Day 47 Uplate

From what I can tell, most housemates have decided to call it a night before Up Late even starts, but nevermind, if there are a few of the housemates up, we might get a good conversation.

Join the house at 11:47pm, in the bedroom, with Jamie, Chrissie and Jo talking in “Chrissie’s Corner”, with Dan also in bed, but awake. Mike tells us that Saxon stormed into the kitchen after Pat and Jo were talking at the end of tonight’s daily show, and Patrick got some bad vibes, so he went to bed, leaving Jo and Saxon up, and they stayed up for most of the night, sleeping together on the couch.

Anyway, back into the house, Jo says to Chrissie “I’ll miss you heaps.” Chrissie says “If you go, I won’t be long after…” Chrissie says she’ll go beginning of Week 9. She says thats a great innings, which it is. They say there are a lot of people still in the house for where they are at, not long left and all. Chrissie says she was sick today, Jo says she is starting to get just a little bored. Chrissie says she has had about three migranes in her life, Jo says she has three a year.

Apparently Dan made some dinner tonight, and they are complimenting him on his cooking. Chrissie says “How exciting would it be to be going out on Sunday”. Background someone is playing that damn guitar some more, perhaps in the living room. Dan is talking about “Kath & Kim”, almost reciting a whole scene from an episode. Funny stuff. They all seem Kath & Kim fans in the house. Chrissie says she would love a board game, Jo says it would be so much fun.

Out into the living room, where Saxon says he wants to put the net over the pool so they can play volleyball. Pat says it would be cool. Vincent is there too. They are going through the games they could play, one they’ve named “Lord of The Rings.” Pat decides to go to the toilet. As soon as Pat gets up, Sax grabs the guitar. Vincent creeps up to the bedroom door, and with his broom, he gets the broom to touch Chrissie’s feet. When Chrissie turns around all she can see is Saxon on the couch. All is revealed just afterwards though. Jamie makes his way into his bedroom, dunno where he was. He goes outside to join the boys. Jo wonders what time it is, they suggest it’s late. Chrissie says that Dan got a special mention on the quiz. He says it made him feel good. Kim comes into this bedroom, saying that she can’t get to sleep. She says she is not going to eat bread anymore, she seems that she is putting on a bit of weight.

BB tells Kim she forgot her microphone, as Jo gets changed under the bedspread. She can’t sleep, so she is going to go over to the kitchen. Jo says she is weary, but can’t get to sleep, so she decides to scrap the idea, and go and sit on the couch. Vincent is the only one out there for the minute, and she explains she’s over tired now. Mike tells us that they failed the task, but they only bet 50% this time, so it’s not so bad. Pat comes back and sits near Jo, who is lying down. No sign of Saxon. Vincent sees they are making Milo, so Jo offers to go over there and get him one. Vincent asks for a Zinger burger while they are over there. Pat goes back to figuring out how to play a song on the guitar. Surely the camera’s will follow Jo!!! Vincent is just lying on the couch now, looking like he could fall asleep any minute.

Over to the kitchen, they are talking about how Jo has some special eating requests or something, and Saxon doesn’t think she is eating what she should be because she feels guilty that she is eating more than the rest. Chrissie who is over there, says that it is Jo’s problem, and she has to deal with it if she thinks it’s a problem. Jo agrees with Chrissie. Comm break.

Back with Mike, and the first brain teaser of the night. Plugs the official site again. Back in the kitchen, Chrissie, Kim, Saxon and Jamie sitting at the table. Sax is saying that he admires people who can scoff their face and still keep an amazing body. Chrissie says that Jo is dealing with the food situation well, and when she has a problem, she will figure it out because she’s so smart. Jamie says she is a brillant woman. Sax has gone, and guess where he is. Sitting next to Jo. He keeps saying to Jo he’ll tell her stuff on Monday, trying to drum it into himself that she’ll be here for another week. Jo gets up to go to the toilet, so the camera switches back to the kitchen. Kim says she went to some river at some stage, for a drive, a one lane road or something. She has fun by the sounds of it. Kim says that they had a family reunion of sorts, 25 of the family gathered together. She says ‘we just drank…and drank”. Comm break.

Trivia dude does his work again, giving the hint this time, before talking to Gerald from Centrebet. Joanne was the shortest at $1.10, but has gone into $1.05, Daniel at $5, and Reggie at $51! Back to the living room though now, where Saxon, Kim, Chrissie, Jo, Pat, Jamie and Vincent. Sax is telling a Carlo story, about how he played one week in the position he wanted to play (soccer), scored three goals, asked the coach if he could stay in that position, the coach said no, so he gave up playing competitively or something. I missed the last little bit of that conversation. Saxon tells the house about a injury he had right on his shorts linr, so he had to take a week off school to get it to heal a bit. Anyway, back at school, they asked him to play Union that week because it was a huge game. He didn’t tell the coach of the injury, and so he put a car wash sponge around the wound, taped it with duct tape, and put bike shorts on as well. He finally got out onto the ground, and the kick was a high one, he caught it, but the weight of the ball pushed it onto his waist line, leaving him unable to move. He got stretchered off, the coach seeing the pain he was in. He says the sponge actually got into the wound because the ball was pushed into him with such forces. Both Jo and Chrissie can’t believe that he would risk his injury by playing that week. Comm break.

Brain teaser time. Emray wins the first $1000 for the night. Back to the living room, Kim is talking away with a story. She is telling another painful story of one of her friends. Vincent says he had pins going right through his arm, and the only way to get them out was with some tweezers, and just a good hard pull to get them out. He says it really hurt. Saxon says that he cut his eye once, and they are all sitting round grimishing while he tells how much it hurt, and how he could hardly see anything, and he thought he was going to be blind. The scariest thing in his life he reckons. Comm break again.

Mike back with the hint for round two of the teasers. He goes through the new forum on the official site, something about a gay bar or something. I dunno, don’t care either. Back to the house, Saxon says he hurts himself somehow every day. Everyone seems to be talking at once, which really makes great television. Jo learnt the lesson the hard way of not to run around pools. She was running to go to the toilet one day at school, tripped on the side of the pool, and blood was evrywhere. She managed to walk over to a teacher, who nearly died of shock, before they swung into action and took her to the hospital. Someone asks when she went to the toilet, but she can’t remember!

Chrissie tells a story of her father walking out of a milk bar, a car collecting him, flying him into the air, and he unfortunately landed on his legs, shattering them and he now is confined to a wheelchair. Saxon says he got hit by a rock one day and he took of his shirt some time later, and he realised that his head was a bit factured. Comm break.

At 1:12am, we are back with Mike again. He goes through it all again, goes through the clue again, because it’s a bit early for him to go home just yet. Back to the living room again, Vincent saying that he takes after his father more than his mother. His father has hobbies out in the shed, Vincent has hobbies on his computer. Saxon says he doesn’t hang around with his father at all. Chrissie’s father has the curly hair in the family, while her mother has the olive skin.

Pat mentions something about a fake window in the storeroom or something. Saxon says that there is one bit of the bathroom which is different than the other, and he reckons that was where the camera run was when they merged, and they whacked it up that day when they merged. They talk about how BB told them they will get to go in the camera runs when they are evicted. They are all looking forward to that. LOL. Helicopter is code for they can’t talk about it. Pat says “even helicopters are helicopters”, referring to them not allowed to wave to them now. They talk about how on a Cottee’s bottle they received, there is a comp for 9 mates to stay at Dreamworld. Vincent says Helicopter, but they say they can discuss that. Comm break.

Delisa wins the second $1000 for the night. Her name comes from a contestant from Sale of the Century. I’m waiting for someone to actually get it wrong, that would be cool! He calls the people at the Official Site ‘freaks’. Funny Mike!!! Nite Mike, but before he goes he tells us that The Insider has exclusibe footage of Carlo meeting his girl again for the first time since he got out of the house. Now it’s bedtime for Mike, as we return to Jo talking to the group. Ewwwwww. Saxon tells a story wher his friend was eating spaghetti one night and somehow got it to come out his nose, then he had the courage to put it back in his mouth and just suck in, like a big loop. Yuk!!! Sax says that BB won’t give them alcohol next week. Jo can’t burp, but also tells of a game where they were just reciting animal sounds around and around. Sound riverting…Jo’s back is hiving or something, Saxon has had a look, and Kim is talking about it now. Kim says crossing your legs when your getting a haircut will lead to uneven sides, while Saxon says his doctor noticed his back was uneven because he had one sock off. Kim goes to bed. Comm break, the last for the night.

Wow, just a few minutes, and everyone has headed to bed. Saxon is heard in the bathroom but no vision is on him. Pat and Jo are in bed. Chrissie climbs into bed, saying “Saxon doesn’t know how to be quiet!” Jo agrees. Jo says she needs a wax, and Chrissie says “It’ll be great.” Pat says there is a place just near the cafe (referring to the kitchen), which have a 2 people deal, $35. They say “Thanks BB” for some reason. Chrissie and Jo are laughing quite loudly now, and the others all seem to be in bed now. They whisper some more about nothing, Pat keeps reading, the girls shut up for a change, all before Dreamworld says goodnight.

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