Day 39

8:47am – Saxon has slept on the couch because he wanted to hear the rain on the roof while he slept. Suddenly Patrick’s chickens start calling out so he must run to tend to them. Saxon offers to be his wife. Patrick must cluck like a chick until Saxon comes with the tea. Regina boils some water and the tea is slowly made. Saxon is laughing at Patrick clucking and as they walk into the kitchen Saxon pats Patrick on the butt.

10:08am – Jo is talking about how she hates the task. Saxon predicts they have already lost it. Meanwhile Jamie is telling Regina she reminds him of a friend he has outside the house… although Regina is a little more toned than this friend and has a six-pack. Regina says her stomach is just bloated. Jamie mentions her pregnancy scare and Regina says she didn’t expect to be pregnant but wanted to test just in case. Jamie says he feels like interviewing everyone as he asks Regina about her husband. Regina says her husband was fairly ok with her coming into the house.

11:30am – Jamie is talking to Jo and tells her she reminds him of a friend he has.

12:24pm – Regina and Saxon are wrestling each other in the bedroom. Jo says she can’t play because she’s doing her legs.

Outside the new housemates Kim and Jamie have been assigned a task and are discussing it. They must make a clay face bust to put in the Big Brother hall of fame along with the other housemate’s masks.

Saxon and Regina are still getting physical in the bedroom. Saxon wraps Regina up in a blanket but she calls him weak. Saxon says he’s not going to use all his strength on a chick. Regina and Saxon start playfully slapping each other. Regina outsmarts him by pretending he has something on his arm before slapping his face. They are now back wrestling on the bed. Saxon suggests that Regina wants to kiss him.

1:41pm – Vincent, Dan and Chrissie are in the bedroom talking about Jo’s little Young Talent Time performances. Chrissie says that all Jo can perform is YTT routines. Daniel contemplates a possible future for Jo in an alternate dimension where she is “Starlet Jo”.

In the lounge room Jo is singing the cheerleading chant from “Bring It On”, but can’t remember all the lyrics.

Back in the bedroom Daniel says it’s hard to picture Jo as a lawyer in a court room situation. He says it’s too serious and she would probably have second thoughts about her actions after leaving.

Saxon gets Jo to put up two fingers and he makes a clay mould out of it, using the clay the new housemates are using for their task. Patrick is reading on the couch. Kim and Jamie are busy making their models.

2:19pm – Jo has stabbed herself in the finger with something to do with the clay moulding task. She wonders whether she should get a tetanus shot. Saxon goes to find the first aid kit, which Vincent tells him is in the kitchen. As soon as Vincent hears Jo has hurt herself he jumps up out of his seat to help. Jo says she’s just being a big wuss. Vincent and Jo go into the kitchen for the first aid kit.

As soon as they’re gone Claire and Regina, who had been sitting with Vincent burst into a silenced laughter. They gossip that Vincent jumped right up and will probably kiss it better for her. In the kitchen Vincent tells Jo she’ll be fine. Regina and Claire watch in anticipation but Patrick goes to enter the kitchen, which will mean their intimate moment will be broken up. Regina says “bummer”, making Claire laugh.

Saxon and Jo are now in the kitchen together. He looks at her finger and kisses it better for her.

2:56pm – Kim is making her clay model with some help from Claire. Kim is thinking about life outside the house. She think she’s not being as loud as she thought she would be in the house. She even hints that people aren’t listening to her when she talks. Claire says she just sleeps the days away and the housemates don’t care.

8:54pm – Kim is opening up to the other housemates in the kitchen. She is talking about her boyfriend and how they are so affectionate to each other. Regina says that she’s spoilt by her boyfriend. Kim explains that her boyfriend is her Dad’s best friend and they snuck around for a while. She tells the housemates of an embarrassing situation where her boyfriend told her Dad (while drunk) that he was going to marry her. She says her dad laughed it off as a joke.

11:54pm – Vincent is contemplating whether his girlfriend is angry over his purrs and growls after Belinda told him to stop doing them. Vincent then asks Regina about her husband. Regina reveals she only told her husband she was going in a few days before she actually left. Her husband was shocked but ok with it. Regina then goes on to say that she doesn’t really like working in her husband’s fish and chip shop. She wanted to go to the mainland for a holiday or similar but her husband just wouldn’t do it… so she applied for Big Brother. She says she doesn’t know what’s going to happen with them when she gets out of the house.

12:26pm – Saxon explains to Chrissie that he stayed up with Jo the last few nights just to talk. He says that he doesn’t have a crush on her, not even a small one. Saxon explains that Jo isn’t the type of girl he goes for, but she does have some qualities that appeal to him. He ends up the conversation by saying Jo is very god at sneaky flirting, even with the many cameras watching.

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