Day 48 Uplate

00.46am – Most of the housemates are in the kitchen talking. Mike explains they are talking about Vincent almost hitting a pedestrian in his car. Dave also recaps Jo’s reaction to Saxon in the daily show. He also mentions their entry into the camera run. The housemates had a cocktail party tonight but Saxon and Vincent couldn’t drink as part of their punishment. Regina was also dirty dancing to Patrick’s guitar and Kim says she’s about to lose it and leave the house (ooh interesting).

Anyway Vincent is talking about an elderly couple in a car he hit. Apparently it was a bad accident because he was rolling around. He broke an artery in his leg. His leg was all black and purple and he needed a walking stick to walk. He then starts joking about his friends hitting his leg but no one’s laughing. It’s then revealed he was on a motorcycle.

Patrick tells a story of car hitting his parked car. He looked out the window of his flat and his girlfriend(?) saw a car with a flat tire pass through an intersection, hitting both of their cars and continuing. They jumped into Kate’s car and followed the rubber marks left by the flat tire of the car. Around the corner they found the left wheel and suspension on the side of the road so they continued to follow scrape marks on the road. Apparently the new car was a brand new BMW something (they bleep it out). The driver was a blonde girl who appeared to be slurring her words. She had driven out of an accident and collided with Patrick and his girlfriend’s car and then drove off to her driveway. She caused $9000 worth of damage to Patrick’s car.

In the lounge room Regina and Kim are just sitting and chilling with some chips on the sofa. Jo comments on her high shoes and walks off wearing them. When she comes back she says “I’m Regie queen”.

In the kitchen Patrick is talking about his story again. He said 10 minutes earlier he was standing in the same spot the car hit his car (as they had just bought takeaway). He said he could have been angry because she was endangering lives but he preffers to be cool. Vincent agrees – and said he didn’t get mad about his accident as long as the insurance could be paid.

00.56am – Jo, Reg and Kim are talking clothes. Kim offers some clothes for Jo to wear on her eviction night. Reg says that Claire had heaps of clothes. Jo continues to ask about Kim’s wardrobe. Reg has nothing to give Jo. Jo says she’s a size 10/8. Reg doesn’t want to know what she’s wearing until Sunday. She then says she’s going to get some water and go to bed. Kim says she doesn’t hate everyone in here, she just gets cranky when people argue with her. Regina says “you’ll be right… I hope you will”. Kim them whispers about a housemate she had an arguement with before, but it’s hard to tell who she’s talking about (possibly Jo).

Back in the kitchen Saxon is talking to the group but keeps looking at Jo. Vincent looks uncomfortable (very funny!). Chrissie leaves for bed. Jo goes to leave and Saxon tells her to do her catwalk-walk. Jo doesn’t want to do it but shows the boys a halfturn… even Jamie has a look. Patrick joins in and does some male modeling moves with a beanie on. Jo tells him to make the “I don’t give a fuck” look. Patrick gives her a playful hug. Jo gives some more tips on modelling with Jamie helping out with fashion advice. Saxon and Daniel also take turns in doing some modeling moves, with Dan providing some funny commentary. Vincent still looking uncomfortable. The conversation moves onto fashion and Saxon explains a spiffy top his friend has with golden chains etc. Patrick leaves, to which Jo follows, leaving Saxon and Vincent alone. Saxon says her catwalking is all wrong and walks inside with them. Vincent is just sitting by himself in the kitchen!

1.06am – Jo flops down on the couch with legs up. Patrick says he’s going to bed now..but sits down on the couch with Jo in his lap. Jo says she’s going to lie on him so he doesn’t leave. Saxon and Vincent now join them, just standing there. Saxon has Patrick’s guitar. Mike calls out for Saxon not to play the guitar (I don’t blame him!!). While Mike reads out the popularity polls Saxon and Vincent just sit there not saying anything. After Mike leaves Saxon is strumming the guitar and Chrissie comes out of the bedroom only to go back outside. It’s now a four-some on the sofa with Jo, Pat, Sax and Vince. They talk about how cool the word beanie is. According to Chrissie a bird got trapped inside the house today and crapped on the window. Saxon cracks a few lame jokes about the bird. Meanwhile Regina is getting dressed in the bedroom. Patrick says he was woken up this morning by magpies flying into the windows. The housemates comment on how good Kim’s tan is as she walks by. Chrissie comments on how “fucky” (or funky?) the air is inside.

In the bedroom Daniel is giving Regina a leg massage. She thinks she may have hurt it while in the pool. The two of them can’t beleive how much alcohol Big Brother gave them tonight… it’s the most they’ve been given so far.

Saxon is talking about how he was in the shower with Chrissie and she dropped the soap. She bent over to pick it up and put her ass in his face. He was just thinking “thankyou very much Chrissie”. They all talk about the birds flying into the house again…. so it’s a perfect time to cut to an ad break.

1.21am – Trivia time.. the answer is so easy!!! “BEARD”. Anyhoo the foursome is down to a threesome as Patrick goes to bed. YET AGAIN it’s Jo, Saxon and Vincent talking about nothing. They are talking about “helicopters” again. It has something to do with the intruders and something that happened (possibly one of Kim’s jokes).. but it’s hard to tell. Looks like Patrick is back now and starts strumming the guitar.

1.27am – Regina is settling into bed, alone in the bedroom. The lights go out and Regina says “thankyou very much” into her microphone. In the other bedroom Daniel is talking to Jamie and Chrissie about the launch night. Daniel and Chrissie say they were padded down, had a name tag slapped on them and were told to get in the cars really fast and not say anything to the other person in the car. Just at that moment we cut to an ad break.

I was wrong! The answer for trivia is “BREAD”. Now I’m embarrassed. Mike then goes through some threads on the official forums, mainly ones saying that people are jealous of Jo’s assets. Back to the house and Jamie is overwhelmed with being the new person. They wonder what Gretel will be saying to them on eviction night (especially Kim and Jamie).

1.38am – Saxon says he loves asparagus! EW. He’s talking to Jo about strange foods he likes to eat. Saxon talks about a romantic sea food restraunt he likes to visit. Jo ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’ along as he explains a typical date he has there. Vincent explains the Vincent-burger, which is a normal burger but inverted, with the bread in the middle. Ad break.

Kim is saying no one has ever given her a massage like the spa bath. She says because she’s a smoker she had trouble breathing in the spa and almost drowned. Saxon and Jo look distraught. Jo and Saxon suggest she go and talk to Big Brother about her problems in the house and she’ll feel so much better for it. In the bedroom Daniel is saying that being able to laugh like they have in the house is a real gift.

2.05am – Daniel is talking about a short movie he made with friends when Patrick walks in. Chrissie says she feels like she’s growing a second nipple on one of her boobs. Kim (who has just walked in) laughs and Daniel shows her his third nipple. She says it’s just a mole – how come milk isn’t coming out then? A few moments later Daniel and Chrissie come up with “Third Nipple: The Movie – don’t ask questions, just believe!”.

2.14am – Later, Mike is talking about the Haiku competition which he thinks is the stupidest competition ever (I agree!). The other housemates must be singing because we’re back with Daniel and Chrissie. Daniel is talking about a standup routine he had done with a mild audience response. His talking is keeping Jamie up – Chrissie and Dan have a laugh about it. He says he has a big future in standup comedy. Chrissie eventually goes to sleep, Daniel walks out of the bedroom.

2.26am – Kim is talking about how she never got any sun when oustide the house. Jo tells a story about how she put a block of frozen raw meat in her mouth thinking it was a coke ice cube. She was sucking on it for a good 20 seconds.

2.32am – Saxon is explaining to Kim how the housemates entered the house on different nights. Patrick says “are you confused yet” bringing up memories of their musical task. They all laugh about it. Jo starts playfully punching Saxon to see how strong his arms are. Kim starts telling a story which involves a lot of swearing so they cut to housemates sleeping in the bedroom. Goodnight from Dreamworld.

Keep looking for Warren,
… uhh erm I mean vibes :-)

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