Day 48

9:48am – Housemates are out and about enjoying the sun. Coffee is becoming a problem though, after losing the task they have no money to buy more, and it’s now all gone.

11:47am – Sunbathing Regina, Kim and Jaime discuss Jo’s relationship with the boys in the house. Jaime says “if I was straight, there would be four sharks circling one dolphin”. Regina says Jo loves in, and Kim agrees. Kim adds she wouldn’t like it if her boyfriend was watching her get all this attention while in the house. Jo probably has grown up with it, says Jaime, but Regina has never had it happen before so she wouldn’t know what its like. Jaime won’t believe Regina hasn’t had guys going after her.

1:57pm – Saxon and Vincent are going to the diary room. During Patrick’s birthday celebrations a few nights before some of the housemates entered the old square house store room, which was off limits. Big Brother gave them 24 hours to think of a way to make ammends. Chrissie tells the two she doesn’t think Big Brother is going to like what they have to say. Inside Vincent says the housemates who didn’t know they were being led into the house shouldn’t be punished – Vincent and Saxon take the blame and say BB should only punish them. Saxon suggests a week long alcohol ban, and Vincent has a concerned look on his face. Big Brother agrees to this punishment, and asks them to use their common sense from now on.

The pair go to the kitchen and explain what happened. Vincent makes a “taking it in stride” appearance, telling the others to not worry about them, even though the group doesn’t look concerned at all.

A few hours later Big Brother provides the housemates with cocktail ingredients and equiment for a cocktail party. Jo and Saxon find them in the store room first, and Saxon looks shocked. He runs to the diary room to ask Big Brother if his ban starts today. Meanwhile Jo calls for everyone to come see whats in the store room. Saxon’s efforts are in vain: Chrissie reads out from a letter: “At no time can Saxon or Vincent…” she is cut off by Regina and Kim screaming in excitement. Vincent walks in to the store room, realises whats going on and walks straight out again. Regina laughs at him.

In the diary room Saxon is saying he will go without alcohol for 2 weeks if he can just have it tonight. His excuse is that one of the people he’s closest with (Jo) might be leaving on Sunday. He says its not fair.

Outside Jo reads the rest of BB’s letter: “The two alcohol abstainers Saxon and Vincent must act as waiters and barmen. Enjoy yourselves and remember Big Brother is always watching”. Kim and Regina scream in excitement again. Saxon walks out of the diary room pouting – he swears. Kim follows him cheerfully saying “but you get to mix up all the drinks”. Saxon sarcastically says “OH SICK!” and walks outside. There is an ackward moment – Chrissie, Jaime and Jo painfully growl “uuuhhhh”. Jaime says “thats probably not what he wanted to hear”.

Outside Saxon tells Vincent about the bartending. Jo comes outside and says she feels bad for getting excited. Inside Chrissie says it feels like they are rubbing it in. In the kitchen Saxon is whinging on about how he thought Beebs was a good sort of bloke but now he’s being unfair: “I think its pathetic”.

Around 7:30pm – Vincent is getting on with things and has made some drinks for the housemates, and jokes with them: “to cocktails, and broken dreams”. In the bathroom Saxon is pouting like a little kid with Jo fussing over him. She says “you have to learn how to control your temper, I’m telling you know because you’re my friend”. Saxon asks when has he lost his temper.

7:42pm – Vincent announces the bar is open, and the drinking housemates all share a toast. Later in the night Regina and Kim compliment Vincent on his drink making skills.

7:57pm – Daniel is already giggling a lot and Jaime replaces the drink in his hand with a bottle of water. Everyone laughs.

9:30pm – Housemates are singing in the lounge room. Jo snuggles up next to Patrick while they sing the line “your love for me is real”. Vincent notices this and looks just a tad jealous.

10:04pm – The party has finished and Saxon and Vincent are washing up in the kitchen. Jo comes in and thanks them for making the drinks. She’s very proud of them.

10:15pm – Regina is showing her naughty side and by shaking her groove-thang (her butt) for the other housemates. In the kitchen Jo asks Patrick if he will come for a swim with her – he will. They hug and Patrick tells her “don’t go”. She says it’s not up to her but if she goes she will miss him a lot. They sit down for a deep and meaningful. She says if she is evicted she will be coming to Bondi within weeks (to see Patrick). She adds to Vincent they will be catching up for coffee outside the house. Vincent seems very unenthusiastic and says “we’ll see”. Patrick wonders whats up with Vincent.

10:34pm – The housemates (except Jaime and Kim) all gather in the kitchen. Regina and Patrick stand by them and whip out the emergancy coffee they had stashed away all week. Back in the living room:

Jaime: Whats going on Kimmy?

Kim: I don’t know. They’re just leaving us out of things like usual.

Kim: It’s over a stupid jar of coffee. That they hid.

Jaime: They’ve got a jar of coffee?

Kim: I could leave, I don’t like it in here at all.

Jaime: Don’t you?

Kim: Yeah. It’s pathetic. I’ve never seen such a group of 30 year olds who are such children… but I’m going to stay here. I don’t care how much people hate me.

Jaime: No one hates you

Kim: Oh I know but I mean I’m going to stay here and I probably won’t get along with all these people in the next couple of weeks because I just can’t… ah… everyones so fucking immature. I don’t know any 30 year olds that act like this. Somtimes I think this is so fucked and I would press the button but its up to the outside world whether I go or not. Not these people.

Later Jaime goes into the kitchen and tell the group that whats going on with the coffee is making Kimmy feel excluded. Chrissie says there is no exclusion – but Jaime asks why they didn’t grab him and Kim to come over as well. Jaime goes to get Kim, and while he’s gone Chrissie says she doesn’t like it when people say she’s excluding others from the group… “its not nice at all”.

Jaime comes back to the living room, and Kim tells him not to “get” the other housemates to invite her over. Jaime explains he already did it. Regina (who is now sitting with Kim) and Kim both sign and complain. He says he was just trying to help.

10:56pm – Jo and Saxon are in the bedroom. She says to Saxon this is his second last night with her. Saxon gets all dramatic and yells “oh” and sits down looking depressed. He goes on to tell Jo he cares about her like no one else, but Jo says “yeah whatever”. He begins to get upset and walks away. Patrick enters and Jo leaps into his arms and they have a big long cuddle. He gets her to sit on his lap and they look at each other in the one-way glass. Patrick kisses her on the cheek.

In the living room Regina and Kim are chatting on the sofa. Kim says if Vincent ignores her one more time she will confront him about it. She is annoyed he never opens up or tells stories – he’s creepy. “I don’t want to know him any more than I do now because he’s fucking disgusting. He thinks he’s superman but he’s fucking gross”.

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