Day 40

9:55am – Claire and Jo are concerned about passing the task, especially Jo who hasn’t been sleeping well. Jamie is up and ready for some sun. The housemates explain the weather has been bad all week. Patrick (or Patrice) has spiked up his hair today… Regina says he’s ready to pick up some chicks today. Patrick says that Reg’ is good.. he has his eye on her. Jamie comments on Regina’s hot bod.. working over the hot stove.

3:14pm – BB plays a dog barking noice, which means Regina must run outside and round up sheep by calling to the dog. Her wife Daniel has grabbed her a cup of tea after a hard working day. Jo is preparing hamburger rolls for dinner, and tries to coordinate with the other HMs. Vincent is supposed to do the mince but he seems reluctant. Jamie is mostly quiet when discussing dinner. After Jo leaves Jaime asks if Jo is his type of girl. Vincen says sometimes he still loses his breath when she looks at him – he won’t repeat that again. Jamie says she’s a beautiful girl inside and out. She has “this” and “this” (heart and mind) instead of “this” and “this” (boob and boob). Vincent says even if people only see the 2D view, they are priviledged because they see the 3D.

Jaime goes on to discuss pretty girls in Melbourne who starve themselves, dress themselves and lacking intelligence. He’s happy he gets to meet Joanne.

4:17pm – Vincent says when she’s free he wants to talk to her further… to connect a few dots. He doesn’t really want to over cooking… but she says ask away. He wants to know about some of the bad things she hinted had happened to her in the past. “What do you want to know?”.

Back in the house Regina comments on the love attraction between Vincent and Joanna… fatal attraction. Jaime asks if Regina thinks it goes both ways. Regina thinks a little.

Meanwhile Joanne is telling Vincent how she had an eating disorder when she was younger.. started when she was 14 and then in year 12 she got better. She put her friends and family through hell unintentionally. Ever since she’s had heath problems triggered by her eating disorder – her intestines are not 100% and her reproductive system is probably not working properly. She will probably have to have stuff done. Vincent looks very upset for Joanne.

Jo: “As much as people think oh she’s so vain and she’s this and she’s that it’s the complete opposite… I’m getting a lot more secure with myself. I’m accepting of myself now more than ever and that comes with age.”

Jo explains that it’s considered a disease now, but she has never relapsed. Sometimes she gets a bit obsessive with exercising and she had a period when she was very muscular. She gets inclined with one goal and goes for it… sometimes too far. Vincent thanks Jo for sharing that.

Back in the house Jaime asks Regina what she thinks of the intruders. Reg thinks it’s good they brought some new characters in. She sees Kim as the loud character… but not too loud.. she needs it. Regina sees Jaime as the soft character… in a good way.

5:48pm – Task results are in. They bet 100% on the task. Big Brother begins a sentence “With success…” the housemates think they have passed and begin to cheer but Big Brother must raise his voice to finish the sentence… it’s very funny. He tells them they better move out of town… they have failed the task. The HMs are dissapointed but not surprised. Regina emerges with two boxes of chocolates for everyone. She had stashed them away expecting to fail the task so the HMs would have chocolate to eat.

8:32pm – Housemates are all keeping occupied after the bad task results. Inside Regina explains she was brought up in a very rough area – everyone wears leggings and mullets. She’s glad she didn’t turn out like that. Some of the housemates go to bed. Regina explains her siblings turned out quite well. Kim is the same – she see’s people from school with a bad life and is glad she didn’t end up the same.

Meanwhile Jo is angry about a comment Leah made last week about her being a rich girl. The conversation with Regina earlier has reignited her annoyance. Jo says “so I did go to school in the eastern suburbs so what?”. Regina and Kim comment that maybe the other housemates can’t relate to what they were saying because they are from “….. higher classes. They’ve grown up with money and private schools”. Kim was the only white kid at her public school, she says.

In the bedroom Saxon says to Jo that Kim is a weird choice of person to put in the house compared to the others. Jo is still feeling bad because of Kim’s background. Saxon tells Jo not to feel that way… everyone has sad stories not just Kim and Regina. Back in the lounge room Regina explains she left school to go working, and was glad to do so. They both agree the BB house is so nice, they’d love to live there.

Saxon says to Jo and Chrissie that Kim has been going through a lot of alcohol – 10 glasses of wine in 2 days, “we wouldn’t even do that as a group”. Jo and Chrissie agree. Patrick enters and Saxon asks “is alcoholic Kim still on a roll?” The others laugh.

Kim wonders that her and Jaime have fit in well. Regina thinks and hopes so. The others predict the whole cask of wine is gone now. They all laugh again. Saxon says the bedroom has become the anti Kim crew.

10:07pm – Kim questions Vincent on his girlfriends reactions to him entering the BB house. He says she had reservations. Regina’s husband Adrian will be wondering what she’ll do next. Vincent jokes that she will strip, and guys will be undressing around her (he is undressing at the same moment). Kim’s husband wouldn’t want her sleeping next to any of the boys. Adrian will be thinking “what the hell is she going to do tomorrow?”. Regina knows in her heart she’s not doing anything wrong, so she’s happy. She’s only having fun. Kim asks about Adrian’s parents. Regina feels a bit weird.. and knows exactly what they’ll be thinking. Kim says she doesn’t need to please anyone but herself.

Kim goes to see if Jaime is alright, who has gone to the living room to read.

11:09pm – Jaime asks Kim if she’s coming out of her shell. She thinks she is a little but maybe it’s not a good thing – she’s a bit rough compared to everyone else. Jaime says she’s gotta be herself… and it’s good that she’s found a mate in Regina. They decide to go have a milo in the kitchen, where Kim asks Jaime if he wants to get drunk. Kim can’t believe no one is drinking. Jaime says there is nothing to drink.

Kim asks if people have been getting cranky she had a few wines tonight. Jaime says “no, I haven’t heard anything like that tonight”.

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