Day 46

9:01am – Jamie, Patrick and Regina are in the kitchen. This morning Regina made Patrick breakfast in bed for his 30th birthday, but Patrick got up just as Regina was walking in with the food. They three of them joke that Regina is Patrick’s wife for the day, and she must fulfil her ‘wife’ duties.

12:15pm – The housemates are doing their task. It’s a quiz where they housemates are asked questions on a specific topic each day. Today it’s music and they’ve chosen Chrissie to answer the questions. The first question is “In 2002 What former Black Sabbath singing had his own reality television show”. Chrissie answer it correctly with “Ozzy Osbourne”. The second question is “which east coast rapper was killed in a Los Angeles drive by shooting?”. Chrissie answers with Notorious B.I.G. but the other housemates think it’s Tupac. Chrissie gets it right and the housemates are awarded a bonus prize of extra toilet paper. The final question is “what is elvis’s middle name”, Chrissie gets it right.

2:18pm – Jo and vincent talk in the kitchen about an incident last night. Vincent walked in on Jo talking closely to Saxon and left immediately. Vincent tells Jo he just wanted to give them some privacy. They hug.

4:47pm – Jo tells Saxon about Vincent’s talk with her. She tells him that he wanted to give them time along. Jo tells Saxon she reassured him that it was no look, no feeling.

6:59pm – The housemates surprise Patrick with a birthday party as he comes out of the diary room writing his online diary. The theme for the party is Scottish highlands, because of Patrick’s birthplace. Chrissie brings the cake outside as Mike Goldman tells us that Patrick’s family always celebrates birthdays with a big party. The housemates are given a pinyata. Vincent is waving around the stick and making light saber sounds, he whacks out some candy which Jo promptly picks up.

9:03pm – Patrick is holding Jo, as he tips his glass with Vincent and Chrissie. Mid-nineties disco music starts playing. Three housemates are dancing along the kitchen window. Dan is making some very strange dance moves.

9:31pm – Jo hugs Saxon saying “I’ll miss you Bella”. Saxon says he will never forget her, and what about the 100 000 000 guys looking for Jo. She says she doesn’t care about them, and tells Saxon she loves him lots. Saxon says “I love you too”.

9:50pm – Patrick and Regina are dancing. Jo hugs Vincent telling him “I’m sooo going to be catching up with you in Melbourne”. Jo says “you can kiss me”, so Vincent gives her a peck on the cheek. Jo continues to talk about meeting up after Big Brother. She says she wants to bring her friends to meet him. She is very drunk. She hugs Vincent and he looks uneasy. They talk about how they will go shopping and have coffee together.

Patrick drags Jo away for a dance. Vincent sits there alone. Pat is dancing with Jo saying “I’m 30 years old”. Jo says that’s not true, and that “you’re as old as you feel, you’re not 30”. Jo says she can’t explain it but they are so in tune with each other. Patrick says “it’s like a ying yang thing” and that after the TV cameras… Jo butts in saying “we’ll have a chat!”. Jo says “I love my Patrice”.

10:07pm – Jo is washing the face paint off Patrick. Jo says “Oh Pattie, I can’t wait to see you when you get out”. They hug again. Patrick suggests they go to the spa, then have a big chat later. In the bedroom Jo says “I love you Pat, you know that… I haven’t had an instant with anyone else apart from you”. Patrick says it’s not the right place to discuss “instant pasta”. He says it’s not the type of pasta, just the fact that it’s pasta.

Jo calls Saxon over to talk to them. Saxon just keeps on walking past her and Patrick so she has to drag him away. Saxon says he’d rather get ready to have a spa. Pat tells Saxon not to worry about it.

10:28pm – They housemates are playing Suck and blow in the spa. Regina starts it off passing a peice of paper to Patrick. The paper circulates the spa and ends up with Jo taking the paper from Patrick. The only thing seperating them from pashing was the peice of paper. Later, Saxon is saying “that looked so fucking bad”. Vincent comes over and watches the housemates. Jo blurts out “I think it’s fun”. She is VERY drunk.

1:25am – Jamie is having a post party mortem in the kitchen. He is talking about the singalongs with some other housemates.

Dan, Jo and Saxon are in the spa singing. Saxon is kissing Jo’s leg. He comments on her wrinkly toes. Jo gets out to go put her pygamas on. Saxon says “fuck it’s been a bad night”.

1:35pm – Jo is talking to Vincent in the kitchen. Chrissie says her voice is totally exhausted and she will probably wake up with no lungs. Saxon is in the spa along and sings “JoJo’s a waste of time”.

2:23am – Jo helps Saxon clean up the kitchen. 2.46pm – The kitchen is clean but the two of them are still talking. Jo tells Saxon “remember that whatever you feel or do is going to be amplified… you’ll be getting out here in four weeks and you’ll be loving it”. Saxon asks “why would that change anything?”. Jo says it will bring everything into perspective. Saxon says it’s gay because the whole thing is so clear. Saxon says he’s going to the toilet, and leaves Jo and Patrick in the house.

Patrick says he’ll probably be married in a kilt after this party. Jo says she might be in her underwear. Saxon goes into the bedroom and tells Chrissie and Dan that Patrick and Jo are in the kitchen. Daniel can’t believe that Patrick is still up this late… suggesting he’s probably comtemplating being 30.

3:10am – Vincent comes into the kitchen. Jo talks in a bad greek accent. He complains that there is no pizza left and leaves again. Jo asks Patrick what he wanted to tell her before. He says he’ll tell her when they leave, but the general outline is about the two of them hanging out. Jo double-checks that he doens’t have a problem with them hanging out.

3:19am – Saxon sits with Jo and Patrick in the kitchen. After a few moments he says goodnight. Jo says she’s not tired but Patrick is getting there. Saxon leaves. Patrick tells Jo he’s really glad she’s there. Jo says “I got my wish”. Patrick says he will tell her his wish when they leave the house.

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