Day 39 Uplate

Join the house in the bedrooms, and Mike comes on straight away. He tells us a few things which have happened today. He says Chrissie and Dan have continued gossiping today about Saxon and his ‘gay’ conversations with or about Jamie. He has also extending his conversations on that topic to mention Claire a few times. Vincent is still heartbroken about Jo apparently, and so is Saxon, says Mike. Jamie is annoyed at Saxon over his constant ‘poof’ comments, and has started calling him things back. And finally, Reggie has found some photo’s of his hubby, and their dog, so she is happy!

Into the house, and the round bedroom, where talk is about a lockdown either late tonight, or tomorrow morning. They are suggesting that they will remove the animals, and thus the end of the task when they have the lockdown. If thats the case, they believe that they will be hammered with the task tonight. BB will not be nice is there thought. Claire is in bed, Reggie is there, Vincent is there, Kim is in the next room but not far away, and Jamie is in the bathroom I think. Jamie comes in and says that if they fail, BB will probably still give them beer, because they like it when they get drunk. The rest of the room, Vincent especially, say that BB isn’t like that, and that they wouldn’t give them beer as a treat. They say that if that had none, then perhaps they would give them some for Pat’s birthday next Wednesday. Kim says she is going for a swim.

Saxon is over in the kitchen with Chrissie trying to play with his hair around the area of his asset. I dunno what the heck he is doing, trying to pull the hair or something. Anyway, he is hurting himself, I can tell that much! Chrissie comes and has a look at how much the hair has grown since he put some cream on or something, and they have a little laugh. Sax starts singing, then mentioned that he is worried about being portrayed in a negative light on one of the comedy shows. Jamie must have mentioned something to him.

He moves on and asks Chrissie whether she misses Belinda. Chrissie says not really, she doesn’t really miss anyone, although then changes her mind, saying she misses Leah. They both say that this week will be hard. Sax says if Dan goes, Chrissie would be devastated, because they have a special bond. Chrissie says that she would be upset, but she’ll be upset whoever leaves this week. Sax says he is loving living in the house now. He has had a great day today, and wants to stay for a while yet. Kim is still in the pool. Sax asks if Jo is going in. Chrissie says if Jo goes in, she will, because it will become an ‘event!’

Chrissie changes the subject a little, telling Sax she needs to ‘poo’, and that if she suddenly madly dashes off, thats where she is headed. Sax says that Kim is wearing a see through top and just a G String in the pool. Chrissie thought that Kim had told them that she didn’t have a G String. Vincent comes in, but doesn’t really talk to the other two. On his way back out, he says that he’ll think they’ll have lots of animal noises tonight, as it’s the last night of the task. Chrissie says that they are only allowed three stuff ups, and yet they reckon they will have done it 30-40 times by the end of the task. Jo asks the time, Vincent checks, and says it’s close to midnight. Sax says that it’s so hot in there, and takes his top off. Chrissie agrees that it is very hot in the kitchen.

Sax says to Chrissie, back by themselves, that the night he went and got Jo’s brush and started to brush her hair, he thought they were all mad at him, and thought that he was sleazy. A Moth flys onto Chrissie at that moment. Sax goes onto say that the conversations he has with Jo might be misconstrewed. He says that Jo probably thinks that he has a huge crush on her. Chrissie asks if he does. He says he doesn’t think so, saying that she is not his type. He loves her as a friend. Sax is saying that he has this great best friend, who is a girl, and spends time with her, loves her, but only as a friend. Sax says he isn’t ready for the outside world, because he doesn’t know if he’ll be able to handle it. He thinks he’s a bit young and immature. Chrissie says that they’ll be heaps of people helping him though. He is worried about people asking him about Jo all the time. Chrissie says that it could easily be seen that he has a crush. Sax says that Jo gives him puppy dog looks all the time, and no one picks up on it! Sax says that he has never been interested in someone of Jo’s standard, so he doesn’t think he has a crush on her. He tells Chrissie that his dad said not to hook up with anyone inside the house. Kim yells out loud, then gets out of the pool, in a nice attire! Sax says he wanted to talk to her about Jo because he didn’t want her to get the wrong idea. Again she says that he thought he had a little crush on Jo. Chrissie says that when Sax was rubbing her thigh, and then Sax says ‘she thats what I hate. You miss all the stuff she does to me, she gets away with everything!’ Comm break.

Mike goes through the first trivia, and tells us that Vincent got busted for talking to the intruders about the outside, but didn’t get a strike, and that Jo and Jamie are getting on like a house on fire. He recaps the Jo and Saxon, Chrissie convo, saying that Chrissie believes he is trying to talk himself into not liking her. Anyway, back to their convo, Sax is saying that he was pissed at Belinda when she came back in, because when he mentioned he was tired, Belinda said “yeh well if you stay up talking to Jo all night you would be.” Sax is still worried about how he is being portrayed, and that he wishes people could watch their conversations to see her advances too. Chrissie says Sax is worried about nothing, cause Jo isn’t worried about it at all. Chrissie tells him that you can’t be responsible for the actions other people decide to make. Suddenty Sax aks Chrissie if his hands look white. Chrissie says they do. Dan has joined them in the kitchen by the way, been there ever since the break, but hasn’t said very much at all. Sax says that Ben sat him down and said he was worried that Jo was kind of playing some of the boys to advance her stay in the house. Good old Benny, he was on to her! Sax says he would be crushed if she was like that. Dan and Chrissie both say that if Jo is the mastermind she is doing a real good job, and that she wouldn’t tell anybody about it. Chrissie decides they will both have another Milo. Chrissie says that the night of the dance party it looked like it could get a bit dangerous, but before she can continue, we have a comm break. Really good convo this one, really am liking Chrissie heaps lately.

Mike gives a trivia hint, before we go back to the house, and Jo is having a talk to Sax in the kitchen now. Kim has joined them too, Dan still there as well. 5 of them in there, Chrissie still doing something in the actual kitchen area, while the rest are at the table. Sax says that while Chrissie and himself drink their Milo casually, Jo is stuffing her face with food.

Cross to the square bedroom, Reggie is talking about her hubby and her work back in Tassie to Vincent. She is telling V about how the hubby signed a four year lease on the shop when Reggie didn’t want to commit herself for that long. Reggie says if she has to stay there for the next four years, but if she has too, she doesn’t want to get up at 4am, rather go in at lunchtime and work casually. Reggie says she likes NSW if she wanted to move, and wanted a change. Reggie’s hubby is of the opinion that having the business now will set them up for life in the future, while Reggie is quite happy just struggling along. Vincent says that life for her will definately change once she gets out. Out of everyone here, Reggie’s might change the most. Comm break.

Matt wins $1000 and picks Vincent to do the task first tonight. Back to the house, and the square bedroom, with Vincent just lying down on his bed. He tells Reggie there is only six weeks to go, if they are kept in. Reggie is so soar, from wrestling with Saxon today. Jo comes over to them. Kim is also back inside now. They are still thinking all of them will have to do the task, but not until they all fall asleep. Reg asks Vincent if he’ll be happy going back to his job, Vincent saying ‘would anyone be happy going back to their job.’ But he says he likes his job, enjoys it, and then explains to Kim what exactly he does. He says he’s been doing it for six years now. The noise comes over, and Vincent starts running. He easily makes the time limit alloted, and Pat is the wife, and goes to make the tea. Vincent tells the housemates that he is thinking of putting the horse in the Melbourne Cup. Just then, Pat tells Vincent that the tea is ready, and they cut to a break.

Back to the house after Mike sets up game two of trivia, and tells everyone that Jo’s firedrill costume is only at $250 or so on ebay, so they should all bid. Ben’s legacy item is up to $3000 or so. Anyway, Kim, Reggie, Sax, Chrissie and Vincent are in the square bedroom. Chrissie and Sax leave, and let the others try to get to sleep. Reggie says that Saxon cannot be quiet, no matter how hard he tries. Vincent says he still reckons that there is still going to be another one.

Back over at the kitchen, Sax and Chrissie have rejoined Dan. Sax asks Chrissie if she wants another milo, but she says she has too many already. Sax is skipping rope, while Dan asks Chrissie about her black mark on the nightie. It came from a black shirt. Chrissie says shes on edge because of the task, and doesn’t know whether to go to bed or not. Sax says she shouldn’t, then goes onto say “Stay and play. Be my shadow for a day.” Good line that. Sax says that if he stays for a while, and a few beds come free up Chrissie’s end of the room, Sax is going to move into there. Dan says ‘no way squarey!’ Jo has joined them in the kitchen, dressed in her PJ’s. Sax and Dan finish the ice cream off. Chrissie asks if anyone in the square house applied for BB2. Sax has a little think, and then yells Vincenzo…” but before he can finish what he is going to say, comm break cuts in.

Mike mentions BBBA!!! He gives a quick plug to ‘his friends’ at . Good work Mike, love your work :) Back to the house, and Sax is talking about his time before he got in, saying he would have been one of the last to put in their video’s. They keep talking about the task, saying they all expect everyone to be called soon. Cuts over to Vincent in bed for a minute, before returning to the kitchen. Sax is looking in himself in the mirror, saying he is looking broader nowadays. Jo says ‘you look good.’ Chrissie says that Sax’s boobies look big in one mirror. Dan says he has been picking his nose like a shovel, saying that his nose is crusty in Qld. Chrissie agrees. Comm break. Uncut ad says it will show footage from the night the triangle started, uncut and uncensored tomorrow in it’s show.

Chrissie is put up the test from whoever won the trivia, and will have to do her work in just a minute. Actually now. It’s a sheep, and Chrissie runs like lighting! Dan is the wife, and Chrissie starts talking to her goat. Chrissie starts saying “Gimme at G – O – A – T” She asks if someone is making a cup of tea lol, and Dan comes out and squels, “I’ve got your tea right here!”

He has her tea, says it’s disguisting, and leaves to return her costume. Dan says ‘she hates my tea…’ Sax is cleaning the floor of the kitchen, and Jo is keeping him company. Again, Sax asks how hot is it in here. Chrissie comes in and says the same thing! Jo starts to sing “It’s getting hot in here…” Dan says that that was the first time he has been her wife. Cross back to the square bedroom, where Vincent is reading, and Regina has her eyes half open and shut. Kim also looks as if she is asleep, as comm break cuts in.

In the living room, we see Pat for the first time tonight, Jo is also there and Chrissie. They are talking about Jamie almost hiting the deck in their room at some stage, they are in hysterics, but I don’t know what they are on about. Chrissie says she is going to have a swim. They don’t realise it’s about 1:35am obviously.

Pat tells Jo that he had a weird dream about the task this morning, and Jo says that it might be the nicotene patches, because Claire reckons she has had weird dreams ever since she used them. Meanwhile box shows Chrissie is in the pool. Jo and Pat are whispering to each other. Jo says that Pat will be in the 50 most eligable bachelors when he comes out. Jo is talking about being on the cover of Ralph. She says she would have rathered get on the cover without the influence of BB helping her get there – she would have rathered get there on her own accord, by default. Pat says that everyone needs a helping step. The go onto talk about Australian history a bit, and I just can’t be bothered listening at this time of night. Just cut it off BB, I need sleep! They both seem like they want to travel at some stage. Jo says she wants to go over to the UK soon, she is just hopeless at saving. Pat says his two sisters are over there now. Pat says they have a flat, so she would have a place to stay if she went over there. Jo and Pat are suggesting going over there, and Pat says that Jo could go shopping, while he would go to the pub.

Sax and Dan are outside beside the pool, talking to Chrissie, but before any conversation starts, Dreamworld wishes us goodnight.

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