Day 43

We join eviction day with Reggie in the kitchen trying to make biscuits. Jo comes over and scares living daylights out of Reggie, who incidentally, was talking to herself. Jo thought she must have known she was coming cause Reggie was talking aloud. Interesting start to the day none the less!

Vincent tells Claire, who are both enjoying the morning sun, that “I don’t want you to go.” Claire says she is happy to go and happy to stay, although she would rather stay. Vincent says he doesn’t want anyone to go. He tells Claire that he is just starting to know Dan, not his characters, and that he is a top guy. Jamie and Reggie join the two, and Jamie says that he loves the diamonds on Reggie’s butt!

Back in the kitchen, Sax is talking to Joanne. He says more than anything he doesn’t want to go. Saxon says that if he was starting to feel very strongly for someone, it wouldn’t be right, but that the other person seems to have some feelings toward him as well. He says that because that person had feelings in return, it made it easier for him to like this other person even more. He’s talking in a third person kind of voice, but if you listen you can gather he is talking about Saxon’s and Jo’s relationship. He asks Jo her opinion, and she hesitates for a while, then says “I don’t think it’s fair for me to talk about this in this house.” Sax immediately replies back “Who said it was you!?” She says she wasn’t meaning it was her, and then goes onto say that she has an idea of who it is, to which Saxon asks “You do know who I’m talking about don’t you?” Jo says “Well it’s obvious…” looking outside towards Reggie. Saxon asks if she is ‘seriously looking out there?’ Jo seems taken aback, and asks “Well, who is it then…” She says “there isn’t anyone else around, so who is it”. Saxon walks away, saying ‘shattered, I am.’ Jo, finally waking up, says that ‘if you leave, we’ll definitely have a chat when I get out…next week’

We rejoin the housemates on the patio, discussing whether there is any cereal left in the house. They each go through saying how many bowls each person has had this week, no one having more than two. Saxon is shattered when he realises there is none left.

Pat and Jamie are in the storeroom, and Jamie finds some food that Pat and Regina have been hiding away. When Jamie asks what it’s doing there, Pat just says “Ask Reggie…and don’t tell anyone.”

Back to the days of our lives part of the show, ie Jo and Sax, who are talking in the garden. Saxon asks Jo “outside of here, would it be healthy to hold onto those feelings?” Jo says she wants to say so much to Saxon, and if the camera’s turned off for five minutes she would, but until they both are out of the compound, they can’t discuss it. Before Jo gets up see says “Your very special Sax.”

In the kitchen, Pat tells Reggie that Jamie found the special stash. He calls Jamie Julian though first! He tells her that he moved the goods into her bedroom.

“It’s time to go Claire”, Reggie is upset, and after saying goodbye, Saxon goes straight to his bedroom. Jo follows after him and Sax says that there is no positives to this night; you stay and you hate it. They have a cuddle. Sax says that he’ll have to go through all of it again this week. Vincent comes in, and starts to backtrack when he sees Sax with Jo, but Jo calls him over. Jo and Vincent hug, Jo saying that it “sucks so much. It’s only going to get worse..” Jo says that they always seem sad because they think she is dead kind of thing. Vincent says that reality tells us that we’ll see her in six weeks max.

Moving into the round bedroom, Chrissie is there by herself, having a cry. Jo starts crying next door, and says “Sorry, I’m a sooky la la!” Over in the kitchen, Kim says it’s weird, cause it’s her first one. Back in the bedroom, Vincent and Saxon share a huge hug.

In the square living area, Jo and Jamie are talking about the eviction. Jo says that Kim and Jamie came in under the worse circumstances, and that now they have to go through seeing them all upset, and while you too are upset (Kim and Jamie), they don’t fully understand it all. Jo tells Jamie that it’s all mind games in here, forget about the fact they have no food for the week, it’s all mind games. Jamie suggests that people don’t realise how ‘full on’ it is in here. Jo says that she thinks that everyone is real in the house.

In the round bedroom, Kim suggest that everyone gets up in the morning and has a swim and play a few tunes. Saxon, sounding as if he is still in the other bedroom, yells out “You trying to tell us what to do now Kim?” While it might sound harsh, he is saying it in a nice voice. Saxon says “Why don’t you be a producer, and like…write the script!” Kim says that she can tell a few of her racist jokes. Saxon says that he ‘loves the racist jokes so much, that he could kick you out the door’, referring to Kim. Kim says she hasn’t heard anyone laugh at her jokes. Saxon says cause there not funny. Dan says that they can choose either to laugh, or make Kim feel bad, and they chose to make Kim feel bad. Patrick and Chrissie say at the same time that the jokes aren’t funny. Chrissie suggest they drop the subject, but Kim keeps talking about it. Chrissie says “You were talking about rape: It’s not funny” After this, Kim cracks up…Strange girl. Chrissie then goes through the “Kimmy, look at me” routine.

Over in the kitchen, Jo and Saxon are talking again by themselves. Jo reveals that she is ‘so happy your still here.’ She goes onto say that he makes her so happy, and they have a big hug. During the hug, Saxon says that when Gretel crossed, all he was thinking about was that night the two of them stayed up all night. Jo has a smile on her face. Sax says that he wouldn’t enjoy the house as much if it was ‘Jo-free’

Back in the round bedroom, Kim is wondering how the new housemates will be used during the nomination process. Chrissie says that she should go and ask BB what the plan is, and so she does. BB tells her that they won’t have to nominate, and they can’t be nominated for, in the nomination process tomorrow. They get another week. Kim is excited. She tells them back in the bedroom, and Chrissie’s look to Reggie is to die for! She just keeps shaking her head.

While Chrissie and Jo know, they don’t think Saxon knows, and Chrissie suggests that if they tell him in front of a group of people, he won’t be so upset. The boys are playing Cricket, and Chrissie casually mentions “So we all know that they can’t be nominated, and they won’t be nominated?” Saxon yells out “What?” He points to Jamie and says to Chrissie “There immune?” He says that thats bullshit, because he was in the house only three days before he had to nominate. He goes onto say that it probably looked like he was rude to Jamie, he didn’t mean it personally, but he doesn’t like the system. Pat suggest that Saxon goes and clarifies with Big Brother. He doesn’t, continuing with his Cricket game. Jamie says bluntly that ‘we (meaning Kim and him) would be up tomorrow if you could pick us.’ Chrissie doesn’t agree, saying that they have to come up with a good reason, and can’t nominate someone just because their new.

In the square bedroom, Reggie and Kim are talking. Kim says that if anyone else walked through that door, she would help them heaps. She says Reggie really helped her. Reggie says its because no one else relates to her. Kim says “we didn’t go to the private school, we didn’t have the mansion to live in.” Reggie says “Imagine if I wasn’t here!” Kim says that she wasn’t here, she would have clung to Jamie a lot more than what she has done. Reggie reveals that she feels she will be nominated this week.

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