Day 46 Uplate

Evening all, hopefully a fun filled night ahead, being Pat’s birthday and all.

Straight into it tonight, we join the house where it seems almost everyone is in the spa! Mike comes on, saying it’s been the biggest party we’ve ever seen in the house. He says there has been lots of flirting. Jo apparently has said to Vincent and Saxon “I Love You”, and they have returned the favour. Jo wants to come to Melbourne to visit Melbourne, and Sax just asked Jamie “If I was gay, would you pash me?!” Ah yes, interesting night indeed. He runs through the eviction phone numbers, and we return to the audio and vision of the folks in the spa.

Jo is in Saxon’s arms, looking a little drunk! We have vision, but no audio – BB music going over the top for some reason. Mike comes back on saying they are singing a song which they don’t have permission to play. Let’s hope they get their singalong out of the way very soon. Back to the spa again, still singing, but we can hear them this time. Quicly dragged away to the bedroom though, where no one is, so we can’t hear it. Actually, very faintly can hear it. Can confirm everyone is in the spa, still singing. Mike comes on again for the third time, explaining that they can’t show, or more importantly, play the audio of the song before they have permission from the singer. Finally back to it, three people are now in the pool, they’ve started singing again! Kim, Jo, Pat, Chrissie are in the pool now. Saxon and Vincent have now joined them. Jo can’t stop singing, cuddling Pat. Jamie in their too now. Jo just stood up on Pat’s shoulders and did a backflip, bikini showing a bit when she came up for air, and had to re-adjust. Audience didn’t see the slip though.

Jo back in spa now, with Saxon! Jo is half out of the spa, leaning over the edge, so Saxongives her bottom a bit of a touch! Sax says he loves this, but it will never be like this in the outside world. Sax says he met someone in here who was happy before they came in, and Jo says “yeh I was”, and Sax then says “That Sucks, and I just broke the Spa.” Chrissie, Pat and Vincent come and ruin the chat. Sax and Chrissie are talking about real stuff, Chrissie saying that feelings people have inside the house are real, but outside you can put them in a better perspective. Jamie is also back in the spa. No idea where Reg, Kim and Daniel is. Sax tells Chrissie that she has bad BO, but Chrissie says “That Is one think I know I don’t have” They say what a cool party it is. They start singing “It’s your birthday etc” They are talking in song, which is annoying. Chrissie asks how he would have spent this day had he been outside. I think Pat is answering as if it was a normal day though. He says he wakes up about 6am. Kim enters the spa, a dramatic entrance! Meanwhile box comes on, and Reggie is in the kitchen. No idea where Dan is still. Pat is continuing to answer, but it’s just to hard to hear over the spa jets and others yelling. There’s Dan, he enters the pool with a ridiculous, large paper mache hat on his head. It looks cool :) Kim says “What a life!” Did Kim actually just say “What are microphones for anyway?” Oh god if she did! Jo is singing that ‘Bring It On’ song thingy that she does all the time. Kim is talking to Chrissie, saying “I am polite. I just think people need to loosen up sometimes.”

Vincent has hardly said a word, or maybe he has, and we just can’t hear him over all the bloody yelling going on. Someone is giving foot massages while they are in there, and Jo wants one. Jo says she is going to get out and have a shower, just as Reggie comes over and asks anyone if they want a glass of water. They take about whether there is urine in the spa or the pool, cause by Kim;s comment “look at all the pee in here”. They all say “Happy Birthday” one last time to Pat, as they cut to the first break of the night.

Back with Mike, he’s hyped for tonight, they are having a party as well in the studio apparently. Runs through the brain teaser for us, plugs the Official Site again (go back to pluging BBBA I reckon!), before we return to the action. Footage on Reggie cleaning cause the others are singing again. They’ve left one hell of a mess tonight. She fills two buckets full of hot water, I imagine for showers. Vincent is out of the spa. Reggie drops some water in the house, and says “Oh shit, Bugger….” five seconds later “bugger” and then again “dripped it everywhere!” Vincent comes into the house at this stage. She cleans it up, outside singing in full swing so no chance of crossing back there for a bit. Vincent tells Reg he is going to use one of the buckets, then he’ll refill it. We get footage of him having a shower, and Reg comes in and says “Are you nude or normal” LOL. He says he isn’t nude. Reggie looks like she’ll have a shower as well. She asks Vincent if he gets bruises in here. Vincent says he has had a couple. A bit more of them washing themselves in silent, before comm break.

Back again, with Mike. He makes mention of the State of Origin earlier tonight (wrong code of football!), before running through the brain teaser. Saxon was talking to Reggie about nominations earlier, which is dangerous, cause he has two strikes already. He asked Reggie what motivated people to get into the diary room and say “I nominate Saxon”. Reggie, being the good girl she is, shrugged it off. Still singing away, so we get the footage of Reggie trying to do her robe up in her bedroom. Reggie ventures outside again, and then just when they seem to be stopping, helps launch another song. Voiceover music comes on, because the footage is outside. Back with audio, with Reggie in the kitchen. I’ll be so dissapointed if this singing keeps up all night. Reggie is talking to herself in the meantime, trying to find something, and saying “no” a few times. They flip it back to the spa, but the voiceover music comes on immediately. Back to the kitchen, Reggie cleaning up a bit. Mike comes on and talks about the daily show that screened earlier tonight. He goes through the eviction phone numbers for the second time, something he never normally does. Comm break. An ad for uncut is the first comm, looks like the usual stuff. Ah this is so annoying, this Up Late show could be so good, if only they would stop damn well singing.

Back with Mike, who talks to a girl named Emma who is very excited to make it on, and the word is Sober LOL, so he says “I don’t think your sober either”. She blames it on the State of Origin rubbish, they talk about it for a few minutes. Means they are still singing of course. Emma called a million times and got rejected except for one. Return to the house damn you people! Mike explains that BB are ‘protecting their asses’ cause they are singing, and BB doesn’t have the copyright to the songs. Still talking to Emma, while they show Jamie having a shower. Apparently he had a kiss with Jo in the spa earlier, according to Mike, but I didn’t see it.

Finally the conversation ends, and Mike asks BB if they can return to the house. Pat is having a shower now. Jamie is in the bathroom, having finished his shower. They are talking in scottish accents (apparently the party was a scottish theme, with kilts and all. Can’t hear anything over the water running though. Reggie comes over and asks something about the hot water in the bucket, as they throw to a comm break.

Back to Mike again (ARGH!!!) who goes through the brain teaser, giving a clue as well, totally stuffing it up though, calling himself a ‘dick’ in the end. Anyway, back in the house, you can still hear singing outside. Pat is still in his UK-Scottish accent, talking to Reggie, Jamie and Vincent. LOL, Pat says “my mouth is like sandpaper” in the accent, just sounds so funny. Reggie says that the first time she wore her robe was yesterday. Pat puts the kilt back on to get right into the spirit. Vincent is sitting by his lonesome in the square bedroom, saying his stomach is a bit upset. Was Pat just suggesting that Vincent move to Sydney, I dunno, wasn’t concentrating properly. Vincent says he is just building his defence for tomorrow, I imagine for BB, perhaps they all did some talking about something wrong. Jamie gets a bit worried now, seeing he was there too. They mention a helicopter first, but Vincent says no, but then he says something about a storeroom. Vincent says they’ll pretend it didn’t happen. Nice to say it aloud, while a show is on guys! Jamie’s mum asked Jamie to not run around in his underwear, but apparently he did tonight, because he says his mum would be so ashamed. Comm break.

Back with Mike, who runs through the same teaser again, and the same hint. He goes through a few forum comments. He stresses for the first time that these are not views of BB or Channel 10. Oooh, he shows his laptop, an Apple.

Back to the square bedroom, where Reggie and Jamie are talking. Reggie says people change when they drink. Reg says she has had fun, but is so bloated. She says she hasn’t been drunk in here. She has been tipsy, but not tonight. They say that it looked like a heap of alcohol at the start, but with ten people it’s really not that much. Jamie adds “especially since there are a few heavy drinkers in here”. Reggie says the music was great, she loved it. Reggie says that this might be her last few days, to which Jamie says “I don’t think so…” Reg says she will have to get dressed up on Sunday, saying it’s exciting. She says it’s a bonus if she stays, “everyday’s a bonus”. She says she is glad for Patrice, saying “What a birthday to remember.” Reg says to Jamie that he should touch her feet, cause they are freezing. Comm break. Really, really missing out by not being able to see the spa I think.

Shaun wins the $1000 for the final time tonight. He gives his band a plug. Finally we get some footage of the spa. He goes on and plugs the OS again. Oh c’mon, get back to the house. Plugs uncut, saying it will be the best uncut for the year to date. Cut to the kitchen, where Jamie, Pat and Vincent are chatting. Vincent is making up when his birthday is, saying it’s next week, in the hope of getting another party. They talk about the incident again, still got no idea what they are on about. Finally, Jo, Sax and Daniel in the spa. Sax has his arm around Jo’s leg. No sorry, they are holding hands. Jo says she needs to go to the toilet, and then will get her pj’s on. Sax says he doesn’t need to go to the toilet, but if he did, he would just go and jump in the pool. Jo gets out, leaving the boys in the spa. Dan says it’s still his birthday in other countries for a while, but Pat is worried about his guitar in the wet. From what I can gather, they went into an old storeroom earlier tonight, which was in the round house, but not used anymore, and it’s been turned into a camera run. They saw some people I think. They compare the wrinkles on their hands because they’ve been in the spa for so long.

Jo and Pat are in the round bedroom, Chrissie is their too. They start singing again, so they cut back to the spa. Dan is doing his characters again I think, or replaying a movie. Here comes Jo over, singing, so no doubt they will leave this. Dan calls Jo Pinky Pink, or something, as she heads to the kitchen, half in her pj’s, with a pink top. Comm break.

Back again. They have run out of Coffe for the week after tonight I think. Chrissie is saying that Jo won’t go, but Jo asks her to prepare just in case. OOoooh. She says Look at me. Helicopter. Suggesting that there was a message out the back of the helicopter, and they saw it. I am unsure. Kettle boils. Vincent backs away when Jo trys to put a lollie in his mouth. Maybe he has woken up. BB asks Kim to go to the diary room. Pat says that ‘boys are losing their bums these days.’ He asks ‘how do you grow them?’

Pat says he should have a scotch with BBB one night. They hear a noise outside, Chrissie says “What is that?” Pat says just an aeroplane crashing. Next, Chrissie is saying something is on fire. Queue the song “roof is on fire”. Pat says if they get more music in the next couple of weeks, they have to dance the night away. They talk about the storeroom again, and then move onto Pat receiving a card from his family. The housemates didn’t ask BB for that. Jo continues to chew the lollies, mouth open as well! Chrissie says they have Vincent, Dan and Kim for the quiz tomorrow. They apologise to Pat about not being able to get fairybread. Dreamworld says goodnight at this stage….If it wasn’t for the singing, this ep could have been very good. Nevermind, theres always tomorrow.

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