Day 50

Saxon is in his make-shift cubby on the house porch at sunrise.

10:00am – Big Brother opens the store room. Jo says to Patrick she will run and grab a Diet Coke to hide for Chrissie – Patrick will give it to Chrissie if Jo is evicted tonight. As the two run to the store room Saxon notices somethings up and asks if he can join in whatever they are doing. In the store room there is barely any food as the housemates failed their last task. She finds a diet coke and hides it in a cabinet in the lounge room. Saxon says “you’re just so nice Jo”.

11:48am – Jo is chatting with Chrissie. They joke about if they lost touch and saw each other months later and Chrissie lost a lot of weight. Regina and Kim are also chatting while they sunbathe. Regina is feeling weird about the fact she could be leaving the house tonight. Kim advises her not to think about it. Daniel is in the kitchen also talking about being nominated. He says the BB house is like a dream and when you are evicted you wake up from the dream.

1:01pm – Jo is packing her bags for tonight’s eviction. Saxon goes through her clothes and thinks every item is cool. He suggests she wear her favourite gstring. Joanne finds some socks which belong to Tim and she starts crying. She curses herself for bringing them into the house. She hasn’t seen them up until now. She doesn’t want to see them again and asks Saxon to put them away somewhere.

5:48pm – The boys are all trying to sleep to kill time. Saxon is outside on a bench, Patrick and Vincent are in the bedroom, but Vincent is wide awake. Jo goes outside to see Saxon. She asks if he’s ok – he will be… it’s just doing his head in. “I never let people get to me like this”. She invites him inside, but first he needs to see her walk away from behind. To Jo’s bum he says “nice!”.

6:35pm – Vincent is in the bedroom with Jo saying his last goodbyes. He comments that she is very beautiful tonight but Jo doesn’t really care…. “but I’m ok”. Jo is thinking about the other housemates. Vincent says they will all see each other in five weeks time. They hug. Saxon joins them with Patrick’s guitar to cheer them up.

8:00pm – It’s time to go… Joanne. Jo knew it, she knew it “I knew it”. Daniel says “oh my god oh my god”. Jo hugs all the boys goodbye, and no one else. Saxon lets out an upset “seeya Jo” as the doors close behind her and he bangs on the door. He walks away crying and saying “why did I come in this house?”. Chrissie and Regina hug and say it’s amazing Dan has survived another eviction. Meanwhile Vincent is giving Dan a congratulatory hug. Saxon is crying some more. Patrick is sitting on Joanne’s bed and gets a sympathy hug from Regina. He says “thats a bad one”.

8:08pm – Saxon is crying some more, as Vincent sits next to him. Saxon says “why am I like this? This is what I do when my mum’s here. It just doesn’t make sense. Fuck. I don’t know what… I’m so pathetic, I’m so pathetic. I never let shit get to me like this ever. Why did I have to meet some one as cool as her in a place like this?”. He moans (lots). “Can’t some one go and bring her back?”. Chrissie says no, they cannot. Saxon continues “I’ll never be the same again, I loved her so much”.

Patrick reveals to Chrissie the Diet Coke they hid earlier in the day. Chrissie is ecstatic. Regina comes over and hugs Saxon, revealing that’s how she felt when Ben left. Saxon totally breaks down and says “I don’t want to get so sad. People are going to think I’m queer… why does it hurt so much?”. He cries some more while Regina and Chrissie try to joke to cheer him up.

8:21pm – Patrick is still on Jo’s bed and is joined by Vincent and Saxon. The three members of the Jo obsession club think about Jo and what she’s doing right now. It all becomes too much for Saxon yet again as he storms out the room not knowing where he’s going crying. He says “what am I doing to myself?”.

Vincent finds one of Jo’s hairs on her bed and holds it up to display. Patrick keeps the hair for later, and comments they will find Jo’s hair everywhere from now on. Saxon continues to bawl his eyes out in the living room. Patrick is saving some of Jo’s hairs inside one of his birthday cards. In the bathroom. Saxon is now going around hugging everyone – this time it’s Daniel. He says he needs to see his family, and Daniel agrees and says it would be great to just have a telephone where they could talk to their relatives. Saxon isn’t really listening and mumbles out “I want my mum” while he walks away in the middle of Dan’s sentence. “It’s time for me to go… I need to get out of this house”.

11:47pm – Saxon has gone to Big Brother and specially requested they show Joanne’s video goodbye message early. The group are gathered in the living room:

“I would like to say goodbye, and I’ll miss you very much. You are all every special people and I have been blessed to be able to come in this house and meet every single one of you”.

Vincent: I like to speak Italian with you (said in Italian). And I’m really looking forward to have a coffee with you in Melbourne. I want to find out more about you.

11:52pm – The video message continues.

Patrick: Sorry… (she gets teary) Thank you for being a really supportive friend in this house. I appreciate our time spent together. You’re one in a million. As I said before we had an instant rapport in the auditions and I really appreciate your friendship and support. I’ll definitely be catching up with you when we get out.

Saxon: Bye Sax. I definitely will miss you heaps. You’re such a cool fun guy and I’ve got along with you so well in the house. I loved staying up with you those few nights we didn’t sleep and definitely be coming to the coast to meet your mum and your brother. That’s a promise. I’ll see you soon and I’ll miss you heaps.

Saxon is crying once again.

Chrissie: I’ll miss you heaps Chrissie. Thank you for being my sorority sister, thank you for being a really good friend. I’ll be seeing you in Melbourne and I can’t wait to hold your baby hands once again.

Chrissie is laughing. Saxon is crying.

When the message finishes all the housemates wave at the screen to say goodbye except Saxon who is crying. Everyone comments her video message was really well done.

12:26am – Regina and Patrick have a quiet chat in the bedroom. Patrick is just taking all the recent events in and thinking about them. He’s worried about what Jo might face on the outside. Regina says if she goes back home she might not see anyone else ever again. Patrick says she won’t get stuck back on that island. Saxon has gone to bed with Jo’s pillow. “Goodnight Jo. I miss you”.

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