Day 41 Uplate

Saxon is comforting Regina, while Chrissie is talking to them also. Earlier, Regina said that “You always leave in the middle of conversations….” directed at Saxon. They have in the meantime, kissed and made up however.

Also, Claire had a moth go down her pants, immediately dacked herself, and Jo dived into her panties to retrieve the moth out. Claire was said saying afterwards “I have to think of more ways to get Jo inside my pants!” Mike told us a few other things, but I’ll get them the next time he says it. Oh, one other thing, they are mad at BB because he won’t give them Pasta for the week. The HM’s believe that Pasta should be put on the necessities list, and given to the housemates regardless of whether they pass or fail the weekly task.

Back to the square bedroom, Reggie, Chrissie and Saxon are talking, Regina still a bit upset. Chrissie says every Sunday from now on will be the start of a prick of a week. Regina says she feels better now. Sax says he can;t wait to get out and see Carlo. Chrissie says she can’t wait to meet Carlo! Jamie comes over and shows off his new type of ventolin puffer, which Reggie hasn’t seen before. It’s wham smacky new or something, and way different from the normal everyday puffer.

Sax says he had a couple of asthma mini attacks while the houses were seperated, because the air had nowhere to go, but since the house is one, it’s much more open, and he sleeps fine. Jamie says that he used a bit of Saxon’s cream, Sax seems cool about it. Sax is pulling his hands through Reggie’s hands, and Reggie says that if Adrian saw this, he would be boiling. Sax says he’s only 19, Adrian has nothing to worry about it! Chrissie reminds them that they’ve been together for 6 weeks, that they are a kind of family now, and you take any affection you can get while in here.

Sax says that he was reading a book to Jo earlier, and had to walk away because he was beginning to cry. We cross to the round bedroom, and Pat and Jo. Jo says that all her friends will still be her friends when she goes back out to the big wide world. Jo is tired out, but Pat is not tired at all. Jo says if she tries to read, she’ll be out like a light. Pat is looking at Jo’s boy, Tim, in a photo of the two of them. They say that they will probably be starving for the next week, seeing they failed the task. They continue talking about food for a while, making themselves hungry. Jo looks up and asks where Claire has gone. Jo says that they had nothing to do tonight – no party or anything. She seems dissapointed. They lie together in silence for a bit, and the cams change to the other bedroom where Sax, Reg, Claire and Chrissie. Sax says that it’s a once in a lifetime experience – having people at your fingertips within a minute who can make you feel good. Chrissie makes the point that she hasn’t had a new friend in the last few years, so she is rapt. Sax says that her mum hasn’t had a holiday in 10 years. He says he’ll take her on one once he gets out of the house. Chrissie says that this is her ‘holiday of a lifetime!’ Claire says she wants a Milo, but can’t be bothered walking all the way to the kitchen. Kim is also in the room, I just didn’t notice. They discuss that when Claire got the strike, she was tough. Once BB handed down his decision, Claire was asked what she thought. She decided against sayng anything, because BB was not going to change his mind, and that anything she said would only be used against her. They say that Claire got two in the one day, and Sax says that Bel got two at once.

They tell the others how she got a second strike, saying that the spa jets were going, and they only whispered in each other’s ear. Chrissie can’ believed they got picked up for it. Claire says that it is all assumption from BB. They are getting close to talking about stuff they shouldn’t be, but anyway.

Cut to Dan and Jaime having a convo in the square living room. Jaime is saying he won’t have one night stands, and that he would rather go home by himself than force things to happen. Dan pipes in saying that he doesn’t force either, saying thats probably why he hardly gets any action. Dan says that he loves dancing with people, not saying a word, and then never see or talk to them again. He finds it exotic. Jaime says that it shows that Dan has a lot of respect for women.

Dan says that while it isn’t a complex thing, but he finds it terrifying going up and starting to talk to a girl. Ah Vincent is there too, saying that the first time he was with someone when he was 16. It was her first time too. It happenned on Valentine’s Day. He says that every year since that day, he leaves a white rose in her mailbox every Valentine’s Day. He says he has done it 12-13 time now. He says it always comes from his parent’s garden, and he picks all the thorns off it. He says that he is happy that he is still friends with his first time girl. Actually, thats the nicest story Vincent has ever told IMO. Comm break.

Back from the break, and Mike comes on. Goes through the first brain teaser. LOL. Jamie and Vincent are going shopping once he goes back to Melbourne. Jo is joining them too. Saxon says he would never go shopping with Jamie and Jo, because he has the five minute rule, in with clothes within five minutes, or walk out with nothing. Dan says he always has to go to the toy section when he goes to any shopping centre, because he has to see the Star Wars stuff.

Chrissie mentions she went to a Karoke bar at Crown in Melbourne with a friend one night, and somehow had drinks all night in there private karoke bar, and spent $6 for the whole night – on the cab fare home! Her friend had connections apparently! Saxon says that when he is at a small restuarant, he always takes his plate up to the ktichen to help them out. LOL, Jamie says if they were eating in the diner on Home & Away. Chrissie says she would in that situation. They start talking about Sexy BB, apparently named Lara. Geez, that’s a great name…Anyway, they have an argument over who sexy BB is – they end up saying that have two sexy BB’s in this house. Sax & Dan start reliving the “What Does Mine Say” scene out of “Dude, Where’s My Car”. Comm break.

Mike comes on again, and as usual, gives his hint for the first brain teaser. Anyway, Claire has bought back a few coffee’s for the housemates from the kitchen. Reggie says that there has never been so much cosiness on this side of the house. It’s a good point, all the love seems to come from the other round bedroom. The lights go out, as all the housemates gather on the square side. They countdown the seconds till the other side of the house get their lights out as well, but BB plays with them and makes them wait a couple of minutes. They talk about whether they will get a party this week – Reggie doesn’t think so, before Pat’s 30th.

So many people in the room, it’s difficult to hear a conversation. Some of them are talking about what BB says to some of them. They say that BB should say sometimes “This is BB. Knock Knock.” or “This is BB. Why did bob fall off the swing.” I agree as well, more BB interaction. Kim says she’ll tell a racist joke. I didn’t hear it, but hardly anyone laughs, most saying that it is really racist. LOL, quote of the night to Claire “I didn’t think martians came from Mars.” Jamie tells Saxon that he has a tight little bum. Sax says that he is scaring him. They say that Jo also has a nice ass. Pat heads off to bed, Chrissie goes to brush her teeth, and we go to a break.

Dwayne from Brissie looks like he’ll win the first $1000 of the night, at approx 20 to 1. He gets it right. From our friends at, here is the joke from Kim earlier.

Q:What do you call an aboriginal who has an abortion?
A: A Crime Stopper.

Lovely, but moving on, and back to the house. Looks like everyone has gone to their respective bedrooms now, as Sax says goodnight to Jamie. Sax still running his hands through Reggie’s hair. Jo comes over from the bathroom to say goodnight to everyone in the square bedroom. Vincent gets up and either walks to the other bedroom, or to the bathroom. We cross over to the round bedroom, and Jo says she loves sleep. Dan says that the type of dreams he has depends on what side of his body he sleeps on. Jo and Chrissie are discussing something Belinda mentioned too them the other night. I dunno what their on about, so I won’t write about it. Back over in the square bedroom, someone has mentioned how much cuddling Sax and Reggie have done tonight. Reggie says that her man should know that it doesn’t mean anything. Kim says that if she did that her man would get so mad. Comm break.

Mike gives the clue for the second and last brain teaser fro the night, and then for the second night in a row, he gives us the eviction phone numbers. Weird, cause he never did it before boring last night, which was acceptable in the circumstances. Anyway, after that he sends us back to the house, and the square bedroom, where Reggie and Saxon have been cuddling for almost 3 hours, Mike tells us. LOL They start talking about the live feeds on the net, and Vincent says that the peak time would be in the morning at the showers. Reggie says it’s funny, cause she doesn’t even think about it. Vincent says your not meant to see it.

Back to the round house, Chrissie and Jo are discussing what they want to do with their lifes once they get out of here. Jo says she doesn’t expect anything to happen, but it would be good if something did come out of it. Jo informs Chrissie as to what her family brothers and sisters, from what I can imagine, are doing with their lives, and where they are all living. Jo says that someone wants her to move to Melbourne, and it looks like she is considering it. She still hasn’t moved out of home. Chrissie says that it’s the best feeling, and that she should really consider moving out. Jo says she’ll miss her mum. Chrissie says of course you will, but there is nothing better than independence. She liken’s it to ‘driving on your own for the first time.’ Comm break.

Back to Chrissie and Jo after trivia dude did his thing, and we’re back to Chrissie and Jo. Chrissie says that she has so many questions that she wants to ask. Apparently they got pulled into the DR (Jo and Chrissie) and BBB was so nice to them, saying that they would just have to be patient. We get the meanwhile box showing Saxon in the living room playing the guitar. Chrissie says that Reggie too has a crush on BBB as well, so it’s just not her. Jo says she can hardly remember what he looks like. They make fun of Claire sleeping. Jo reveals that Ben was actually missing Kylie heaps, on one of his last night he was holding a photo of her with a hankerchief in hand. They say that the fresh blood into the house has been great. Jo asks Chrissie when she last did her hair. She says “I dunno, about a month ago!” Comm break.

Mike gives a woman a $1000. She likes Reggie the best. She also thinks that Claire will be evicted on Sunday. Mike says goodnight to everyone for the week. Cya Mike! Back to Chrissie and Jo again. They are discussing how many people will still be in the house at the end. Jo suggest it might be 5 instead of 3 up until the last Sunday night. That’s how it’s done in the UK btw, well they have 4 until the final night. Thats what they did last year anyway. They are whispering very softly, and you can’t make it out. Apparently 6 weeks to go is that right? 10 people left. 6 normal evictions and a double eviction on one night would leave them with 3 on the last Monday. So perhaps there will be 2 double evictions before the end. If thats the case, surely they better do one soon, ie next week.

Jo said a bit earlier that because the house is very open now, and because they’ve got 10 people again, they have split into groups again more often, whereas last week with just 9, who were all there from the start, it was a greater bond, and more group activities. Jo feels she doesn’t really fit into any of the groups though, and that that has been the case for her through life. Chrissie gives her a bit of reassuring. Chrissie says that the minute anyone sees Jo they immediately think “Wow, what a beautiful, gorgeous girl.” The more Chrissie gets to know her, the more she likes her, and that gorgeous tag evaporates and she just sees a really nice person.

Crossed over to the other house, Reggie is still lying on Saxon’s bed. Vincent says he wanted to a fireman up until they did the fire task. Is Sax back there, or still outside? Quickly back to Chrissie and Jo. Chrissie asks Jo how she feels on Monday’s after nominations. Chrissie says that she feels really bad. Jo reminds her that everyone has to do it. Jo says she dreads Sunday’s and Mondays. Chrissie says she’s going to be a wreck on Sunday – and she isn’t even nominated! Chrissie says that if she could ‘call’ who could be evicted, that would let her get ready for that person going, but she can’t even do that, cause she has no clue. Comm break.

Back again for the last time tonight, and there is movement in the square bedroom. Chrissie has also got up and is laughing with Reggie and Kim. Damn, I think I missed a great comment! Perhaps it was directed at Kim, saying that she had a big fat arse!

Ooh, Jo and Saxon are out on the couch. Sax says to Jo that she doesn’t need eyelashes cause she has great eyes. Sax asks Jo if she thinks he has been acting different around her the last week. Jo says Yeh, and Sax says he doesn’t know why. Sax says that Jo has changed as well. Chrissie comes out now and joins them. LOL They are suggesting that a new BB boardgame is out, and Sax thinks that it is about them, and people have to be a contestant! How wrong can you be Sax! LMAO. Chrissie starts singing “The Phantom of The Opera” for some reason, and Sax says he went to see it with his dad. Chrissie says “Well, your seeing it right here.” Wasn’t that funny, but the way she said it was priceless. Music came on for a sec to suggest the end of the show, but faded again. They mention Michael Crawford in his role of Phantom.

Sax says that he came out to the living area cause when he got back on the bed with Reggie people kept saying ‘be careful’. He says he is sick of all the rubbish about hugging people, and just came out for a break from it all.

Reggie was crying earlier, and Chrissie offers a great explanation. She says that Reggie knows that she is the favourite with the audience, and ever since the two newies came in, they’ve treated Reggie as a star, and now Reggie has started thinking that the other housemates must think of her badly cause she is doing so well. They praise Reggie throughout the conversation, and say they love her. “She is one in a gazillion!” Soon after this, dreamworld says goodnight for another week :)

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