Day 44

7:41am – Regina is up early and goes into the kitchen. Jo is already up making bread. Regina complains about the cold. Apparently Jo has been up for the last three hours because her eyes are stuffed up. Regina says she’s not feeling well either. Jo is waiting for the doctor to come and look at her eyes.

8:48am – Patrick comes into the kitchen and Jo fills him in on the situation. Regina goes to have a shower and Saxon joins her. The two are in their bathers/bikini. Last night Regina said to Saxon she had a problem in the house, and now he wants to hear it. Regina doesn’t want to say… but does tell Saxon some one is getting annoyed about her being around him.

10:07am – In the bedroom Pat tells Saxon about Jo’s eyes. Saxon literally runs to the Kitchen to see if Jo is ok. Jo tells him “oh thankyou you’re so cute”. Outside Chrissie notices that Regina didn’t make today’s bread. Regina says she’s worried people will think she’s hogging all the cooking, but Chrissie says that’s nonsense.

Later Saxon tells Regina that he is the problem with her and the ‘other housemate’. Regina thinks she has to stop mucking around with him, but Saxon thinks if other people are perceiving their mucking around in another way, that’s their problem. Regina says she just wants to be on her own.

11:45am – Regina is sunbathing with Kim on the deck. They are talking about Regina’s situation. They agree that making people upset with her mucking around is stupid. Regina says she hasn’t this sort of jealousy problem since high school.

2:45pm – Jo checks with Big Brother about her nomination reasons. Big Brother asks Jo about her eye, Jo says it’s fine now that she had some anesthetic put on it. Jo says the particular housemate she’s thinking of nominating (Regina) doesn’t want to be friends with her, even though Jo wants to be friends with Regina. Regina goes into the diary room straight after Jo comes out and asks Big Brother about her nomination of Jo.

8:29pm – Nominations are announced. Saxon and Chrissie look shocked. Daniel says he has fierce competition for this round of nominations. In the bedroom Jo hugs Patrick while Kim tells Regina that she’s not finding nominations very fun. Chrissie hugs Jo in the bedroom while Jamie goes into the kitchen. In the kitchen Regina is explaining she expected to be nominated, especially after seven weeks in the house.

Jo is telling the others that she’s fine with being nominated, and that she’s going this week. Saxon tells Jo to cut the bullshit. He says she’s making all the other housemates sad by yelling out that she’s going. He tells her to not say “I’m going” again. Reggie says she’s going. In the kitchen Jamie reassures Reg that she’s not going. Kim jokes that Regina is acting paranoid like a raving lunatic.

8:48pm – Saxon is angry about the way Jo is handling her nomination. He tells her “why can’t you realise you’re so special”. Saxon starts getting upset saying “I’m just like a kid”.

9:06pm – Jamie and Kim are talking about the tensions of nominations. Kim says the others are getting way too serious about it when they will see each other again in six weeks. They suggest that greed of the prize money is taking over friendships. Kim says that the first time she’s nominated she won’t be storming around.

In the bedroom Daniel tells the other housemates he’s good about being nominated. He even says he’s the running champion of nominations. Saxon says he wants to be the champion.

12:01am – Jamie wishes Regina goodnight, and they talk about how the lows make you appreciate the highs in the house. Jamie explains that it’s a win-win situation because if she’s evicted she will have a ball with Adrian and if she stays she’ll have even more of a ball in the house.

Saxon and Jo are in the kitchen. Saxon is blubbering on about how great Jo is. He says she needs more faith in how people think of her. Regina is telling Jamie how much the day has sucked. She says she’s been thinking about stuff too much today. Saxon and Jo walk to bed. Jo calls him “Saxamaphone” (from the Simpsons).

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