Day 51

10:17am – There is quiet mood in the house now that Joanne is gone. Daniel is telling Regina that he can’t believe he’s still in the house. Saxon, still in his pyjamas says god I miss her already… I felt sick when I woke up and realised she wouldn’t be there”. Regina tells him to look at it as the amazing experience they had. Vincent and Saxon are just bumming around the backyard looking at the ground and remembering Joanne. Vincent says the house changes every time some one leaves. Whenever Saxon or Vincent get close to some one they are evicted. Saxon keeps talking about Joanne, saying that the house makes people care as if they had known each other for 10 years. Vincent says there is no way to translate the intensity of relationships in the house. Patrick (who is sunbathing) butts in saying that they’re going to feel empty from now on.

2:32pm – Kim says she has put on weight as she decides what to wear for the live nominations. Now that Saxon has lost his girl he’s spending all his time with the boys. They are all outside cleaning the windows. Discussion moves onto who is the alpha male of the house (oh god not this again!). The guys talk about how Ben wasn’t really an alpha male because he lied about pashing Jo. Vincent asks if crying (ie Saxon last night) makes you lose ‘alpha male points’. Saxon says it does. Patrick and Vincent say he better cry when they get evicted. Patrick suggests that they have ‘alpha male of the day’. The role goes to Daniel today who orders them to quit acting like women and to keep washing those windows.

3:40pm – Jamie, Kim and Saxon are talking about nominations in the bedroom. Jamie says he’s not too bothered because it’s something they all have to do in the game. Saxon says he’s bothered by it because there is some one talking about a bad trait of his and he doesn’t really know about it. Kim shares Saxon’s view and disagree with Jamie’s view.

Later in the kitchen Jamie confronts Kim about their conversation. Kim tells him that he always thinks she’s picking on him, but it’s not true. She explains she wasn’t picking on him, she just disagreed with him but didn’t force him not to talk. Jamie just leaves, leaving Chrissie at the table. Kim apologises to Chrissie for what just happened.

8:27pm – Chrissie reads out the message to the other housemates that they are all nominated. Saxon is VERY happy about this news and starts loudly telling everyone how great it is. He is glad because if he’s evicted he won’t have to go out alone. Daniel realises that this is the first time Patrick has been nominated. Most of the housemates leave the lounge room, except Regina, Kim and Patrick. Pat says “so this is what it’s like to be nominated”. Kim tells them that now is the time to reflect and appreciate other people’s company. Saxon continues to brag about how great a double eviction would be. Kim doesn’t agree but Saxon says if they were evicted together they would have a great night out (yeah… right!).

In the kitchen Saxon continues to go nuts over this double eviction. Jamie and Chrissie share his view and get excited about it. Saxon tells them that the others inside aren’t so keen on it. They tisk in disgust and Jamie says they are “having a tanty”.

10:26pm – In the bedroom Kim talks to Chrissie and Regina about Jamie and how he thinks she cracks at him because he’s gay. Meanwhile outside Jamie is playing badminton with the boys.

11:00pm – The boys (except Daniel) are now in the kitchen after their badminton game. Chrissie comes in but realises she might be interrupting some “male bonding”. They tell her they’re having milos after their game of “shrivel cock”. Saxon tells Chrissie they need a cheerleader for their next game. The guys start complaining that Daniel isn’t with them when he’s supposed to be today’s alpha male. They explain their ‘alpha male roster’ to Chrissie before she goes back inside.

In the bedroom Chrissie tells Daniel about the boys complaints, so Daniel takes off his shirt and walks out to the kitchen. The girls watch from the bedroom doorway. The boys see Daniel coming and say it’s “typical alpha male behaviour”. Walking in the kitchen, shirtless and flexing his muscles Daniel tells them they’re wearing their shirts and drinking hot milo like women. Daniel continues to flex his muscles in the mirror and burp loudly. The girls are now in the lounge room watching and laughing.

Later Kim is talking to the other girls about Vincent being so quiet in the house. Regina and Chrissie tell her that he’s only just started opening up. They agree that they probably won’t get any more information out of that man.

In the kitchen Saxon says he’d suck at being the alpha male, but wants to know who will be the alpha male tomorrow. He suggests Vincent who just stays quiet the whole time (as usual).

The girls are asking why Vincent chose to come on Big Brother if he never opens up to himself. Later, Kim comes into the deserted kitchen (Vincent still there, of course) but he doesn’t say a word. While doing some kitchen work there’s an awkward silence.

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