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Evening all, and welcome to another week of Up Late. Of course, earlier in the evening, Jo, Regina and Daniel were nominated for eviction. Jo has been up and down throughout the night, smiling at times, other times in tears. Dan, the season performer, has been his usual self, giving others a few laughs. Reggie, who keeps saying that it doesn’t affect her, has been pretty upset.

Anyway, we join the house in the kitchen, where Dan, Saxon, Patrick, Vincent and Jo are. Mike introduces himself, saying they have already given away $40,000. Jo has been saying that her boyfriend won’t be speaking to her when she leaves all night according to Mike. Anyway, back to the house, Saxon says that he’ll have missed half of the footy season, he didn’t expect to be in there for that long. He says he’ll probably be put on the bench when he gets out, referring still to footy. Jo says she didn’t take her mediciation, because she wants to stay up all night, stay up all week, cause if she went to sleep, she would miss out. She says softly she doesn’t want to go. Pat is reading out how to make bread in a weird accent, to Daniel. Quite funny. Oooh, it’s actually the new pasta maker they received tonight.

Jo remembers about when Pat was playing a song, and Jo was sitting on Ben, and they were loving the song. Pat says it was completely made up. He says he was pleased with what he said to Gretel on the nomination show, because he knew Claire would have been there. Vincent didn’t realise that Saxon threw in a hello to Claire, but he is adament he did. They start debating how to cook Soft Boiled Eggs, because Vincent stuffed it up today when he was trying to cook them for lunch. They again say that some of them never got to meet Irena and Carlo. Daniel is in another persona again tonight, I haven’t heard him talk normally yet. Pat is going to lie on the bed and see what happens, so he wishes the kitchen crew goodnight. Jo meanwhile says she has to start thinking about leaving, and Saxon says that she doesn’t. Saxon says if he hears Jo talking like that, he’ll throw her in the pool. The remaining housemates start softly singing “Did It Ever Make You Wonder…” Sax starts talking about a guy that used to babysit him, and the havoc they used to get up to in the backyard. Saxon says he doesn’t want to leave the place because the house is such a positive place, and outside it gets negative. Jo says that she misses “The Simpsons!” She says that she has Sex & The City and Friends taped by a friend while she is in here. Daniel says he wants this show taped so he can see what it was like. Vincent says that the helicopters must think they are snobs – BB instructed them last week not to wave. Saxon says he almost hides when he sees one overhead nowadays.

Mike comes back on, saying Saxon cried earlier because he didn’t think Jo was dealing with it correctly, and also Reggie cried cause she realised she might see her dogs soon. Back to the house, and the kitchen, they are looking at the mirrors checking for pimples or something. According to OzUpdates, Kim is chatting to Jamie and Chrissie in the bedroom, talking about how she met her boyfriend. Dan is giving Jo a massage, and is saying that she carries her law books unevenly, and that once she gets out, she must carry them evenly. Saxon sits back down at the table, and they go back to the Simpsons topic, talking about an April Fools Episode.

Finally into the house, Reggie and Jamie are saying they are going to exercise all day. It’s going to be a better day. They say goodnight to each other. Vincent comes into the room, and Jamie jumps on his bed, and Vincent has to run away to get off it! Reggie has ear plugs, so Vincent doesn’t have to stick the stuff up his nose tonight. He seems happy, and he’s back on the bed with Jamie. Jamie says that he has learnt to sleep through anything – a rat in the wall helping him do that. Reggie says that she had something they could hear in the walls at the shop, and it annoyed the hell out of her. Reggie says to Chrissie, who has come over, that the whole day has totally sucked. She says she was thinking the whole day. Chrissie says that when she was nominated, she instantly thought “Yes”, that she wouldn’t have to nominate anymore. Reggie says the first thing she thought when she heard her name was the TV zooming in on her, and giving her phone number to evict! FINALLY, a comm break.

Back to Mike, who runs through the first brain teaser for the night. Just realised that Jo’s odds for eviction are only $1.05, meaning she is definately the favourite to be evicted. Mike gives a plug to the BB official website, before we get back to the house, and the kitchen, where Saxon and Jo are alone. Saxon says it’s going to be a hard week for her. Saxon asks her if she has ever done a saoince (spelling majorly bad!). Jo says she never wants to. Saxon says the hardest thing he had to get his head around was that, come the Sunday, he would never have the chance to have this experience ever again. He says thats why he wants to be in here for as long as possible. He says that he tends to hang around certain people more of the time, and if those people weren’t here, he wouldn’t have had that much fun. He mentions Jo, Chrissie and Vincent. He says that he is glad Chrissie isn’t nominated, cause if worse comes to worse, he still has her. He says that BB doesn’t want to hurt us. He says I’ve never met anyone that is a mixture of beautiful and talented at the same time. He says that she is not up herself, but she perhaps needs to have a bit more confidence in herself. He says that Chrissie is worried that that night she flared up at Ben will be bad for her, but he also says that Chrissie has been Chrissie every other day, so there is nothing to worry about. Comm break. I reckon Jo said 10 words in that conversation, compared to Saxon’s thousand, easily!!

Back again, and Mike gives us a hint for the brain teasers. LOL. He tells us that if you do something bad on BB, he won’t show it over and over, because it’s illegial. And this one “Just shut up Jo. Just realise your special” Ahh, back to the house, and to Jo and Sax. He’s saying that to make it to the BB house is a huge accomplishment for them both. He tells Jo not to worry about what other people think, just be normal Jo. Jo says she has been herself for 7 weeks though. Sax says that is great, because for the last six weeks not many people have walked into the diary room and said that Jo annoys them. Sax says he is thrilled just to be not nominated this week. Sax says that if the inside people don’t want her to go, the outside couldn’t possibly want her out. Oh geez, you have no idea young boy. Saxon wonders if they get stuff (ie Alcohol) for Pat’s B’day, if they will still get some on Friday. Jo says they won’t get 2 lots. Sax says thats had Kim and Jamie been up this week, they would have been nominated, cause the bonds around the existing housemates are just too strong. Jo says she had a good chat with Reg, that she hasn’t done that for a while. Comm break.

Angela wins the first $1000 for the night, with the correct word camera. He sets up the second game, before we again head back to the house, but this time the bedroom! Reggie lets a nice smell out, tries to blame it on Kim. Jo joins them, revealing that she is getting all nostalgic. Pat asked her what time it was, and Jo said that he asked him that in the first week. She seems to be having a little cry. Reggie is letting them off a fair bit I think, Kim thinking she might have done something in her pants. Jo goes to do something in the bathroom, while Reggie says she can’t wait till Wednesday. Kim asks if BB will let them do something, but I can’t hear it. Vincent says they will have to wait and see! Kim and Reggie continue to whisper, being too hard to hear them. Jo has returned to the kitchen, talking to herself about her eye problem. She gets her eye drops out of the kitchen. Back to the girls in the square bedroom, but comm break comes in quickly.

“Trivia dude” gives us the clue for the second brain tease, and then goes on to talk about the OS Forums. Back to Reggie and Kim though now, Reggie decides to go to the toilet, Kim saying she has to go 2-3 times a night. Reggie tells a story about how she crashed into the walls back when the houses were not one, trying to go to the toilet.

Back outside, at the diary room door, Sax and Jo are talking. Saxon is asking how difficult it is to get her articles/clerkship. Jo says it is. Sax again says that he doesn’t want her to go, and says that he doesn’t think she will go. They argue about how many weeks BB is run for, at last deciding that it’s a bit more than 12 weeks. She gets on her bed, says “bring it on”, wakingup ‘patrice’ in the process, so she apologises to him, and then it’s time for another comm break.

Back with Mike, who goes through the puzzle again, but because it’s not quite time to go home for him yet, so he gives the hint again. He goes through the popularity polls for a bit – Kim coming last. Chrissie has come down to 10%. Regina amazingly has gone up, to 50%. I would’ve thought she would be going down if anything this week.

Anyway, back inside, the square bedroom, Saxon is getting ready for bed, while Reggie, Kim and Vincent have a little talk down their end of the room. Saxon looks as if he has hurt his foot, and Vincent has come to the rescue again, wrapping a bandage around it. Sax says he is sick of hurting himself, to which Vincent says you have to be careful. Someone gets up to have a look from the round bedroom, but can’t tell who it is because no face is seen. Only know it’s a guy, cause he was in boxers. He pulled the door out at the foot of his bed, and caught his toe in the process from what I can gather. Chrissie comes over asking if he gets sick of hurting himself! Chrissie, after going to the toilet, comes out and says that it doesn’t feel like bedtime. She goes and sits on Reggie’s bed, and joins Kim and Reggie’s conversation. Comm break.

Nicole from Queensland, who has met Mike already, wins the $1000. IT’S ALL RIGGED I TELL YOU!!!! Get me on there Mike, and all will be forgiven. It’s her birthday on Friday, so Mike gives her tickets to the eviction on Sunday. He’s in a generous mood tonight! Mike says goodnight, and we go back to the house.

Saxon is talking to Chrissie about waxing or something, can’t quite figure it out. He says that Carlo did something when he was there. Chrissie reveals that she doesn’t know if she’s coping. Saxon inappropriately says “Go press the button.” He almost immediatel says sorry, that he was being a dick. She feels sometimes she would like to go into the diary room and ask if shes doing ok. They say they believe what Carmel tells them. Saxon says he thinks everyone is doing very well. He says it’s amazing that everyone supports everyone. He refers back to the night that Chrissie got into the argument with Ben – he says that she did very well, and it shows that everyone looks after everyone, because she stood up for others. They say they love Patrick, Kim saying that she does too because he is so calm. Comm break.

Back with the square bedroom, Chrissie looking as if she has returned to her bed, and everyone else has got into their own beds. Vincent is just lying on top of his doona. Silence in the BB house. Even with the infa red camera’s or whatever they are, the camera’s that let us see in the dark, it always looks as if someone has a lamp on over their bed. Ah bingo, Reggie has one. We see it when Vincent goes to the bathroom. He gets back on his bed, and uses the light to relax, and commence reading a book. Over in the round bedroom, Jo and Patrick are asleep. Back in the square bedroom, Reggie and Vincent share a laugh. Vincent takes his mic off from around his neck. Silence for another few minutes, as Reggie falls asleep, before Dreamworld says goodnight.

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