Day 45

8:51am – Regina is up and in the kitchen with Kim. She is happy that Jaime is also up early and says they can all make bread together. Jaime wonders why Kim of all people is up this early in the morning. Reg directs the others on what they need to do for the bread. Later, Kim questions Regina about nominations – this is the first time Regina has been nominated, she thinks everyone is expecting her to crack up because of it, which is frustrating. Earlier Daniel said “don’t pretend that nothings wrong” to her. Reg explains that she only had tears in her eyes becuase she misses her dogs – she doesn’t care about nominations at all.

In the bedroom Chrissie and Daniel are pulling sexy (yet disgusting) faces at each other for amusement. Back in the kitchen Jaime says that Kim and Regina, despite all the roughness and racism, are probably two of the nicest people he knows. Kim explains she won’t let anyone mistreat or upset her, even if they have more money or think they’re better. Chrissie and Daniel agree that Kim has some interesting stories. Dan finds it refreshing hearing these stories from a country person perspective – instead of a city person criticising country people.

9:43am – Kim finds Jaime’s comment earlier amusing and tells Patrick about it while she sweeps up outside. She explains she is not racist and doesn’t mean to come off that way – she won’t tell the jokes anymore because she’s scared she’ll go back to her town and execute her. Patrick suggests she tells Irish jokes from now on.

Chrissie asks Jaime how Reggie is today – she’s fine.. and don’t go on about it. Chrissie feels like Reg is mad at her, but Jaime doesn’t think so – she’s just sick of people asking her if she’s ok.

1:00pm – Some housemates are playing Marco Polo in the pool. Kim and Regina preffer to stay in the bedroom. Regina guarantees that if she survives the upcoming eviction she will be nominated every week from then on. They both agree the rest of the housemates want nothing to do with them – like there is an exculsuion because Regina and Kim are good friends and quite similar. Kim is frustrated that it takes the others so long to register her concerns, and the worst part is that they’re 26 and 29, not 16 and 17. Regina agrees entirely. Vincent doesn’t answer Kim and Saxon snaps at her. Kim will be fixing that.

Regina comes to the diary room and asks if she can talk to the house psychologist. BB asks if she has a problem – Regina says yes, with the house and the housemates, she wants to clear her head. This has happened since Ben left and the new housemates entered. Regina starts crying. She’s noticed the others don’t take the intruders in as housemates very well and there is division. BB asks if she feels like an outsider – Regina does – she feels like the others don’t want her in the house any more.

Regina goes back and talks to Kim about what happened with “Mr. Beebs”. Kim says the paranoia is worse than anything: you don’t want to upset anyone. She feels she is too loud for everybody, especially Vincent who sees her as lower class. Saxon has also been ignoring her, snapping back and treating her badly.

5:50pm – Regina has gone to the diary room to speak with Carmel, the house psychologist. In the kitchen Jaime queries Joanne on her eye, which is coming along fine. Patrick has noticed Jo has been a little quiet this week and wonders whats up. Jo insists she hasn’t been worrying about evictions or anything. Patrick worries Jo isn’t happy – but Jo says she isn’t flat at all.

After an hour with Carmel Regina goes to the diary room and lies down to think about things. Kim is explaining to Patrick and Joanne how her and Jaime sat aside and felt the tension. They were also scared because the other housemates were different after nominations were announced. Patrick apologises, but Kim says it’s not their fault, and will happen to them too sooner or later.

8:36pm – Kim is in the bedroom singing. Chrissie is at the other end reading.

Kim: I’m a bit rude and crude aren’t I Chrissie?

Chrissie: Umm…

Kim: Yes..

Chrissie: Urrm…

Kim: Not that many people can handle it.

Chrissie: I don’t know about rude and crude. Your stories are different… like I haven’t heard any stories like that before.

Kim: They’re all true

Chrissie: Oh yeah I’m not saying they’re not.

Regina enteres and exclaims that she feels so much better after talking with Carmel. Chrissie comments she felt that Regina was different the last few days. Reg says she was thinking too many stupid things… to the extent she believed things were there when they weren’t. Saxon joins them and is told that Regina isn’t where she was last week. He adds that its to do with getting used to things. Regina’s rebuttle is that the housemates have to get used to the new intruders. Both Chrissie and Saxon believe they have.

Dan and Kim are in the pool. Dan explains he is interested in people and what makes them tick. Kim says there are things that worry her but she doesn’t care what others think of her. Kim and her brother live together and did their own thing despite what other parents thought of them. Kim calls out to Vincent, who doesn’t come.

In the bedroom Regina explains that Kim feels like no one likes her. Chrissie says no matter how much they say they do like her it won’t change Kim’s perception. Regina, Chrissie and Jo all agree they could not have come in this late in the game.

11:09pm – The girls are giving Patrick birthday massages and pedicures in the bedroom. It’s his 30th birthday tomorrow. Meanwhile in the kitchen Saxon asks Patrick if he has regretted doing anything in the house – Yes – he had a few moments of weakness where he let things slip. Things about himself. Saxon doesn’t think he has revealed everything. Vincent explains he is a very private person. Saxon has a few regrets too. Vincent says “I know”, but doesn’t pry any further. Saxon wants to talk – it hasn’t been anything he talked about but getting to close to people. Vincent is walking out the door with water but says “lovers come and go, but friends are forever”. Saxon agrees: his motto is “mates before dates”.

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