Day 45 Uplate

We join just before midnight tonight, which is just as well, because it’s “Patrice’s” birthday come midnight. I wonder if they will all sing Happy Birthday tonight, or wait until the party tomorrow night. Ooooh, that means an awesome Up Late tomorrow night hopefully!!

Anyway, hurry up Sports Tonight. They will actually be luck to make it by midnight from where I sit. 4 minutes left, and they are up to the ‘Play of the Day’. Here we go! Got there with two minutes to spare. Anoyone notice they took the Horror reference away from the MA rating. Only happened last night. Oh well, I probably find weird things. In the bedroom, Reggie doesn’t seem to be wearing much, Kim is giving her a massage. Mike welcomes us to the house, saying that the house have already given Pat a b’day massage, well the girls have anyway. Kim seems pretty good at what she’s doing, Patrick comes into the area, and uses the bathroom sink. Reggie says ‘hi Patrice’. Kim says that Reggie will have to keep her legs together so the camera doesn’t get any ‘breakfast’ shots! Kim seems to be rubbing on a HEAP of oil. Reggie says she has never had this done to her – she’s in heaven! She drags the towel down to cover her legs, and reveals her panties in the process, Kim says ‘Oops!’ Reggie says that Kim will hopefully rub away her Bready belly bug. They are using different names – Kim is called Sally. Trying to pretend they are in a salon or something I suppose. Reggie says the problem is where she is staying at the moment, there isn’t much food. They have a great laugh after this. Oh, we saw a bit much there then! Reggie says that hopefully they’ll be able to buy “Crunchy flake things’ so she doesn’t have to eat bread.

We cross over to the round bedroom, where Patrick, Jamie and Chrissie are talking. Daniel is also lying on his bed. Jamie says that because they are here 24 hours a day, they know so much, compared to the audience, and yet, they (sitting there in the bedroom) don’t have a clue about what is happening over in the kitchen at that moment. Presume Saxon, Jo and Vincent are over there. Jamie and Chrissie both agree that they would hate to get out and discover that someone in the house isn’t genuine. They don’t think there is anyone like that in here though. Jamie is explaining that when he decided to come out, he decided to change his outlook totally, and live with no regrets from that time on. He again tells Chrissie that his father wanted to put a PS on their Christmas cards, telling family and friends that Jamie was gay. Mike cuts in again, saying that we are watching “Chrissie’s Corner!” He plugs the OS, before crossing back to the bedroom. Kim comes into the room and says “Now would anyone else like to see Sally.” Jamie asks if thats a nice way of asking for Sex! Once they understand, everyone declines.

Chrissie says that getting an intruder coming in now via the emergency door would be the scariest thing she could ever experience. Reggie is trying to get her robe working, saying she never wears it, and judging by the way she is having trouble tying it up, she’s right. She says “F*** it, I’m taking it off” after all that. Ah, Reggie!

Saxon! He never stops talking this boy. As I thought, it’s Sax, Jo and Vincent in the kitchen. They are trying to figure out what week they are in, and perhaps what day it is. He says it if keeps going the way it’s going there will be four left at the end, and if they are asked to evict one of the intruders, there will be two left. God knows how they came up with that. Strange they don’t mention a double eviction – surely they realise that one is coming somewhere soon. Saxon says he would to know who does the phone voting – the outside company that controls it. He would like to know all about it. Jo is apparently a bit peeved cause her teeth are getting ‘too white.’ Geez, call the doctor! She says she needs some bottled water, but doesn’t know if BB will give it to her cause it seems he is favouring. Saxon says it’s a medicial condition, and they talk about white spots appearing on the teeth or something. Maybe there is something wrong with them. Comm break.

Back with Mike, who runs through the first brain teaser. To the kitchen we go, where incidentally, Saxon has his foot on the table or something, and Jo is massaging it or something weird. Ewww. Vincent is looking on, but is not saying much at all. Vincent gets up and leaves, saying he will go and read. Jo is not happy with this, saying that he isn’t himself. His heart is breaking, no bloody wonder!! Jamie comes over as Vincent leaves, to get his water bottle. He tells the two of Kim giving massages over in the bedroom, and Jo gets him to stay and chat with them for a while. Jamie gets himself and Jo some water. Sax asks perhaps the dumbest question of his laugh, saying to Jo “Have you seen Basic Instinct?” Jo again mentions that ever since she was 10, she was told not to use tap water, use bottled water instead.

Saxon can reel of anyone who is in the house, including people who left, and their birthdays. He is actually pretty good at it. In the middle of this, comm break.

Back with Mike yet again. He gives a hint for the first teaser, and then tells us that the new task is a Quizmaster Task. Housemates are called to the diary room to answer questionds – they aren’t going very well. Suprise Suprise, we return to the Kitchen! Nah, I love watching Saxon drool over Jo. Jo mentions that Leah had the scariest ghost stories. Jamie says that his parent’s country house is quite scary, if he is alone down there, he won’t look in mirrors, and tends to stay near the front of the house and keeps the stereo on loud. Jamie says he loves going to the Old Melbourne Goal and it’s night tours. Saxon says he would like to do that, cause he doesn’t get scared. Saxon reveals a story about how one night he was with a few mates, and some kind of witch, scary looking guy, scared the crap out of them by telling them what they were thinking about. Comm break, pretty boring conversation, hope they head to the bedroom after the break.

Catherine wins the $1000 for tonight, and got woken up after she rung through, cause she fell asleep. Lets hope she can remember what it was. She does. Good work, Mike goes onto setup the second game, but Catherine thinks that Jo is going on Sunday. Anyway, back to the action, and the kitchen, damnit! Jo is talking about Simpsons again to Saxon. Jo finds an episode that Saxon hasn’t seen! Jo seems to be like a TV addict. She is off work till she goes back, without pay of course. She is getting people to tape all of her favourite shows for her. Saxon asks if they are getting paid to be in here. Jo quickly says that they can’t talk about it. Jo is losing money from being in here, and Jamie is making money. Lots of beeping out, before they decide to cross to the square bedroom, where it is quiet. Reggie is in bed, and Vincent is on top of his bed reading. Kim is also in bed reading, and my TV is losing it’s reception…..let’s hope it’s going to be ok for the rest of the night. Mike says that they can’t show the other vision over in the kitchen, so they have to cut to the exciting stuff in the bedroom. He goes through the nominess names and phone numbers in the meantime. Allowed to go back to kitchen now. They are talking about Uni. Jamie says he had an exam today, and an exam on Friday. Comm break.

Mike gives a clue, and encourages us to but Claire’s eviction legacy items. Back to the kitchen, Jo asks Jamie if he wants a family. He says he would love to have a little baby in his arms, but he seems destined to just be an uncle for his sister or other family members. A lot of beeping out again. Sax asks if his name is James or Jamie, asking whats on his license. He goes to pull out his wallet haha, and then says it’ Jamie. Saxon says he lost his wallet just before he came into the house, or something like that. Jo has been to Dreamworld lots of times. They are talking about tolls, and Melbourne having the E-Tag system. Saxon doesn’t understand it. Jamie doesn’t have one (neither do I!) Sax is complaining how there is no way to go around some tolls in Sydney, and then says that when people finish painiting the Sydney Harbour Bridge, they have to start again. Jo says she is scared of heights. They go back to the Simpsons again, talking about the Bette Midler episode (was on just the other night actually!), for Krusty’s comeback. Jo says that she doesn’t think there is an episode she hasn’t seen. Comm break. Jusr thinking I wonder how long they would keep the vision on them if they started talking about another show, on a different network, in depth…

Mike does his usual stuff. Back to the kitchen, where they are talking about Sax’s great grandmother, who they would visit but she wouldn’t know who Sax, or his dad was. He says that the only time he has seen his dad cry, anyway, they change conversations midsstream. Jo says “I need to do a toilet”. They decide they should head back to the house. Back to his dad story, and I totally didn’t get that, sorry. They reach the bedroom, and look at the day planner near the door before they go in. They go inside, where everyone is asleep, or at least in bed. Jamie climbs into bed, while Jo gets changed. Patrice wakes up, so Jo gets him to turn her light on. She heads to the toilet. Saxon looks almost ready for bed himself. Vincent has given up on the book, and is asleep. Sax gets comfy, leaving Jo the only housemate left standing. Half an hour to go…. Comm break.

Mike rejoins us all, Alisha, 19 year old, is on the phone to Mike. He’ll stretch this one out cause everyone is asleep. LOL. Alisha changed her shifts so she could watch BB Up Late. She wins the $1000, before they chat some more. She wants Jo to go, cause she is playing Sax and Vincent. To show us it’s live, they show Chrissie, because Alisha requested it. LOL. She has Call Waiting going on. Mike tells the person calling to stop calling. He keeps talking to her, not very interesting. Mike says that even when people are sleeping on Up Late, they outrate Parliament Question Time. Her boyfriend is asked to come and talk to Mike, otherwise they won’t give her the cash. Here he is. They really have a great shot of the moon. Oh god, this is dragged on to long. Paul, the boyfriend, is a gardener, but is unemployed, so Mike trys to get him a job. His favourite is Daniel. Mike FINALLY wraps it up, and they hangup. Comm break.

Not that interesting of a show tonight, last night’s rocked a lot more. However, with Pat’s b’day bash tomorrow night, hopefully we’ll have some fireworks tomorrow night. Anyway, we’re back for approximately 10-12 more minutes of watching people sleep. Mike said that he was leaving, but he comes back on. Hey Mike! He reads a few more forum replies from the official site. He plugs the “Go Regina” website. He has Louise from Brisbane on the line. She suggest they put a rooster call through the house. Her favourite housemate is Daniel, or Chrissie. Exciting stuff. Their conversation ends, and he plugs the song again, and looks like they will play it again. Goodnight Mike, are you Mikey G, the writer of that song? Interesting…The Camera goes for a walk around the backyard, the song finally comes on just past 2am…Incidentally, the lawn was mowed overnight last night for anyone that is interested…The song ends, and so does the coverage, as Dreamworld says goodnight.

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