Day 38

10:01am – As part of this week’s task the housemates have been assigned a farmyard animal which they have to care for when that animal’s sound is played. It’s the intruder’s first morning in the house, and the housemates ask Jamie how his night was. Jamie says he’s not used to wearing a night mask, having the lights on and having such a thick pillow. Regina says she just ripped the stuffing out of hers.

10:39pm – Claire and Vincent are still asleep after their night of emotional upset. Vincent is eventually woken by a horse noise, which is his farmyard animal. He must put on the farmyard costume and tend to his plastic horse within 45 seconds. As part of the task another housemate must dress up as the farmer’s wife and make a cup of tea for the farmer. The farmer housemate must continue tending to their animal until the tea is ready. Patrick is Vincent’s wife this time around.

In the bedroom Saxon is getting a massage from Regina while Claire lets out two massive burps. At that moment Jo is called out to do her farming task. She’s an emu farmer and must tend to the fence to prevent any of the emus to get out. Jo calls out for some one to be her wife for the task, and Chrissie is going to but Saxon jumps in and offers to be her wife. Saxon spends a lot of time making Jo’s tea, saying he had to run down to the store to get some milk. All the while Jo is “fixing” the emu fence.

Afterwards Jo and Saxon are talking as a couple. Jo now wants to know what she did to make Saxon upset. Saxon tells her they will talk later.

Saxon calls for Regina in the bedroom to give him a massage. Regina doesn’t pass up the opportunity.

1:22pm – Saxon is still being massaged by Regina. The conversation moves onto Regina’s marriage. Regina tells her husband doesn’t like affectionate touch like how Regina is massaging Saxon. Regina also says her husband would be a good father… she thinks. Continuing to massage Saxon, Regina says she loves muscly bodies. Regina also reveals that her being on Big Brother is probably the most her parents will have to get to know her. Saxon asks how Regina’s husband proposed. According to Regina, she laughed and said ‘yeah whenever’ when he first asked. After he pulled out a ring and she realised he was serious, she burst into tears.

3:35pm – Big Brother calls Claire to the diary room. Saxon asks what it’s for but Claire says she doesn’t know, and doesn’t care if it’s a strike. Inside the diary room Claire is given a strike. This scene is HEAVILY EDITED, between every sentence there is a flash as it moves to a different part of the footage. From what is broadcast, Claire feels like a backstabber when nominating this way.

Outside the diary room, Claire tells the others she received a strike, but deserves it. Regina says “bugger”. In the kitchen Saxon is called to the diary room. Saxon says if he gets a strike he’s going to go fucking mental. Jo says to calm down but Saxon shouts as he walks out. Jo then says Saxon has “testosterone going through the roof”. In the diary room Saxon acts like a smart ass for a few minutes until Big Brother gives him a strike for telling other housemates that Claire nominated him. Saxon says it’s fair enough and going and stands by the pool alone.

Claire tells the others that she had a moment of weakness last night when she was about to leave the house. She says it’s because of Vincent that she has stayed in the house.

4:41pm – Saxon says that him getting a strike is fucking gay right to Jamie, who agrees. Saxon then jokes about Jamie cracking onto him, telling him to do it properly. They then talk about flattering each other.

Inside Daniel and Chrissie are laughing and gossip about Saxon’s behaviour around Jamie. Daniel says that whenever Jamie is around Saxon can only talk about how Jamie is gay and how he’s ok with it. Chrissie says that it’s so funny Saxon has to keep demonstrating he’s ok with a housemate being gay.

Back outside Saxon is talking about how Jamie was wearing makeup when he first came into the house. Jamie said the crew put it on when they were taking publicity photos. Saxon said nothing like that happened to him and he’s glad.

Chrissie and Daniel keep laughing at Saxon because now he’s talking about Mardi Gras. Chrissie says Saxon is being stereotypical and sounds like an old man trying to be hip.

9:15pm – Kim and Claire are in the bedroom. Kim says she is missing her boyfriend, brother, mum and dad. She says it’s hard because when she made the decision to audition for Big Brother she had nothing going in her life. She had no boyfriend and her job was becoming boring. But when she was called to be an intruder, she had a new boyfriend and was enjoying work after a short holiday. She says she couldn’t really say no.

In the kitchen Jamie is talking to Jo and Chrissie. Jo says she doesn’t want to be portrayed as a disty idiot. Jamie says it shouldn’t be a problem because you can redeem yourself in the interviews you do once you leave the house. He says he can’t really say anything more about the outside, but tells Chrissie that she should be prepared to leave at some time or another. Big Brother immediately calls Jamie to the diary room. Jamie is worried what will happen but the others assure him it will just be a warning or a microphone battery change.

Jamie runs into the house through the rain while Jo and Chrissie contemplate what he could mean. In the diary room Big Brother tells Jaime that some of the housemates might pull him into discussing dangerous ground, and warns him not to say anything about the outside. Jamie happily agrees.

It’s bedtime and while the housemates are sleeping Jamie asks Chrissie if Saxon’s ok. Chrissie says that Saxon is a great guy and just trying to show that he’s ok with the whole gay thing. She also says he’s cool and open about a lot of things.

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