Day 41

5:28pm – Claire and Patrick are in the kitchen, discussing the lack of food. They predict the milo will be gone by shopping day, and becuase they have failed this week’s task they will have no money to spend. Inside Jo suggests a party might happen – but Chrissie says there is nothing to celebrate about: there’s no food and no money.

Outside Kim is explaining to Regina and Claire its hard to come into the house so late because strong friendships have already been formed – it doesn’t feel right. Claire says everyone else thinks Kim’s a housemate – Regina agrees, but she can see Kim and Jaime aren’t being welcomed properly.

6:23pm – Jo is collecting glasses, and Kim reveals she’s already had two glasses of wine. She wants Jo to fill it up again.

Jo: “I would love to… but I can’t”.

There is a silence, until Jo explains all the wine is gone. Back in the kitchen Jo explains what just happened to Vincent, who finds it funny. Saxon wonders what he’d be like in a relationship, Kim jumps on the conversation and says: “you’d always wonder if you looked better than your girlfriend, you’re too loud so you’d overtalk her all the time”. Jaime starts laughing. Saxon says that’s funny coming from Kim who’s N+1. Kim responds: “I’m not as arrogant and pig headed as you and stubborn”. This is what Kim has gathered from 4 days knowing Saxon. He says she doesn’t really have any say yet, but Kim replies that she is allowed to throw her two cents in. Saxon throws her two cents away.

8:00pm – Regina is still angry about Saxon telling her to be quiet the night before. Saxon says he was acting on Chrissie’s behalf, who was trying to sleep. Regina doesn’t want to talk about it anymore, infuriating Saxon.

8:18pm – Saxon and Regina are now in the square lounge room, discussing this argument they’ve been having. They go round in circles with it, and decide to have a serious chat some time.

11:28pm – It’s time for the serious chat. While lying on Saxon, Regina explains she is worried about the fact that she might be intimidating. She feels she is making everyone think of her differently…. like she is more popular. Chrissie, who has now joined the coversation says she doesn’t think like that but they are exicted because they have some one so funny and interesting – and Regina probably doesn’t realise this. “It’s a gift, but you just have to face the facts”. Regina feels better now that she’s had a chat.

12:43am – Regina is back in Saxon’s bed, much to the taunts from Daniel – “they’re spooning each other!”

Regina: “I know Adrian would be going fuuuuuuuck!”

Before she entered Adrian told Regina not to be touched by any other guys in the house.

Kim: “Where’s your wedding ring?”
Regina: “I forgot them”

They all laugh.

1:44am – Chrissie and Saxon are talking to Jo about Regina’s episode earlier. Chrissie says Regina is “one in a gazillion.. she’s a legend” and because it’s obvious Regina thinks that the other housemates are thinking of her differently. There is also the issue of Saxon and Regina hanging out. Saxon says if her husband of 6 years can’t accept that they are just mucking around.. “phft!”.

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