen Matrix Reloaded, launching Dan into spaz attack, because he of course hasn’t seen it, and is hanging out for it. Comm break.

Back again with Mike, who is ready to give away some Cash. In actual fact though, he isn’t, just giving the viewers a hint. Anyway, back to the house, and out to the spa. Jo has rejoined them all in there, sitting around talking. Claire says she tried to do a bi of grooming down below last night, but there were too many camera’s and she got stage fright. At least I think that was what she was alluding too. Jo says she is very weary of the camera’s, but I thought Jo never went down below. Strange happenings! By the way, Jamie has made his way back to the spa, and back to the conversation with Pat. They steer the talk to where a partner can touch and lick you and you get excited. Pat nipple area is sensitive, while for most others it’s the neck region. By the way, can I just say that I can’t believe Claire is still up. Amazing, she must have realised that people were aware of her sleeping when Gretel mentioned it earlier in the evening. They ask Jamie whether he is gay, and he says he is, I think, but he descirbes himself as a personality, not a sexuality or something. Where have we heard that line from before I wonder!!! Saxon says that he uses the word gay all the time just to describe weird rubbish, like, ‘that new kitchen is gay.’ He says he had to stop himself earlier because he didn’t know if Jamie was gay. Jamie says it doesn’t worry him, so Sax is free to keep saying his favourite word. BB obviously thought the convo was getting a bit heated, because he cut to a break without the music…

Brainteasers are back, Mike gives Daniel $1000, and he picks Jo to do the farm task. Excellent!!! Mike tells us that the housemates bet 100% of their budget for this task. Cut back to the house, and the emu sound is coming soon hopefully. Saxon tells Jamie that he wrote a letter to a girl named Kate when he was 18, after they broke up, saying that he loved her, he took full responsibility for the break up, but he still loved her. She wrote back to him, expressing her love as well, and Sax describes it as the most beautiful letter he has ever read, but the main point of the story was that Sax tried to bring the letter into the house, and BB refused her request.

I think Claire and Jamie are discussing how many days she had in which she knew she would be coming in, before actually entering. Claire says 6, and Jamie gives the signal 2. Pretty sure thats what they said. LOL, the emu noise starts up, and Claire jumps up, 5 seconds later, Jo realises that it is her. She has 45 seconds to get into the gear, it is borderline. She fixes the fence, while Daniel who got up like a bolt of lighting, is making the cup of tea to bring out to her. The point of the task is that Jo must work on the farm, until the wife (Dan) brings out a cup of tea. Dan thinks he has to wait for the kettle to boil, but Reggie says you’ve just gotta pretend to look as if she is making a cup of tea. She went into ask BB, so she should know. Dan yells “Teaaa is ready” in a lovely wife voice, and Jo comes running in. LOL, they continue the charade, Jo taking a sip, and saying “it’s perfect wife.” Dan says ‘lovely.’ Commercial break cuts in.

Back to ‘trivia dude’, who recaps the Jo farm story from before the break, before starting the second trivia teaser. Back at the house, Reggie, Kim and Dan are talking about whether Dan has to be true to Jo from now on, or whether he can be a wife to others as well. Dan says he is a free man once again. Jo has lost the clip or something off her microphone, somewhere where they aren’t allowed to enter, and they don’t want to ruin the task, so they decide against going in that area, and declare it lost. Kim finds some part, and Reggie says “Geez, you must have bloody good eyes!” Reg tells Jo to go back into the spa and not worry about it.

Back in the spa, Jamie is learning about the different Big Brother’s. Oh hang on, they’ve found it. Hold the phone! Back in the spa, they are discussing how they know what time it is. Vincent says they know it is 7:30pm when Gretel crosses during an eviction for the first time, and I think they have there oven clock set to that approx time. Jo is talking about Melbourne shopping strips with someone, which is strange, seeing she comes from Adelaide. But then again, Adelaide is mighty boring!! ;) On that note, comm break.

Back to Mike again, goes through the trivia, shows us Ben’s legacy item, tries to play it, but is unsuccessful, and then throws back to the house. Dan, Reg and Kim are still having a chat outside. Daniel tries to tell the girls about his school principal three times, but the girls just keep on laughing about something. Over in the spa, Saxon is trying to be a loud siren, and doing a pretty good job. He then says he downloaded a song and played it a lot, and Vincent put it on his mp3 player and listening to it on the way up. God Jo can’t sing! “I Begin to Wonder”, one of Danni’s recent songs.

Kim has just given Saxon what looks to be Wine, a heap of it, with some missing his mouth, and going onto his body. They have a toast to the new housemates, before Jo breaks the mirrors launching into the song again. Claire, who obviously thinks she needs to do lots this week to stay in, is having a ball tonight, being loud and swearing quite constantly! It really is amazing she is still awake. Comm break.

Seems Mike has joined us after the break every single time tonight. Oh well, nevermind, Chrissie wins the $1000 teaser, and picks Chrissie, who is asleep or something, to do the task. We’ll see that soon. He says goodnight for the nite, so cya Mike! Back to the house, and into the bedroom, where Chrissie really is asleep. Up like a flash, and out in the backyard to put the clothes on. Easily makes the time limit I think. Reggie is going to be the wife on this occassion. She has to get the goat into the barn or something, and it’s quite funny, she’s got an accent going and is telling the goat to move. “Your looking good goat. If I need to smack you on the bottom I will.” Reggie already has the tea ready, and then admits she thought it was a sheep. Chrissie comes into the kitchen, sits for a minute, before returning to the main house. She has a splitting headache apparently. Jo yells out to her that she did a good job.

Saxon over at the spa says twice aloud that there is only on girl he loves who is blonde, the rest are dark haired. It wouldn’t be Jo surely there Sax? Saxon suddenly yells out that ‘that Kim chick is a bitch.” Kim yells back “she’s a hoare, not a bitch!” I think they are still play yelling as CH10 cut to a comm break.

Back inside, Chrissie and Reggie are saying that they have to put up with the intruders for at least two weeks. Then Chrissie says that they both will be there for Pat’s 30th, which they say will be huge. Regina and Chrissie go back through the night, Reggie retelling her thoughts when she entered the diary room earlier tonight. Kim joins in, and Chrissie tells her that she must, if she isn’t feeling good or something, go and speak to someone on the diary room. They praise Carmel again.

Kim tells the girls that she was a dole bludger for two years. Chrissie asks if she smoked a lot of bongs! She says no. Kim finds her photo’s and shows them to the girls. Kim says her current boyfriend is the nicest person, saying that he treats her so well. Back out in the spa for a minute, a sing a long is going on, but fades to just Jo by herself. Oooh, Claire is falling asleep in the spa! She looks very tired in all seriousness. Actually, she might be having a cry, hugging Saxon at the same time. The rest of the house are talking away. She was having a little cry, and Saxon was just trying to reassure her. Sax says to Jo that this place has already had the effect on him that he wanted, and he is ready to go if he has too. Saxon says “If I leave, it’s because of them, not you….” Strange comment I thought, but he said it. Dreamworld says goodnight.

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