Day 49

Day 49 was covered on a weekend daily show, thus the recap is very short.

9:58pm – Daniel is experiencing pre-eviction jitters, and vents his concerns to Saxon and Patrick in the kitchen. Daniel say she sorta doesn’t want to stay anymore – he’s over it. After his strike he has gone downhill a bit. Also, he feels the interesting conversation in the house has dried up.

10:53pm – Jo and Saxon are discussing eviction on in the square living room. Jo is anxious about her possible eviction tomorrow. Jo wonders if she should have concerns about her time in the house – he feelings and her behaviour. Jo doesn’t want Saxon to feel torn about this eviction and her being in the house. Saxon says if Jo wasn’t in the house, no one would have seen as much as him. Patrick sits down with them with his guitar. Jo is scared of how she’s been portrayed, and what will happen with the people she knows on the outside when she leaves. She says “this could have been the biggest error I’ve ever made… as opposed to the best thing”. She’s especially worried about friends and her boyfriend Tim. Patrick comforts her: Tim has known her for a long time. Jo says if she has hurt Tim in any way all her friends will be on his side.

11:47pm – Jo is now talking to Chrissie in the bedroom about Saxon. Jo says it’s hard because Saxon is so emotional and it’s hard to cope for him. However it’s refreshing to Jo that he can vent his emotions: Tim is the opposite of that and can’t communicate his feelings.

Saxon is outside building a cubby house out of benches and towels so he can lay outside and look at the full moon. Jo goes out to say goodnight to him, they hug, and say tomorrow they will have an excellent day. As Jo walks away Saxon squeels and says “I’m so excited”. In the bedroom Jo gives Patrick a big hug, and a kiss before going to bed.

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