Day 47

4:10am – Patrick is going to bed after a long night of partying. However, Jo is still up and is talking with Saxon on the lounge room sofa.

7:09am – Jo and Saxon wake up on the sofa. Jo is worried about her possible eviction on Sunday and says “I hope I don’t go”. The two of them hug for a very long time. Saxon says he had an amazing dream but he will tell her later.

11:25am – Vincent is up and goes into the kitchen. Regina and Jamie are up too. Reg asks Vincent how he is.. Vincent says he’s alive and that’s all. Shortly after Daniel comes into the kitchen. Jamie says he would have slept in but didn’t want to miss the hot water, and will probably have a nap in the afternoon.

In the bedroom Jo goes and lies down next to Patrick, who is still sleeping off the night. She asks him if he wants breakfast. Patrick can only manage a few mumbles. Jo says she’s disturbing him and leaves again to the kitchen.

In the kitchen Jo is talking about how Vincent “smashed the shit out of the pinata”. She says it was almost scary how hard he was hitting it – “so much power”. She then starts remember her and Vincent dancing, doing the cha cha cha even though the music wasn’t right for it. Vincent doesn’t look so enthusiastic as Jo is. He tells her that in future she shouldn’t do stuff that gives “unwanted attention”.

1:29pm – Regina is reflecting upon the Big Brother auditioning process. She was in the same final group as Vincent but as Regina reveals, they didn’t get along with each other very well. Patrick asks about her view of him. Regina says that during auditions she told the pyschologists “I think he’s up himself and he thinks he comes across better than anyone else”. When she intruded into the square house, she thought she should cast away first impressions and get to know him, even though he wanted nothing to do with her. She thinks it’s strange that Vincent is suddenly trying to get to know her just recently.

At that moment Vincent walks into the kitchen so the converstation immediately switches to Regina’s fish and chips shop. Patrick says something about his pee being bright green after taking the vitamins they were given(?)

1:40pm – Jo is reflecting on her seven weeks in the house as Jamie comforts her on the sofa. Jo admits she doesn’t want to go out on the eviction stage, but would rather leave like Jaime did. Chrissie reminds Jo it’s only for half an hour max and remembers a quote Jaime said: “Put a leg of ham on a broomstick and they’ll cheer at it”. This is a very accurate description of the live audience – vibes

2:58pm – Patrick is exercising to work off the effects of last night. Inside Saxon is reflecting upon the party with Jo. He says it was really cool. Jo says she misses the affection from outside… she could almost die without it. Saxon says friends are the most important (or the most unimportant?) and that they should be friends. Jo says “cool”.

5:42pm – It’s the final day for the quiz task so the housemates are called to the lounge room as one by one they enter the diary room. They need 75% success rate, and this time the housemates must draw random questions from a barrel.

Chrissie chooses movies and her question is “Who provides the voices for the characters from Shrek”. Chrissie answers correctly with “Mike Meyers, Cameron Diaz and Eddie Murphy”. Regina is asked how many versus were originally in the national anthem, she guesses correctly with 5. Vincent is asked who wrote ‘the true history of the kelly gang’. He doesn’t know the answer and guesses an incorrect author. Patrick is asked “off which coast is Rottnest Island located”. He answers correctly with Western Australia. Jamie is asked to spell ‘recommendation’, which he gets right. Daniel is asked what was Kylie Minogue’s first single was – The locomotion (correct). The housemates are told the results will be given later in the night.

6:17pm – Most of the housemates are in the kitchen. Jamie gives a hand with the pasta. In the bedroom Regina and Kim are telling stories. Regina is reluctant, saying she’s bad at telling stories. Kim asks if he has any happy stories to tell. Regina says her last really happy moment was when she was called for Big Brother auditions. Kim asks “what about your last birthday”. Regina says her and her husband’s last birthdays were very boring. She sighs and says “our lives are just so…” and trails off with another sigh.

Regina then tells about last Christmas where Regina went to the shops at the last minute and couldn’t get her husband Adrian a present. She told him she didn’t have a present but he thought she was joking. When Christmas day come Adrian had bought her a deck chair to sunbathe on, but she didn’t have anything for him. She says he looked very disappointed. Kim laughs. Regina says he wasn’t hurt by it. Kim warns that she doesn’t want to be 60 and her life will be gone and all she will be doing is working at the fish and chips shop.

8:02pm – The housemates are given their task results. They comment that Big Brother is not sounding happy. Big Brother says that they bet 50% of their wage. If they pass they have $210 to spend, if they fail they have $70. He congratulates Chrissie, Daniel and Vincent on doing very well in their questions. He then says they got 69% – but they needed 75% to pass. Daniel yells out ‘DOH’. Chrissie is optimistic and says “it’s better than nothing”.

Daniel is telling Vincent about his paper-mache cow television. Saxon is lying in Jo’s bed talking to Chrissie. Saxon says if he goes next week he’ll be happy. He also says he feels like telling people in the house to just shutup sometimes. Chrissie feels the same way. He then says that if Jo (or if any of the other nominees) leaves, he will be horrified. Chrissie agrees again.

10:48pm – Regina is talking to Jamie about the outside. Jamie asks Regina about having kids. She says she’s not feeling maternal at this point in her life. Jamie says that’s interesting because she’s 29. Regina suggests that maybe she would want kids if she wasn’t working in the fish and chips shop so much. She says she’s felt so tied down for 11 years. Jamie says that she doesn’t want to just work and work and miss her mark.

11:50pm – The housemates are going to bed. Chrissie talks to Jo in bed. Jo hopes she doesn’t go this week. Chrissie says she’s had a good innings either way.

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