Day 38 Uplate

Just before we get underway, apparently it’s been belting down outside (with rain if you didn’t guess!), which could jeopardise the task tonight. We’ll have to wait for what Mike says, which will be as soon as Tim Webster finishes that great program callled Sports Tonight…Finally, at midnight, meaning a 2am finish *just great*, we get rid of ST and move onto the real stuff.

Join the house outside, on the pool, with rain coming down. Mike comes over straight away, and tells us that Cyclone Claire is still brewing and actually is still talking of leaving. He tells us that BB is going to get a few people to go out in the rain tonight for the task.

Anyway, into the longue room we go, where Dan, Jo, Reg & Vincent are talking, Jo saying that they know the task is going to come, and they are going to get drenched. Reggie looks like she is falling asleep in a weird position, so Jo asks her if she is going to sleep. Reggie says she has cramps. Dan is amused how many batteries they must have gone through. Jo says it’s Day 37 (so close!), so 37 X 2 X 14 give or take a few, and thats the number of batteries used. Pat is lying down on the couch also, not having said anything. Jo says she has a really bad ulcer in her mouth because she hasn’t been taking her vitamins. Vincent tells her some remedy that will help her with the pain, just soothing it. Jo wants something to numb it.

Jo says that if they were smart, and had learnt from previous tasks, where they had injuries, it would be good if they didn’t perform the task in the rain. Jo then also tells Reggie to go in and tell BB that she feels like crap so she doesn’t have to do the task. Reggie doesn’t go in though. Jo says she is ready for action, and wants to do the task. Perhaps you can only be the wife to someone just the once, cause they are going through who has been wife to who.

Over in the kitchen, Saxon and Jamie are talking and cleaning the place. Jamie says it’s good that you can’t see any camera’s in the place. They are talking about Survivor, and the million dollar prize money. Jamie says he wouldn’t want to play that game, because they have to backstab, and starve themselves. They say that this game is the best because you can be yourself completely, and still walk out with a huge wallet if you win. Saxon asks Jamie if he knows anyone from any reality shows, to which Jamie says that he has met previous BB people, then says he can’t talk about it. Jamie says that Chrissie and him were talking earlier, and they were so wrapped that she had met 10 different people she would never otherwise meet. Saxon is saying that it is great, however, people are still playing the game, and so he hasn’t completely met a few people just yet. Sax says he isn’t in the mood to sit on the couch and chit chat, so he is cleaning. Sax says he wants to go for a run, but the rain is stopping him. Jamie goes onto an idea of putting sand in some things, and using them as dumb-bells. They start talking about exercising and weights, so I tune out. Boring!!

Jamie says he requested a dumb-bell last night, and Sax says they won’t get back to you for a while, because they asked for things in week one, and still haven’t heard back. They head back to the living room, saying that the pool is dirty on the way back. Claire makes her way to the kitchen now. Back in the living room, Dan is amazed by a moth trying to fly or something, but can’t because they have dust on it. They tell Saxon that Chrissie is asleep so as not to wake her. Jamie comes out from the diary room for some reason, and they again start talking about the different BB’s. Cut to the bedroom, where Chrissie, Jo and Saxon are. Chrissie and Jo are lying on their beds, while Saxon looks like he has just walked through. Jo says that she feels bloated. Jamie comes in and says he has lost his puffer. Jo and Chrissie go on to say that they are concerned that the viewers don’t know they don’t have much clothes, and thus they are wearing similar stuff all the time. Apparently Jamie mentioned it to Chrissie earlier in the day. Jamie is still looking for the puffer, when Mike comes on and tells us about trivia, and the barn yard task. He says that BB might send them all out their at the same time. Mike says that Sax headbutted her earlier today, and she had an ice pack on it for several hours.

Jo trys on some of Jamie’s pants or someones, and loves them, but they are far too long. Jamie says it looks great when the girls let a little bit of the underwear show. They are going through Jamie’s suitcase I think, and they find condoms. At least I think thats where they came from. Jamie says that when girls don’t want to wear bra’s, they put double sided tape on their nipples. Just thinking I haven’t seen Kim at all – so she must be asleep in the square bedroom.

Back in the living room, they are talking about thanking staff at restaruants if it’s a good meal and service. Daniel says that he doesn’t go out to places like that, that much, because he earns less than $20,000 a year, and because he likes to save a portion of his money, he has even less to spend.

Claire returns from the kitchen with some coffee or something for Reggie. Claire seems to be in fine spirits. Dan says “Could you imagine Reggie putting out a hit single?’ LOL, it gets a laugh all round the couch. Vincent cut his hand earlier today, and is talking about how when he changed the strap or something, it was arkward. He did it cutting an orange, with a sharp knife. Finally, a commercial break.

Back to trivia dude, aka Mike Goldman, and the brain teasers. Easiest of the lot the first one, the word is not even jumbled up, it’s simply a drop and read. Mike tells us that the HM’s will have to do the task in just a moment. Back in the house, Jo, Saxon, Jamie and Chrissie are talking. Dan joins them. Jo says she has had a revalation today, saying that this place is clear to them all now. Kim is called into action as the beekeeper, before Big Brother announces that no farmer’s wife is required for this task, as it is wet outside. Just as that happens, everyone is called into action LOL. It’s a mad dash in the backyard as everyone gets changed. Reggie is only just now getting into her gear, a bit late – will it mean a fail mark for the house? Impossible to tell any conversations, as each housemate is saying “here horsey, here dog etc’ BB comes over the house, and annouces the tea is ready, as well as having the hot water on for the next 15 minutes. Not a huge response from the housemates on the hot water though. Reggie is cracking up in the backyard, about to pee her pants. Chrissie has done something funny that she didn’t even know she did. Anyway, Reggie slowly stops laughing, before Dan launches into one of the doctors who speaks to the dead, but with animals rather than humans. Chrissie tells Dan that she didn’t have her hat on, because someone else wore it. Back in the bedroom, it looks like the housemates have almost given up on the task. Comm break, with the first ad being “Claire tried to outsmart BB…etc, Be watching tomorrow at 7 for the result”. Looks like good viewing.

Mike comes back with the brainteasers, saying that the HM’s bet 100% on this task. Mike actually says the word in the trivia in his hint, oops! Back to the house, and Jo and Sax are talking in the round bedroom. Jo seems very bubbly tonight. Saxon comments on this, saying it’s the most bubbly she has been in the house. Meanwhile, bottom right hand corner, Claire is having a shower, as normal, in the raw. Saxon is saying something about Jo’s nipples, and Jo calls him a ‘piece of shit!’ Sax says until now he thought Jo was quite subdued. But apparently she is always bubbly at work. Sax says that Jo just did the maccarena with her head! Chrissie comes back, and Jo jumps up and runs outside! Chrissie says she is all excited about clothes with Jamie, and the emu task, and we have lost the normal Jo. Sax says he is waiting for Thursday night when BB tells them they failed and they have no budget. Chrissie repeats that she had no hat to wear during the latest barn yard task.

Back outside, Jo and Sax are talking about microphone infridements, and how if they fail the task, they can make as many as they like! Jo yells out “Does everyone think we failed?” Sax says “yeh, cause we suck.” Pat says they should assume that they are still alive, and so they can’t give up. Jo is singing “Patrick it’s your birthday….”, but it ain’t his birthday. Jo says that there is 10 people left, but only 6 weeks left. Pat thinks there is more than 6 weeks left, it seems so short! Chrissie asks Jo when she was laughing at her during the task, whether Chrissie had her hat on. Jo says no. Comm break.

Kelly wins the $1000 tonight for the first time round tonight, and Mike goes through the second one, before we head back to the house. Jo is telling Sax that they have breach the mic rules because they won’t have any money. They all say that this is a new Jo tonight! “Evil Jo”, says Sax. Sax says Jo is like his poodle at home, which is just high all the time. Jo is suddenly feeling unwell, and lies down, closing her eyes. She is concerned for a second, then starts laughing again! Vincent sits near her, staring at Jo, who still has her eyes shut, below a cushion from the couch. Sax and Chrissie are making stuff up about Jo, Chrissie saying that she is going to break something, and that she has rude fingers up. Sax says she was just all bubbly, and now gone all half eyes on him. Sax passes her a book to read, lol. Sax starts reading to her. Jo says to BB she can’t do the task at the moment, because she has tunnel vision. Sax says they should start the emu sound up straight away. Meanwhile a few beds down, Claire is talking to Jamie, as BB shows them, they cut to a comm break.

Mike comes back on, gives his hint, before crossing back to the house. Jamie and Claire are still talking so we pick up their conversation. Jamie reveals that he is a bit weary of having gay guys as friends, unless he has known them a long time and has gained their trust, and vice versa. Jamie tells Claire where he works, telling her that he is in the shop by himself, which is really cool. Sax is making a hell of a lot of noise in the background, making it hard to hear.

Cut to the kitchen, and Kim and Vincent are there. Vincent says the Apple Crumble that Chrissie made is beautiful. Kim says that she didn’t realise how easy it was to make. Vincent says he has three favourite deserts, the apple crumble, sticky date pudding (yum!) and strawberry crepes. Vincent leaves, but asks Kim what time it says on the oven, Kim saying 1:15am…Not far away, especially considering the time delay on this show. Vincent leaves, and Kim exclaims “Who would eat that….Yuk…Me..” Weirdo!

Back in the bedroom, Chrissie is doing something to Saxon’s foot, or one of his toes. Can’t quite see. Jo apologises for her outburst, which we missed. She looks quite unwell now, with no energy, but at least is sitting up with her eyes open. Another comm break.

Back in the house, Vincent tickles Jamie as he goes by, and god, sorry to people in Brisbane if you were woken up! Geez, he jumped 30 feet lol. Vincent apologises, but Jamies says it’s cool, it’s just he didn’t realise he would do it. Vincent moves on, calling it a night. Jamie says once he gets into a nightclub, he stays in the one spot, and tells his friends that if they want to move or go elsewhere, to sms him. Claire says she is similar, they have there dancing spot, and tend to stick to it.

Back to the other end of the room, Saxon asking Chrissie if they can have a dance next time there is music around. Chrissie and Saxon have bonded really well tonight I think, it’s great :) Jo is still calling Saxon two faced. Jo and Chrissie try to have a private conversation, and Saxon suddenly thinks he is annoying someone. Chrissie and Jo try to tell him that everything is fine. Jo now has the worst cramp ever, and has hobbled her way to the bathroom. Geez, Jo isn’t having the best night is she? Saxon tells her she should go and have a cuppa, so off they go, back to the bedroom though, as Jo lies back down on the bed. Comm break.

Jenny from Sydney wins the second $1000, before we cross back to the Jo and Saxon show. They are talking about waxing, Chrissie and Jo both saying they can’t wait for one when they get outside. Interesting fact: It takes 15 minutes if you get a beautician to do it, 45 minutes if you do it by yourself. Jo doesn’t have one person who does it all the time, she just has whoever is there, but Chrissie has Jordona for hers. Sax says goodnight, and wanders off to bed. He says he’s all awake now, and says “bugger you Jo.” Jo is still worried about her outburst, but Chrissie says that she didn’t even notice it.

Chrissie says that Sunday is going to be absolutely devastating. The worse one to date they think. Chrissie says one of them is going, and she loves them all. Comm break.

In the square bedroom, Dan and Vincent are asking Kim if she has seen the new movies, esp The Matrix Reloaded and also XMen 2. Back to Chrissie and Jo, discussing that one of the nominees is acting in such a way that they are only making there exit quicker. In other words, acting in a bad way. Chrissie says the only thing you can control in this place is how you yourself act. Jo is asking Chrissie why BB has to keep going on with the task when people are asleep. Jo says that all she wanted tonight was just a great nights sleep, and the task has stuffed that up (not like she was asleep when the animal sounds came over!) Pat comes and has a cuddle with Jo, and Jo asks him if she went mental before. Pat says she was fine, not to worry about it. Jo gets out of bed because she is hot, and talks to Claire about her vision problems just a bit earlier. Just as she starts talking about that, Dreamworld says goodnight.

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